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- fri 6th december w/ Bunny [Bucharest]
- fri 21st february w/ Jerome Hill [Super Rhythm Trax/ Don't]
techno.fm radio show - second friday of the month - 7pm > 10pm -

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Show Episodes

1) NexusRadio >24< Live on Techno.fm // feat Arondeus b2b Loss Function

Sat, 28 Mar 2020 15:57:30 +0000
Our first Saturday show to go along with our monthly Friday night edition. This one features a 2-hour b2b (ish) set from two of our residents: Arondeus & Loss Function

2) Claire Louise guest mix from NexusRadio >9< Live on Techno.fm - 11th Jan 2019 (2nd hour)

Sat, 12 Jan 2019 20:41:38 +0000
The second hour of our first radio show of 2019 showcases the awesome tune selection and skills of Claire Louise, one of our favourite Djs, and she's graced the decks at both our very first party a couple of years ago as well as our Pride '18 party. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/clairelouise1989

3) NexusRadio >23< feat: Arondeus, Herrrouine & Wext b2b Harami

Fri, 13 Mar 2020 22:57:42 +0000
Spring is springing, so celebrate by getting foxy in the woods with the March edition of NexusRadio: 3 hours of the finest techno from around the globe. This month we're stoked to welcome three awesome DJs from across Europe (no tedious EuroTech here though) for our guest mixes :) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HARAMI b2b WEXT [ İBNE - Stockholm ] "İBNE is Turkish derogatory slang for a homosexual man, derived from the Arabic word for son. More importantly, it’s the name of the new queer collective of Harami (Aryan Batti) and WEXT (Karim El Harrak), previously part of Faggotry Collective. İBNE raves will provide a monthly rave in Stockholm’s underground scene for everyone who’s looking for a sex positive queer fun time in a proper warehouse setting - no matter your gender, no matter which gender you’re trying to get with, let’s sweat together. Fast, dark, hard techno - always with that little cheekiness, but expect the unexpected. Enjoy this set with influences from the 90’s rave sound, EBM and some other cute İBNEness." https://www.facebook.com/ibnecollective/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERRROUINE "Herrrouine was born in Basel, Switzerland as the son of a father with Tunisian origins and a Swiss mother. Some time later, with the discovery of another musical and cultural conglomerate called House and Techno, which was no less based on the black music tradition he already moved in, Hischem was now sure to have found his real passion. Especially in the more machine-based, repetitive, driving and minimalist aesthetic of Techno he met the perfect form to express his artistic vision and idea of a hypnotic, trance-like amalgamation of music and dance. For Herrrouine, Techno is the postmodern urban manifestation of African & indigenous tribal cultures, where simple rhythmicity and rule free dance were means to reach a higher state of individual and collective mind. To guide his audience and himself into this condition of consciousness is what he wants to achieve during his dj sets and with his own productions. While for his dj sets, played at clubs like Nordstern, Hirscheneck and Hinterhof among others, the idea of the shaman is central to him, it’s the perfect sound experience Hischem strives for with his productions. Perfection not in a way of cleanness though, but as a tool to intensify and tweak the physicality and musicality of an individual and collective moment at the club. Asked about his musical and artistic influences, Herrrouine takes a lot of inspiration from genres like Trance, Industrial, New Wave, Jazz and HipHop to create his interpretation of Techno music.” https://soundcloud.com/herrrouine https://soundcloud.com/rehbellen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ARONDEUS [ Nexus / Lost and Found / Techno.fm ] Disco-infused warehouse rave. Occasional drum machine and synth hybrid set stuff. Along with Loss Function - they've been bringing their individual brand of dancefloor punishers to nights across the UK and Europe over the last couple of years, including a Berlin debut. You might hear: fast as anything brutality / wonky stuff / 90s wobblers / vogue samples / acid lines / big kicks. You won't hear: Drumcode / Flatpack Techno. https://www.facebook.com/ArondeusandLossFunction/ https://www.facebook.com/nexustechno/ https://www.facebook.com/lostandfoundqueerrave

4) Nexus Radio 22 - LIVE on Techno.fm - feat: Alex Christy, Kingkade & Wes Baggaley

