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1) BashTech Radio 54 Dj Bluegucci Guest Mix

Thu, 18 May 2023 18:00:08 +0000
BashTech Radio 54 with dj bluegucci www.bashtechrecords.com Follow dj bluegucci: https://soundcloud.com/djbluegucci https://www.instagram.com/dj_bluegucci/ https://djbluegucci.bandcamp.com Tracklist: Samuel L Session - Body n’Soul Marco Bailey - Dont Mess The World(Mr.Barth Remix) Andre Buljat - I Like It Damon Wild - Innocense(Rino Cerrone Remix) Alexi Delano/ Cari Lekebush - Pipedreams Marko Nastic - Her Name Was Rio Southsoniks - Prima Terra David Lazzari - Vertigo The Groove Asylum - Riffin(The Remix) Henry Cullen - Grilled Chicken Michael Burkat - Fight Samuel L Session - Cornered Hertz - Big Bang(Advent Remix) Chris McCormack - Ariffmatik dj bluegucci - Bel-Air Zisko - State of Vibration (TWR72 Remix) Dj Misjah & Groovehead - Trippin’ Out (Forcesupreme Remix) Arkus P. - Stimmgabel Ikari - Syxth Sillhouette Franklin S - Random Tuner Kobaya - Blackmail dj bluegucci - How To Fly A Spaceship Tutorial

2) Doc Madnezz - Do Me Right (Daniel Martinez Techno Remix)

Thu, 08 Oct 2020 07:00:07 +0000
Doc Madnezz - Do Me Right (Daniel Martinez Techno Remix) BONUS Track

3) BashTech Radio 53 Satic Guest Mix

Thu, 20 Apr 2023 18:00:16 +0000
BashTech Radio 53 with Satic www.bashtechrecords.com Bio: Based in Germany, Satic fuses scifi and groove techno into a unique blend of techno that fits right in with Bashtec's ideals. A mixture of hypnotic, groove, and Detroit styles, Satic weaves together minimal textures and complex rhythms. Strong influences of his recent work include SP23, Pounding Grooves, Jeroen Search, Jeff Mills, Regis and Surgeon. Follow Satic: https://soundcloud.com/satic909 https://www.instagram.com/satic909/ Tracklist: Talismann - America Hattori Hanzo - Genetic Drift LKY & Alarico - Footsteps FRANZ JÄGER - Animales Males Hedström & Pflug - Rückzug (Ketch Remix) Hemka - Piranha Plant Altinbas - Motion Cirkle - Pulses from Beyond Setaoc Mass - Passive Crime as Service - Melissa Red Rooms - Race To Mars Bastian Balders - Mode_1 Arkan - Shifting Lasse - Peak Tool Ebass - Resistive Force Svarog - Urbanism (Angelo Stasi & ØTi Remix) Planetary Assault Systems - Give In Neznan - Rotor (Jeroen Search Remix 1) RNGD - Surrealismo 1.1 Chriz.jae - Cray Red Rooms - Underneath The Surface Blenk - Frames Ben Sims - Carnival Part 1 (Shlomi Aber Remix) Troy - Ego Death Matrixxman - Airlock CVRDWELL - Equilibrium

4) BashTech Radio 52 Timekube Guest Mix

Thu, 16 Mar 2023 18:00:10 +0000
BashTech Radio 52 with Timekube www.bashtechrecords.com Bio: Josh Fabian, AKA TIMEKUBE is an American Techno Producer/DJ who was musically raised between Los Angeles, California and San Salvador, El Salvador. Currently based in the greater Los Angeles area, he is an up-and-coming musician in the electronic music scene. Energetic, melodic, boomy and driving, TIMEKUBE's productions reflect his love of "old school" rave synth sounds and drum machine patterns from the 90s and 2000s. Influenced by a range of music around him from hip-hop to classical to cumbia, these elements are always prominent in each and every track and have further inspired him to continue his incredible electric journey. Having had his music supported by Techno industry leaders such as Spartaque, Ramon Tapia, Laurent Garnier and Sasha to name a few, TIMEKUBE's music has reached the ears of many - locally as well as internationally. TIMEKUBE strives to push the classic sounds of the past into the future through lots of experimentation. His vision for the future is clear; it is to bring a colorful and high-energy sound to bring people to groove! Follow Timekube: https://soundcloud.com/timekube https://www.instagram.com/timekubemusic/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/0OOX2Asnei6OZpQsLqH2uT?si=yo7wQm8BRw65LQVLldlBIg Tracklist: TBA

