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1) Remain Podcast 96 - Axel Karakasis

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 17:14:17 +0200
iTunes: bit.ly/1fwbZiT Soundcloud: bit.ly/bUOCeS Youtube: bit.ly/1p6swLV Mixcloud: bit.ly/1g14mLJ Tracklist: Not Available

2) Mantis Radio 262 + Speak Onion

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 08:00:00 GMT
Mantis Radio 262 + Speak Onion US drum + noise producer Speak Onion provides this week's session. We've new Inigo Kennedy and Makaton, Chevel's latest, recent Swarm Intelligence and more Blanck Mass, death metal from Sweden, Bristol bass, Brummie industrial and some 80s American hardcore. Show playlist available at Darkfloor.

3) DCR403 - Drumcode Radio Live - Hyperloop Studio Mix

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 05:00:00 +0000
Drumcode Radio Live this week is a studio mix from Hyperloop. Expect to hear tracks from Marco Faraone, Dense & Pika and Markus Suckut.   1. JxxBtchLoop#001 2. Marco Faraone - Find The Song - Rekids 3. Markus Suckut - Vibrant + [JxxBtchtool#001 + ObsnLoop#001] 4. Hyperloop - In Your Mind (Reflections) - Drumcode 5. 2000 And One - Spunk the Funk - Bitten + [HyplLoop#001] 6. Alan Fitzpatrick - System Addict (Hyperedit) + [HyplLoop#001] 7. Hyperloop, Green Velvet - S-Sound - Drumcode 8. Rod Malmok - Detran - Rod Malmok + [KnckrTool#001 + ClrcLoop#001 + HyplTool#1] 9. Cleric - The Key Of The Night - Figure + [KnckrTool#002] 10. Steve Rachmad - Evolving - Musicman Records + [ClrcLoop#002 + MtrxmnTool#001 +KnckrTool#002] 11. Dense & Pika - Casino (Truncate Remix) 12. Troy - Redshift - Klockworks 13. Terence Fixmer - ELKA - Deeply Rooted 14. Hyperloop - Test#09 15. Matt Sassari - Olum + [04PrllTool#001] 16. Jeff Mills - The Bells (Hyperedit) + [MrksLoop#001] 17. Markus Suckut - Mistakes Are For Everyone - Rekids 18. Night Christ - Conversation Policy (IllumSphere Remix Instrumental - All City Dublin

4) Slam Radio 291 | SHXCXCHCXSH

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0000
Slam Radio 291 with SHXCXCHCXSH The once industrial city of Norrköping in eastern Sweden may not be the techno mecca of the world but it's a hometown of two members of SHXCXCHCXSH, who considers a perfect place to focus on music. Found each other in Stockholm years back, the two started sharing love for the darker and more experimental realms of techno and soon followed the natural progression of working on music together. Combinedly they have a broad range of musical backgrounds and tastes from hip hop to rock-pop therefore bring diverse knowledge and experience to shape their unique sounds and ideas into deadly serious techno born out of the elements of noise, drone, glitch, broken beats, and pounding industrial and much more. Stanislav Tolkachev - The Fridge 4 (Rösten) Umwelt - Outlaw World (Satamile) Obtane - The Town Is  Rotten Morgue (Sonic Groove) JK Flesh - Stoneycroft Tower (Avalanche) Peder Mannerfelt - Patient Boy (Peder Mannerfelt) Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These Part 2 (Monolake Remix) (Dynamic Tension) Olga+Josef - #06 B3 (OJ) SHXCXCHCXSH - Stämma #7 (Rösten) Steve Bicknell - In Order To Remember (Redefined) (Cosmic) Archae & Grovskopa - Wavefront (Surface) Reeko - Witchcraft (Mental Disorder) Bill Youngman - Teardrop Turns To Solid (Killekill) Kareem - Amec (Possible Music) James Ruskin - Transfer (Blueprint) Bandshell - Nice Mullet (Liberation Technologies) Drexciya - Antivapor Waves (Rephlex) Simon Haydo - Not For You? (Peder Mannerfelt) Ultradyne - More Like You (MDK Therapy (Pi Gao Movement) Iesope Drift - Nada Mas ( Seico Corp) SHXCXCHCXSH - RSRRCTN (Avian) Shifted - She Dressed In Grey (Static Mix) (Drifting Over) Makaton - Neglect (Rodz-Konez) Stanislav Tolkachev - Draw Me A Seal - (Krill Music)

5) BRAWLcast 238 Horror Brawl - Pain Is A Teaching Tool

Tue, 24 Apr 2018 09:45:51 +0200
Hodge - There Is a Storm Coming In [Berceuse Heroique] Florian Meindl - Wild Sequence 2 (TWR72 Remix) [Flash Recordings] Blue Hour - Falling Lines (Panagea Remix) [Blue Hour] Yan Cook - Indigo [EarToGround] Cleric x Dax J - Flight 19 [Clergy] Wata Igarashi - Mantle (Shawn O'Sullivan Remix) [Midgar] Kastil - Sacred Voltage [Stale] ALPI - Mistaken Identity [Voight] Benvol - Mars Odyessy [Diffuse Reality] Morah - Voltage#2 [Modal Analysis] Insolate - Fallin Apart [User Experience] Vapauteen - Blood on the Moon [L.I.E.S.] Vapauteen - 16 Psyche (Life in Debtor's Prison) [L.I.E.S.] The Exaltics - The Eyes Of The Hydra [Solar One Music] Ike Dusk - Trust [User Experience] Scalameriya & VSK - Avalon [CRS ltd] Forward Strategy Group - None And One [Ravage] Thomas P. Heckmann - Cabin Fever [Monnom Black] Weyner - Romance [Måinmise Records] Rhyw - Droogs [TH Tar Hallow] The Mover - Doom Computer [Planet Phuture] Scalameriya - Let My Flesh Be Your Sacrament [Perc Trax] YA° & Basic Structure - Humanity Will Fall [Måinmise Records] Ghost in the Machine - Snugger [TheAbove Records] Keepsakes - Mind Your Manners Munted Millenial [Haven] Andrea Natale - Mister Nessuno (DNoize Break Mix) [Variant Electronic] Lamanna & Rawmance - No Tomorrow (Paul Birken Remix) [Delirio] The Mover - Stealth [Planet Phuture] Raär - Räve [Renascence]
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