Sat, 15 Feb 2020 10:01:17 +0000
Really pleased to share our show for the Feb / Valentine's / AntiValentine's Nexus radio show. As usual, we've got a resident doing the business, along with a local-ish guest and someone from a bit further afield - as well as some chat and stuff here and there about what's happening in Nexus world. This month - we kick off (7-8pm) with local stalwart Alex Christy ( https://m.mixcloud.com/ALFONSO_/) - resident at some of Chester''s biggest and best nights: Nghtwrk, The Mango Club and new kid on the block Teulu. Nexus resident DJ Kingkade ( https://m.facebook.com/djkingkade/ ) then takes us through to 9pm with his trademark blend of deep and hypnotic groovers. Closing out the show, we're delighted to have the awesome Wes Baggaley [ Bottom Heavy / Rinse FM ] with an exclusive all-vinyl mix of properly swift techno. We've seen Wes spin a few times now, most recently at High Hoops in Manc alongside Eris Drew (including a cheeky b2b to finish the night) and then we just managed to dash over from our gig and catch the last hour of his inaugural set at the iconic Berghain / Panorama Bar . Both belting sets and you're in for a treat. https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/wesbaggaley

5) Nexus Radio >21< feat. Babs, Kessie + Mandy, Loss Function & Mark Archer - LIVE on Techno.Fm

Sun, 12 Jan 2020 14:15:26 +0000
- Mark Archer ( Altern 8 / Nexus 21 ) - Kessie & Mandy ( Flesh in Tension - Leeds ) - Babs ( All Hands on Deck - Manchester ) - Loss Function ( Nexus / techno.fm ) That's a lineup and a half... We’ve had some outrageously good shows recently - and this one was no exception and it’s another extended one, this time for a whole 4 hours. Broadcast LIVE on techno.fm - 10.1.20 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1st Hour (8-9pm) BABS [ All Hands on Deck - Manchester ] “All Hands On Deck is a feminist DJ collective that runs open deck parties for women, trans and non-binary people. Aside from our open deck parties, we also host DJ workshops and social events for our collective members. The collective was founded on the basis that we wanted to create a welcoming space in which people could try their hands at DJing out in a low-pressure, non-judgemental environment. We believe that it is important to support and uplift new DJs in the face of a scene that is not representative of Manchester's diversity.Since we started in July 2018, we have created a community of local DJs who have played at various festivals, including Westival, Lost Cove, Sparkle Fest and Sounds from the Other City. We also have members who have regular radio slots on stations such as Limbo Radio and Reform Radio.” Founders: Anna Cooper // Anna Sophie Hayter // Hayter Player Tracy Duah // Abena Rosa Methol // Babs Contact: General bookings: allhandsondeckmanchester@gmail.com https://www.mixcloud.com/allhands0ndeck https://www.facebook.com/allhands0ndeck/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2nd Hour (9-10pm) Kessie + Mandy + Friends [ Flesh in Tension - Leeds ] “Looking back into our queer histories, Flesh in Tension aims to bring a fresh outlook and some filth, fetish and frivolity onto the scene. Backdropped by raw, hard techno yet pushing the boundaries of techno sets, we twist the usual fetish space by decentering white cis masculinity and instead invite you to embrace its roots in the Queer and PoC communities that this party is inspired by. All bodies are beautiful, all styles are beautiful. Sexual liberation is at our core.” www.facebook.com/fleshintension/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (3rd Hour / 10-11pm) MARK ARCHER [ Altern 8 / Nexus21 ] Seeing as how it’s NexusRadio’s 21st time out, we thought it’d be fun to see if we could get a Nexus21 linkup, and we’re very psyched to have the legend that is Mark Archer, also of the iconic Altern 8 (who were pretty damn formative in getting some of us into rave back in the day), with a very special set for our latest show…we’re excited. https://soundcloud.com/mrnex https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/markarcher Altern 8 were a joyous mix of some rather eclectic influences. It sounded so simple and fun and yet the music was deceptively complex. Altern 8 went interstellar with a bunch of hit singles and the album Full-On Mask Hysteria, which hit number 10 in the charts. For a while the unlikely lads from Stafford were jetting around the globe with the likes of Moby, as Altern 8 captured the imaginations of ravers everywhere. Bizarre Inc., Nexus 21, Altern 8, Trackman, Slo Moshun, Xen Mantra, DJ Nex… Mark Archer has been making and spinning, the finest dance music for an incredible 30 years. Now, that is something to CELEBR8! So, get your bookings in for the ‘Man Behind The Mask 30th Anniversary Tour’. It’s going to get emotional. " >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11-midnight LOSS FUNCTION Fast ravey esoterica From Berlin, to London, Manchester and Stockholm....2019 was a blast, 2020 has some things to come...