5) BashTech Radio 51 With Macro

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 19:00:07 +0000
BashTech Radio 51 with Macro www.bashtechrecords.com Bio: Marcus Moscoso A.K.A. Macro (born 10-17-96) is a self-taught techno DJ/producer from Southern California. His passion for music culminated through an upbringing of various rock, metal, and electronic influences. Over the years, his sound has developed into a 2-sided story, one delivers fast paced minimal grooves with rolling basslines, while another punches hard kicks and gritty atmosphere. Resident of Axiom techno events in San Diego and host of ArtIntel, a bi-monthly techno podcast on KCR’s college radio. "This week I was focused on a few of my favorite artists lately: phil berg, kaiser, david mijatovik, etc. Wanted to hit bashtech with a set of grooves while also dipping into some of the more driving tracks that I love. Majority is new releases but, also got to play a few I have wanted to share for a long time. Enjoy!" -Macro Follow Macro: https://soundcloud.com/marcusmoscoso https://www.instagram.com/marcusmoscoso/ https://www.instagram.com/artinteltechno/ Tracklist: Lewis Fautzi – Entering BiLy – Restless Behavior Bidoben – Recensed Chriz.jae – Eye To Eye Arthur Robert – Hustle Ignez – Anahata F1avio – Connection Tensic – ID PWCCA – Maintenance Insomnia Kaiser & Matrixxman – Nanofactory SHDW & Obscure Shape – Pulse no.name – Memento Altinbas & Cirkle – Divergence Cravo – Voronya Phil Berg – Hazard Setaoc Mass – Ducati Pole Holden Federico – Turn David Mijatovic – Intention Uvall – Not My Fault Franz Jager – Kontrollerad Domains Kaiser – Behind The Line Altinbas x Cirkle – Bold The Advent – Human Form Alarico – Split Hubgud – Lights Go Low Chlar – Love Blaster Tommy Holohan – Mega.D

6) BashTech Radio 50 With Daniel Martinez (Live At Kenopsic November 19th, 2022)

Thu, 19 Jan 2023 20:30:37 +0000
BashTech Radio 50 with Daniel Martinez www.bashtechrecords.com This set was recorded live from Kenopsic November 19th, 2022. Follow Daniel Martinez: https://soundcloud.com/danielmartinezofc https://instagram.com/danielmartinez_ofc https://twitter.com/danmartinez_ofc Tracklist: Fixeer - Abihsot Zigler - Pensiero introverso Justyn Nell - Eris A Thousand Details - Scaphold (GDB Remix) Marco Bailey - Blow MarAxe - Motion Developer - Law for None Angelo Stasi, Noloc - Far Voices A.Paul - Thesis (Vegim Remix) Pyramidal Decode - Corrosione Declod - Cyklon DULEP - Monday Klotz - Stiff Sandro Galli - Endless (Fixeer Remix) Raul Young - Occult Ride Developer - Ancestral Communcation Esteban Miranda - Engel Slight Function - Pulswellen Klint - Rage Cassulle - Sea Drift Developer - Sonic Affection Jerome Baker - Onslaught Axel Karakasis - Another Box in the Wall A.Paul - Antithesis (Dolby D Remix) stndrd, Lappau - Hourglass (STNDRD Remix) Drop-E - Particle Fluence Judas - HOΣTILE V Angelo Stasi - Kastra Amorphic - Voyager C Ozerov - HK30 Piero Ceraolo - Solar Stroms Alex Asci - Facing The WInd Marc Faenger - Inertia Esteban Miranda - Immoral Thoughts A Thousand Details - Thumptik (RNGD Remix) Antony Doria - Grave

