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1) BashTech Radio 31

Thu, 17 Jun 2021 18:00:19 +0000
BashTech Radio 31 with Daniel Martinez www.bashtechrecords.com Tracklist: Adhill - Exp MarAxe - Elevate Jorg Rodriguez - Soft Key A Thousand Details - Affordable Madness Temporary Permanence - Modur Developer - Rigorous Movements YANT - Solidarity is on the line Deas - Block DJ Dextro - Mantis NØRBAK - Mirante George Libe - Scrabbled Responder - Condition Developer - Ritual Master Alberto Ruiz - United Hybrasil - Tuatha De Danann Axel Karakasis - Third Shadow FAÏG - Azore Toni Alvarez - Modular 1 (DJ Dextro Remix) Dykkon - Dark Clouds in Summer Juan Trujillo - Yemen Is a Portal HD Substance - Beats & Pieces 12 Michel Lauriola - No Code Of Behaviour (Arnaud Le Texier Remix) Daniel Martinez - Two CRAVO - QUI (NØRBAK Remix) Cristian Varela - Yssy ASKE - Collapsed Axel Karakasis - Stalker Wigbert - Xcelerator (Pan-Pot Remix) RE-SET - Hidden War Kwartz - Balance of power Tensal - Unethical

2) forward_thinking #032 *live* on techno FM with Richie Q & DJ Smay

Wed, 09 Jun 2021 22:37:36 +0000
untitled_techno presents forward_thinking #32 Serving up 2 hours of heavy beats, we present your fortnightly dose of madness & mayhem, acid & hard techno, from some of the worlds best dj's and producers. Broadcasting from 8pm on Wednesday 9th June *Live* only on techno FM! Up first is our host Richie Q; This week our guest is old skool vinylist and Swiss techno veteran, DJ Smay. Growing up in Switzerland, Smay had his first taste of techno back in the early 2000’s, and was experimenting with his own music soon after. It wasn’t until 2016 that Smay discovered acid techno, and a new passion was born for this already established vinylist. His love for this sound saw him launch Switzerlands most prolific acid techno event ‘Acid Splash’, hosting the biggest names from the scene, including fellow North Walien and back 2 back protagonist from a few weeks back, Sted Hellvis. Following a flawless 2 hour livestream on Caustic, with a diverse selection in acid and squat techno, its a pleasure to bring to you DJ Smay. All shows available for streaming here; https://techno.fm/shows/richie We now also have a You Tube channel where we’ll be uploading sets and livestreams to; https://youtube.com/channel/UC6uiW0zI6_aJtdN1vaWyrZQ #untitled #untitledtechno #forwardthinking #technofm #industrial #acid #freeparty #squatparty #squattechno #hardtechno #industrialtechno #acidtechno #northwalestechno #bettybloop #richieq #djsmay #acidsplash #party

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1) forward_thinking #036 *live* on techno FM with Richie Q

Thu, 05 Aug 2021 16:04:24 +0000
forward_thinking #036 *live* on techno FM with Richie Q by Richie Q (Untitled Techno *Live* on techno.FM)

2) Progress Radio #095

Wed, 04 Aug 2021 11:56:28 +0000
Track list: Andrew Tadd - Devils Advocate S-File - Transmission (Ben Long Remix) Wetworks - Check Your Ego At The Door Claas Herrmann - Stimulus Franco Rossi - Motion Blur Less Distress & Nastya Zimens - Moon-Raker Jay Zoney - Driven (Avgusto Remix) Talbot - Ataraxis Black Synth (IT) - Resilience O.B.I. - Good Old Times C Jared Pastore - There Is No Peace (Schiere Remix) Mark Greene - ID Ferdinger - Lichtung N.O.B.A Feat. Ostara – Rejoice Claas Herrmann - Ordinary Retail - Solid State SKiRRA - Tesseract Wetworks - Constant (Chainsmoker's Continuum Mix) Mab - Victory of The Purest Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio Mix)

3) DCR574 – Drumcode Radio Live – Secret Cinema Studio Mix recorded in Amsterdam

Wed, 04 Aug 2021 04:00:00 +0000
This week on Drumcode Radio Live we have a Secret Cinema Studio Mix recorded in Amsterdam

4) RadioProspect 164 - Pakard

Tue, 03 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0000
Prospect goes on air with a podcast series every week. The 164th episode of RadioProspect is w/ Pakard stream/download: https://smarturl.it/RadioProspect

5) PAUZA | Stereo Productions Podcast 413

Mon, 02 Aug 2021 17:52:01 +0000
PAUZA is the first female electronic duo from Cuba, Zahira Sánchez, and Paula Fernández have re-interpreted the Cuban musical traditions with their house music, adding Latin rhythms and Cuban folklore. This week's episode is hosted by Spanish favorite Afro Duo, Sparrow & Barbossa. They are one of the top & hottest Afro House Artists at this moment. Tracklist: 01. PAUZA - Rumba de 20 Anos 02. PAUZA - Tomaza 03. AFRONAUTAS - Coco Maye 04. PAUZA Ft Cristian Vinci - Sonido de Calles 05. DJ Elias - Burning Drums of Fire (PAUZA REMIX) 06. Robbie Rivera - My Body Move 07. Mele - Groove La Afrika 08. Dian - Havana 1959 09. Alexx Fall & Sebastian badi - Sandunga 10. Robbie Rivera & PAUZA - Agua Pa Beber (David Tort Remix)c 11. El Jack - Los Anormales 12. Sparrow & Barbossa - Azúcar ft Los Van Van