6) NexusRadio >20< LIVE on Techno.fm - 13.12.19 - Feat: E.Hernandez, Tipi Djs & SH13

Sat, 14 Dec 2019 10:54:46 +0000
Now the dust has settled on our final party of the decade - here's our last radio show before we hit the roaring '20s. For this slightly extended show, we'll have an awesome set from resident SH13, we welcome local guests Tipi and we;re very excited to have an amazing guestmix from E.Hernandez from Oakland, USA. Settle in for some festive beats and give us a shout on this event page during the show. Head to www.techno.fm at 7pm and hit play (the show will be up on our Soundcloud as soon as the eggnog wears off and we get round to it) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TIPI: Tipi is a relatively new event started by Will Reade and CharlieCurry - two cousins from Chester. A love of electronic music was ignited through attending underground events in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester and after mastering CDJs in their garage, playing a range of house, techno and electro - they decided to start their own event, Tipi, and get some friends involved. One of these friends is Ellliot C, a resident of nghtwrk - one of Chester’s longest-running and best electronic nights, and who also produces his own music, most recently his third EP ;Hyperwave’ (linked below). www.facebook.com/welcometothetipi www.soundcloud.com/user-265364658 www.elliotc.bandcamp.com www.distrokid.com/hyperfollow/elliotc/hyperwave >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> E.Hernandez: E.hernandez is a Producer and DJ living on Ohlone Land known as Oakland. They have helped throw the party “Mutante” which ran for almost two years as a weekly; and, “Sucia Beat” a monthly party focusing on Latinx music with an open format style. E.Hernandez also produces and has performed on lineups with a wide range of performers & DJ’s including: Galcher Lustwerk, Romy, Yan Cook, Xuxa Santamaria, Dax Pierson and more. https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/ehernandez https://soundcloud.com/ehernandezmusic This mix was inspired by a recent trip to Japan and the Central California coast. Tracklist: 1. Cremation Lily - “For A Modern Union” 2. Config.Sys -” Identitäten” 3. Plague Mother - “Burn Your Fingertips So Know One Knows Your Name” 4. Pod Blotz - “Beyond The Body” 5. Alaska - “Back From Eternity” (Featuring Seba) 6. Paradox - “Futures Extinction” 7. Morten HD - “Azure Dragon” 8. 1.8.7 - “Worlds Apart” 9. Cyba Space - “Life” (Dom & Roland Remix) 10. Sochi Terada - “Grand Senshuuraku” 11. Alix Perez + Icicle + Switch - “This Is How” 12. Neuropunk - “London City” 13. DJ Rum - “Turiya” ( Tess;a Remix) 14. DJ Royce Rolls - “Avalon” 15. Swisha - Interpretive Dance” 16. MoMa Ready - “ACID LORD” 17. DJ Icey - “Gold Rush” 18. Pelada - “Ten Cuidado” (Jock Club Remix) 19. Z72.52 - “Love Song” 20. Baby Anne - “Scepter” (Baby`s Gold Dust Acid Reign Mix) 21. Sync 24 & Silicon Sally - “Jack Out” 22. Thomas P.Heckman -” Crunch 02” 23. Welt In Scherben - Leichentanz 24. Schwefelgelb “Wie Die Köpfe” 25. Carl Finlow - “Boron” 26. DJ Rashad - Dance 4 Life 27. Catz 'n Dogz - “New Love” (Gerd Janson Remix) 28. Nackt - “Balboa Park” (Michael Claus Remix) 29. Chris Carter - “Freshly Ground” 30. Yellow Magic Orchestra - “Light in Darkness” (808 State Remix) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SH13 [ Nexus / wAliens / FNOOB ] The dark techno / industrial pseudonym of Sted Hellvis (dirty warehouse / squat techno); equally tough in outlook and attitude, SH13 is the outlet for the mayhem pitching in around 135-140bpm. SH13’s sets focus on an industrial edge, with monstrous kick drums, twisted distortion and dirty sonics. Sometimes described as brutal, it’s hard edged without a doubt but doesn’t lose the focus of the dancefloor. https://www.facebook.com/stedhellvisindustrial