7) BashTech Radio 49 Orly Gal Guest Mix

Thu, 15 Dec 2022 19:32:01 +0000
BashTech Radio 49 with Orly Gal www.bashtechrecords.com Bio: ORLY GAL has served as an essential Producer, DJ and Curator, providing the Los Angeles and International Techno Underground communities with memorable moments for well over a decade. Drawing from influences rooted in Dark Wave, Punk and Rock, the Mexican born, Israeli and European national’s taste contrasts esoteric overtones alongside high-energy rhythms found in her contemporary techno sound. Supporting a long list of acts like Ancient Methods, Julia Govor, Regis, Takaaki Itoh and Dubfire, Orly has cultivated a knack for finding the right balance of high energy tracks and pushing the aural envelope of her listeners. Gal 's label collaborations include - KD Raw, Ushuaia Music, DZB Records, Blok Recordings, Understated at Nite & Haustronaut Recordings. Her upcoming releases provide a natural progression in her development as a producer, highlighting hard dance tonalities that explore atmospheric characteristics found in past work. Orly is also the founder of Hidden Symbols Records “HDDNSYMBLS” and FMLA, Frequently Mentioned Los Angeles, a media channel dedicated to showcasing the masterminds that drive The Electronic Music Movement. Follow Orly Gal: https://soundcloud.com/OrlyGalOfficial https://www.instagram.com/orlygalofficial/ https://twitter.com/OrlyGalOfficial Tracklist: Liza Aikin, Rory St. John - Westgate Modēm - Mesmer Flux - Flatmate (feat. Isobelxxx) VCO - Sequenced & Locked Ayako Mori - 90's Juri Heidemann - Hesef Sola Contagio - Looking The Earth From The Moon Sami D. & Dolica - Controll Yourself (Sascha Audit Remix) Artyem - Falso MALWERE - There Is Nowhere To Escape Sort- Sind Alert Orly Gal, Mykrodose - Unreleased Myler - Outside Late 14anger, Dep Affect - Evasive Crapspeak

8) BashTech Radio 48 Casska Guest Mix

Thu, 17 Nov 2022 19:00:29 +0000
BashTech Radio 48 with Casska www.bashtechrecords.com Bio: Known for heavy-hitting acid tracks and high energy, the Los Angeles-based DJ and producer brings the best in techno to the dance floor. Throughout 2022 she has been gaining recognition in the underground techno scene, playing around DTLA at venues like Closer, Catch One, Station 1640, Pattern Bar, Wisdome.LA, and recently headlining at Circle OC’s A.Y.C.E. Casska has also found a new audience in live streaming on Twitch, where she streams weekly and is a resident for LP Giobbi's Femme House. Follow Casska: https://soundcloud.com/casska https://instagram.com/djcasska https://twitter.com/djcasska Tracklist: Vizionn - Fosho Advancing Blaame - Dash It AC2 - Double Trouble Jacidorex - Two Minded Alignment - Attack I'm Not Alien - Drop SveTec - Insult (Ease, Just Tease) Rudosa, Balrog - Names Not Down Wast, Dica - Blow Your Mind Dica - Exceed Excess Casska - Athena NTBR, ÅMRTÜM - Anyway (feat. ÅMRTÜM) Jacidorex - Full Metal Jacket Shlømo, Parfait - Posh & Scary Sara Landry - Time Dilation Joey Risdon - Everybody Was Taking Acid AMRK - Insomnia

9) BashTech Radio 47 Tensic Guest Mix

Thu, 20 Oct 2022 18:00:16 +0000
BashTech Radio 47 with Tensic www.bashtechrecords.com Bio: Tensic is a Chilean-born techno producer and DJ based out of Southern California in the Coachella Valley. Although occasionally producing in other electronic genres such as ambient and gabber, Tensic's true passion has always been the dark sweaty floors where techno is played. Preferring a more hands-on approach, all tracks are created with an assortment of hardware consisting of both analog and digital gear. With a handful of releases so far, Tensic is always working on new music to release, and looks to bring his selection of high energy techno to dance floors all over. Follow Tensic: https://soundcloud.com/tensic https://www.instagram.com/tensictechno/ https://tensic.bandcamp.com/ Tracklist: Basic House - Alphabet (Swallowing Gold) VHS - Melancolia Ignez - Kaag X A.Morgan - You tried to change The Lady Machine - Amplify Setaoc Mass - Standing Kashpitzky - Midrange Pitrn - Shoals 5 SLV (DE) - Frame Of Mind bw - As He Goes Tensic - ID Alarico - Fat Lines The Sixth Sense - Mesopotamia Tensic - Groundwork AIROD - Voxxx Balrog - Chain of Command Maxx Rossi & David Oblivion - Morning After Kashpitzky - Reckless A.Morgan - Masquerade Bidoben - Hiding In Time Killawatt & Hexham Heads - Hyperbolic