6) Toolroom Radio EP592

Mon, 02 Aug 2021 12:00:00 GMT

7) Toolroom Radio EP592 Siege Guest Mix

Mon, 02 Aug 2021 12:00:00 GMT

8) Transmissions 398 | Agent Orange Dj

Mon, 02 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0000
Boris presents his weekly Transmissions Radio show featuring new and already established names in the music world. Check out the latest episodes on your favorite streaming platform: https://ssyncc.com/transmissions-podcast/ 01.Sam Paganini - The Beat (Hollen unofficial remix) 02.Agent Orange DJ - An Oz Of James [Transmit] 03.Barrow Boy - Karma 2020 04.Gaetek - The Advanced Series Vol.II B1- Mark Broom Edit 05.Alessandro Grops - Exagon [Tronic] 06.Andc - Contato De Primeiro Grau [PSR083] 07.C&G Southsystem - Dual EP B1 - Honey Dijon ReRub [Conform] 08.Chicago Loop - Motives And Thoughts (2021 Re-Write) [Respekt] 09.Insolate - Platform [Symbolism] 10.Luis Miranda, Max Delta - Underculture [Transmit] 11.Adam Beyer feat DJ Rush - Restore My Soul [Drumcode] 12.Gaetek - Advanced Series Vol. I A1 - The Advent Remix [Conform] 13.Ben Sims - The Vaults 001 - 03 Like Dat 2019 14.Carara - The Shadow Cabal [PSR081] 15.Geatano Parisio - Outset - Deetron Remix [Conform] 16.2000 and One - Spanish Fly (Agent Orange DJ Rework) [100% Pure] 17.Agent Orange DJ - Save The Robots [Transmit] 18.Aitor Ronda - Looking Back Forward 19.Aitor Ronda - Happiness In A Box This show is syndicated & distributed exclusively by Syndicast. If you are a radio station interested in airing the show or would like to distribute your podcast / radio show please register here: https://syndicast.co.uk/distribution/registration

9) Dungeon Signals Podcast 261 - Dano C

Sun, 01 Aug 2021 15:10:04 +0000
www.dungeonsignals.com Dungeon Signals was set up to share our love and passion for underground music with you! Due to the fact that the Pure Radio owner had some private problems, we were unable to broadcast. As of today, Dungeon Signals is back on Pure Radio! Listen to our show between 5 & 8 at www.streamproxy.underground.pureradio.eu prøgråm | July 31 & August 1 ═ 17:00 _ da vinci [orlando, USA] mixcloud.com/joe-leonardo3/ 18:30 _ dano c [rotterdam, NLD] beatport.com/release/x/2685357 Giordano Colina, better known as Dano C, is a 29-year-old DJ and producer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From the age of 15, Dano C has lots of love and passion for every kind of House & Techno Music. Throughout the years Dano C has performed in many Venues, released music on various labels. He hosts a radio show every Saturday on Pure Radio and organizes his own parties with the name 'Dungeon Signals'. All these experience has made sure that Dano C is a pioneer in electronic music and ready to take on the world with his music and concepts. With releases on Blanc Stone Digital, Toxic Recordings, Jambalay and Herr Zimmerman, His joyful and lively vibe is ready to go further passed the border to please more party-crowd across the globe. For a Booking: Zoltan Ranti danoc.management@gmail.com Instagram → instagram.com/dungeon_signals Podcasts → mixcloud.com/dungeonsignals Podcasts → soundcloud.com/dungeonsignals Contact → info@dungeonsignals.nl

10) Dungeon Signals Podcast 261 - Da Vinci

Sun, 01 Aug 2021 14:10:04 +0000
www.dungeonsignals.com Dungeon Signals was set up to share my love and passion for underground music with you! Due to the fact that the Pure Radio owner had some private problems, we were unable to broadcast. As of today, Dungeon Signals is back on Pure Radio! Listen to our show between 5 & 8 at www.streamproxy.underground.pureradio.eu prøgråm | July 31 & August 1 ═ _da vinci [orlando, florida, USA] mixcloud.com/joe-leonardo3/ _dano c [rotterdam, NLD] beatport.com/release/spiral-downwards/2354992 Joe Leonardo, AKA Da Vinci, has been an avid music lover all his life. From punk to electronic, Da Vinci’s music interests have spanned from being a drummer in a punk band during his teenage years to mixing many genres of electronic music with his first set of turntables at 18. Flash forward 20 years, and his love for music has only grown. Most recently he had a residency on a radio show opening for Nigel Dawson, and sharing the airwaves with many other prominent DJs including Barry Jamieson and Jerry Bonham. Whatever the genre, or the venue, he’s all about the love of music and having a good time. Instagram → instagram.com/dungeon_signals Podcasts → mixcloud.com/dungeonsignals Podcasts → @dungeonsignals Contact → info@dungeonsignals.nl
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