7) Arondeus & Loss Function [ Nexus / Techno.fm ] @Buttcocks Berlin - 23.9.19

Tue, 26 Nov 2019 02:41:17 +0000
Recording of our 4-hour set at Schwuz in Berlin. Beefy and dirty techno with a few surprises. First two hours: Loss Function Second two hours: Arondeus https://www.facebook.com/events/2506051562782734/

8) Nexus Radio 19 feat: Hans Delbruck, Arondeus and Bunny // Live on Techno.fm // Fri 8th Nov 2019

Mon, 11 Nov 2019 21:04:11 +0000
Show went out LIVE on www.techno.fm on Fri 8th Nov - 7pm > 10pm BST Feat: 1st hour: Hans Delbruck [ Handwandler / Oxytech / Urban Chaos Records ] 2nd hour: Arondeus [ Nexus / Techno.fm ] 3rd hour: Bunny [ Harder - Bucharest ] >>>>>>>>> Bunny We are very excited to bring Bunny (aka Patrik Heijenrath) over for a UK debut in December - and by way of a taster he’s very kindly fired us over a guestmix for November’s radio. We ran into his party, Harder (https://www.instagram.com/harderparty/) whilst clocking fellow queer and lgbtq-friendly techno parties around Europe and the world, and quickly made a solid connection based on a mutual love of hooning techno and the transformative potential of a quality crowd on an inclusive dancefloor. Currently based in Bucharest, by way of the Netherlands and Berlin - Bunny has been throwing parties in both Bucharest and recently Sofia, Bulgaria - carving out a niche providing techno of the hardest and most intense variety to crowds of open-minded people of whatever background. Harder is currently working with crews and DJs from around Europe (parties coming up also feature the awesome Gegen collective from Berlin) to curate next-level nights. Catch a little about what the night's about in the following Vice Magazine interview: (it's a google-translated page, so any mistakes are those tech bros' fault) https://tinyurl.com/yxuqctme https://soundcloud.com/bunnythedj https://www.instagram.com/bunnythedj/ https://www.facebook.com/bunnythedj/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hans Delbruck Hans Delbrück (AKA Harry Walker) is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer from the North West of England. Early influences come from the psych and punk music of the free festival scene from the late 80’s and early 90’s, which naturally morphed into the heavy, fast dance music that developed from those roots. A veteran of the Manchester dance music scene, he was one half of resident live Techno act ‘Repeater’ at the legendary Havok nights and in-house producer for the label of the same name. Along with his partner in crime, Alan Woodburn, they played a hard mix of Acid Trance and Techno. Their first EP was from a shared session with London legends ‘Brides Make Acid’ and was released on ‘Filterless’ records. However, with the snowballing success of the Havok club, Havok Records was soon formed and a string of releases came shortly after: his collaborations and remixes with various artists and DJ.s include Lab4, Chris Liberator and Medicine man, to name but a few. Over the last few years Harry has found himself drawn back to the electronic music he enjoyed so much in the past so the decision was made and ‘Hans Delbruck’ was resurrected. With a passion for heavy, brooding Techno and roots in the psychedelic soundscapes of his early influences, todays sound finds itself drifting between dark, minimal Techno and classic Acid Trance building with layers of ethereal synth patterns in equal measures of light and shade. Live and radio shows around the NW have received rave reviews – and recent releases and remixes on high-quality labels such as Oxytech, Urban Chaos and Hardwandler have cemented Hans’ reputation as an incredible musician and performer. https://www.facebook.com/pg/HansDelbruc/ www.soundcloud.com/anselbruck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Arondeus Disco-infused warehouse rave. Occasional drum machine and synth hybrid set stuff. You might hear: fast as anything brutality / wonky stuff / 90s wobblers / vogue samples / acid lines / big kicks. You won't hear: Drumcode / Ibiza techno. Along with Loss Function - they've been bringing their individual brand of dancefloor punishers to nights across the UK and Europe - including a Berlin debut in November. https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/lossfunction www.facebook.com/ArondeusLossFunctionTechno