10) BashTech Radio 46 with Daniel Martinez

Thu, 15 Sep 2022 18:00:14 +0000
BashTech Radio 46 with Daniel Martinez www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Daniel Martinez: www.instagram.com/danielmartinez_ofc Tracklist: Pyramidal Decode - Liquid Friction Sigvard - Repelled ASKE - Genetics Esteban Miranda - Engel Ricardo Garduno - Hand Biting Pyramidal Decode - Binding Energy Axel Karakasis - Intrusive Thought Sandro Galli - Vatican DASH3D - Stripped Bells Jerome Baker - Onslaught Johann Arty - Rite of delusion Jorg Rodriguez - Apparato Allan Feytor - SIlver Sun Esteban Miranda - Shadows In The Landscape DJ Dextro - ELO3 Axel Karakasis - Squared Drucal - Agorafobia Eric Sän - Inconciencia (Sone Remix) ASKE - Structure 3 Amorphic - Voyager C Drop-E - Vulnerable Fragility NØRBAK - Death Ceased To Kill Ozerov - HK30 Jerome Baker - Selection 368 Ecilo - Proletarian Spaceship

11) BashTech Radio 45

Thu, 18 Aug 2022 17:55:36 +0000
BashTech Radio 45 with Daniel Martinez www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Daniel Martinez: www.instagram.com/danielmartinez_ofc Tracklist: Das - Mesosfera Allan Feytor - Stellar Nature Dave Wincent - Blood Pressure Dykkon - Reflection Time Black Crow - Self Imposed Limits Klint - Rage Zachary Lubin - Protocypher 4 A.Paul, DJ Dextro - Non Binary Drop-E - Beyond Reflections Dave Wincent - Flexible Rhythm Tensal - Ananke Antony Doria - Grave Sandro Galli - Endless (Fixeer Remix) Zachary Lubin - Protocypher 1 Klotz - Stiff Axel Karakasis - Blemish Marc Faenger - Inertia Pyramidal Decode - Corrosione Angelo Stasi, Noloc - Far Voices Sandro Galli - Subconscious PTTRNRCRRNT - Frequency 3 Piero Ceraolo - Solar Stroms A.Paul - Off The Record DJ Dextro - ELO1 Juan Trujillo - Thinking Doctrine Angelo Stasi - Kastra

12) BashTech Radio 44 CLAWZ Guest Mix

Thu, 21 Jul 2022 18:00:02 +0000
BashTech Radio 44 with CLAWZ www.bashtechrecords.com Bio: Anna Vaughan AKA Clawz is an Neo-Acid Techno DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California. With 12+ years of piano under her belt already Clawz traveled to Berlin to discover her true passion. After being in the presence of some of today's top techno DJs like Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and more she came back to American and studied at Cross Fader Academy... the rest was history. DJing at street shuffle crew sessions Clawz quickly become known as an underground sensation packing rooms of sweaty dancers hoping to get a chance to check out one of her infamous seshs. After playing at a desert show, underground legend and Noche De Techno prexy Tony Laboy recognized her talent and opened the door to her to headline the infamous crews annual showcase. Since then Clawz has gone on to headline & perform at a number of events like Space Taco Tuesdays, Singularity LA, Relentless Beats Body Language Festival and Gold Rush Festival, Operandi Records, Techno Snobs AZ and Twisted Lines in Atlanta. With music influences such as 999999999, Jacidorex, Charlotte de Witte, Charlie Sparks, Dax J, and I Hate Models Clawz brings sounds of harder-edge techno with her signature 303 synthesizer dominating the room. Follow CLAWZ: https://soundcloud.com/dj-clawz https://www.facebook.com/djclawz https://www.instagram.com/_clawz_/ https://twitter.com/clawz_music Tracklist: NTBR - Enough of This Trym - Rainbow Jacidorex, NTBR - Every Night (feat. Jacidorex) LuizFribs - Polter 66Hz - You can fee it Jan Vercauteren - Catch Me If You Can Bad Boombox - Heartbreak49 Amelie Lens - Never The Same Asquith - Wait a Minute GFX, R3-V3 - Acid Kid Charlie Sparks - Anastasia Midnight Vices - No Future Without Forgiveness Amazingblaze - Neuron Tebra - Rod (Electric Universe Remix) Ling Ling - Antagonize Fergie - Fergalicious (Ko:lab Rave Edit) DYEN - The Aftermath Lucass P - Nasty Business (Mayeul & JKS Remix) Franky-B - Razor Blade KING BADAH - Kraft Und Sensibilitat AMRTUM - Ich Schlag Dich Schiere - 90’s Rave (SveTec Remix) Propaganda & Eric Sedano - Who Needs Love When You Got Drugs

13) BashTech Radio 43 Dj Bluegucci Guest Mix

Fri, 17 Jun 2022 18:00:07 +0000
BashTech Radio 43 with dj bluegucci www.bashtechrecords.com Follow dj bluegucci: https://soundcloud.com/djbluegucci www.instagram.com/dj_bluegucci Tracklist: dj bluegucci - i dont like gnomes Earwax - We All Living In A Yellow Love Parade Levzon - Basic Tricks Maxx Rossi - My Sound Dario Deluca - Zaza(Mhonolink Rework 1) dj bluegucci - Cowboy Kid Michael Burkat - Elastic Versus - Rage Rill - Adou dj bluegucci - Stoner stranger - Untitlebret Staim - Planet Groove dj bluegucci - Screwhead Rove Ranger - Soap Chris.Jae - SixSixSix Forum - 422 Carl Falk - Make Me Tommy Holohan - Ros Eo Samba Dj Preach - No War In The Summer

14) BashTech Radio 42 Tenium Guest Mix

Thu, 19 May 2022 18:00:12 +0000
BashTech Radio 42 with Tenium www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Tenium: https://soundcloud.com/tenium https://www.instagram.com/tenium.uk Tracklist: Frankie Bromley - Varastein Terrence Dixon - Inner Beauty Jeroen search - 5th dimension Ben Reymann - Rewind Sev Dah - Untreated Control Xono - Mínima Tenium - Bleep Street Damon Wild - Shadows DJ Bone - Here to stay won't fade away Hattori Hanzo - Stereo Abuse James Ruskin - Work (Sterac Remix) Phil Berg - Escape232 Arthur Roberts - Kinship Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell - Ufna Franz Jäger - Animales Males Decoder - Unreleased Tenium - Unreleased Yant - Contained in a vein Tenium - Unreleased Johannes Volk - Mutable Motor Unit II Jones&Roth - Hymne An de frühling (vromo remix) Tenium - Unreleased

15) BashTech Radio 41 1morning Guest Mix

Thu, 21 Apr 2022 18:01:16 +0000
BashTech Radio 41 with 1morning www.bashtechrecords.com Follow 1morning: @1morning https://www.instagram.com/1morning_ https://1morning.bandcamp.com/releases Tracklist: Echoplex - Next Step Echoplex - Shut off Damon Wild and Echoplex - Next Step James Ruskin - untitled Red Head - Holy Material Red Had - Blaze James Ruskin - untitled 9 Nico Awsyentin - Subversion Mhonolink - Untitled Mhonolink - Untitled Isaiah - I Get enough Isaiah - endlessly Joey Beltram - Solar storm The advent - rock bottom Marco Bailey- Impanema Marco Bailey - Shinjuku Nico awsventin - Starchild Mhonolink-kongo Mhonolink - untitled Echoplex - Last Chance ReadHead - force frontier Mhonolink - Deep Pressure Mhonolink - Groove soul Mhonolink - Deadline

16) BashTech Radio 40 Saprophytic Guest Mix

Thu, 17 Mar 2022 17:58:57 +0000
BashTech Radio 40 with Saprophytic www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Saprophytic: @saprophytictechno instagram.com/dltadivision Tracklist: Submit yourself - dustin Zahn (Rene wise remix) When it comes - Mikro&Ray Locked in - Flits Just to see her - Danny Wabbit Unreleased - saprophytic No sweets from strangers - Mikro&Ray Need - Ignez (Rene wise remix) Secret space program - the sixth sense Sharp - Flits Anahata - Ignez Thoughts - LUAP Sharp - Flits (mikrotakt remix) Just to touch her - Danny Wabbit (jungle rework) Line- Cratan You want one - Mikro&ray GMT Grind - Arbitrage Brown - Yaleesa Hall Seroto - Marcal Flits - Charged Moro Safa - Decode

17) BashTech Radio 39

Thu, 17 Feb 2022 19:00:04 +0000
BashTech Radio 39 with Daniel Martinez www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Daniel Martinez: instagram.com/danielmartinez_ofc facebook.com/danielmartinezofc Tracklist: Gotshell - Gate Seven Bleur & MB1 - Sexiest Axel Karakasis - Suchergebnisse Moddullar - Injuries Alessandro Grops - Monosphere MarAxe - Anarchy Esteban Miranda - ENDO T-Dok - Grey Panels Juan Trujillo - Cosmic Material Stephen Disario, Danny Wabbit - Back on the Pot Michel Lauriola, Fixeer - Integration of Parts Noir - Undone (Electric Rescue Remix) Responder - Aprophis Crime as Service - Code Red Falling Echoes - Black Hole Cri Du Coeur - Whipped NØRBAK - There's No Lesson Klint - Nemesis stndrd - Soulless Guidance Wisna - Inside War Crime as Service - Zinc Esteban Miranda - Castigo

18) BashTech Radio 38

Thu, 20 Jan 2022 20:04:06 +0000
BashTech Radio 38 with Daniel Martinez www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Daniel Martinez: instagram.com/danielmartinez_ofc facebook.com/danielmartinezofc Tracklist: Falling Echoes - Symmetry Pyramidal Decode - A Mechanical Rotation stndrd - Narcotic Belief Forum, Jacobworld - Full Cirlce Rasser - Restless Conscience Bodzza - Secret Ingredient Developer - The Pusher stndrd - Unfolded Gloom DULEP - Vintage Klint - Sad world Lewis Fautzi - State Of Pressure (Nørbak Remix) Developer - Drive Tones 21 Axel Karakasis - Hermes Rebecca Delle Piane - Balance Sintoma - Flat stroke ASKE - Permanent Wave Bernardo Hangar - 1-04 Pacius Elter - Quadrantids DJ Dextro - Stupid Human Axel Karakasis - Grace Episode1 - Duhongo Dawn Razor, Hatewax - Later

19) BashTech Radio 37 Eight.Trax Guest Mix

Thu, 16 Dec 2021 19:16:30 +0000
BashTech Radio 36 with Eight.Trax www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Eight.Trax: @eight_trax https://www.twitch.tv/eight_trx Tracklist: Henry Mwnn Lobbs - Dark Identity Recall Axel Karakasis - Outspread Drumsauw - Raw Static MaKaJa Gonzales - Immortality The Lady Machine - Swelter Orion - Doomslayer Ecilo - Mystical Java Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. - NYC Trevor Benz - La Surefficience Theodore Elektrk - Kill Circuit Karras Martinez - Cycle Téo Dréan - Do You Remember The Day WHT MOTH - Cangalia Fred Asquith - Lost Love Fred Asquith - Testing You Glenn Wilson, Mattias Fridell - Evaluation Brixton - Komm Brad Lee - Struggle Between Drumsauw - Renegade DJ Nehpets - Acid Reflux Fred Asquith - Seabird Mr. Flick - Damage Inigo Kennedy - Strangely Elastic Sev Dah - Daimonic System Revolt - Low Blow Wetworks, V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Last of a Dying Breed The Anxious - Enmity The Lady Machine - Resilience ZDN - Altering Reality (Crystal Geometry Remix) Luis Ruiz - Percnote Lester Fitzpatrick, DJ Geto Man - She A Moaner Henning Baer - Burning Chrome (The Lady Machine Remix) Glenn Wilson - Stand Tall KaioBarssalos - Connection Refused Inigo Kennedy - Pumping Numbers George Cross - Nothing Yet Inigo Kennedy - XX 5 A1 Lester Fitzpatrick - Celestial Being

20) BashTech Radio 36

Thu, 18 Nov 2021 19:00:19 +0000
BashTech Radio 36 with Daniel Martinez www.bashtechrecords.com Follow Daniel Martinez: instagram.com/danielmartinez_ofc facebook.com/danielmartinezofc Tracklist: Endplate - Dendrite Alberto Tolo - Spettro Forum - CLUBFILTER Setaoc Mass - Contemporary Decline Jay York - Seperate Oscar Rey - Case Closed Axel Karakasis - Connection Pfirter - Birth Responder - Assign Vinicius Honorio - Vibrations Vohkinne - Boroughs ASKE, Andc - Stuck In A Parallel Reality Juan Trujillo - Bewitched INSOLATE - Breather Axel Karakasis - Daunting Task Russ (ARG) - Fenogreco Responder - Premises Bernardo Hangar - 1-05 YANT - Global Vohkinne - Nebula Rhombic - Anti-de Sitter Space (Hektor Legion Remix) DJ Dextro - Opaco Vohkinne - Parallel Inversion Juan Trujillo - Vaccum Andc - Through The Ages