9) Nexus Radio 18 feat: Dj Catchi, Bosque & Kingkade // Live on Techno.fm // Fri 11th Oct 2019

Sat, 12 Oct 2019 09:52:00 +0000
Well hello! Check this lineup out :) The best in techno from around the world - brought to you by Nexus every month. Head to www.techno.fm on the 11th October at 7pm and hit play. The show will be up for listen again on our Soundcloud the next day. This month, Nexus resident Kingkade is joined by Bosque, from Berlin's excellent Dreamcore, and DJ Catchi from the fantastic Minotaur Sound - throwing parties in Bristol and beyond. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Bosque Tel-aviv born, Berlin based DJ, ‘Dreamcore’ promoter and resident DJ, and the creator of a new queer rave zine to be released soon. His style goes from fast and acid techno all the way to classic trance, driven by the freedom that can be created on a dance floor and inspired by the spirit of the early rave movement. https://www.instagram.com/bosque_dreamcore https://staging-web.boilerroom.tv/article/worldwide-dance-dj-bosque >>>>>>>>>>>>> Catchi Catchi heads up Minotaur Sound, the Beast voice behind many a quality techno and house night out in Bristol pop up locations. Her sound veers between tech house, techno and some cheeky house thrown in for good measure. She’s been working hard to bring her signature sound to Shambala Festival, Dolce Vita and Der Liebe over the last few months. She promises to make everyone dance, no matter what musical denomination they follow and she’s a staunch advocate for more women on lineups. This mix brings together her favourite tunes including one that she co-produced with her partner in crime Token Male (Stefan Goodchild). https://soundcloud.com/djcatchi >>>>>>>>>> Kingkade Not many DJs get the chance to launch their careers at one of the country’s leading clubs. Kingkade’s got underway at ‘Le Bateau’ home of North West techno night ‘Voodoo’, where demand from for his expertly programmed sets over time saw him earning a residency. After taking years to hone his skills, his first production followed in October 2001, receiving wide spread acclaim from all the greats and airplay on BBC Radio 1. Forming a label was his next step, with Kingkade becoming a label boss not once but twice! With his flagship imprint ‘Minimal’ and sub-label ‘Dirty Blue Records’, both notching up almost 60 vinyl releases between them. Now head of Urban Chaos Records - bringing awesome releases to the techno world. Now a promoter and resident at Berlin style underground techno party in Chester ‘Nexus’, it’s no-nonsense attitude has seen the night has grow in popularity, from a quarterly event to bi-monthly must do in the city’s raving calendar. https://www.facebook.com/djkingkade/

10) Nexus #12 Preview Mix from Natalino Nunes

Sun, 22 Sep 2019 10:35:34 +0000
We're really excited to be bringing Natalino Nunes over from Paris for a UK debut in October. To get you in the mood - here's an exclusive mix to whet your appetite :)

11) Nexusradio 17 - Broadcast LIVE on techno.fm - 14.9.19

Sat, 14 Sep 2019 10:00:46 +0000
Adriana Bradford [Transister / Sonorous Sessions] Smashing preconceptions of what a drag DJ can and can’t be, Adriana Bradford is carving a unique path for herself in the melodic techno scene. With an emphasis on deep synth lines, driving bass and pulsating rhythms, she brings an exciting and innovative vibe to her DJ sets, productions and podcasts. A lifelong fan of electronic music, Adriana Bradford entered the scene five years ago and has since made an indelible impact, running her own events at Egg London and DJing at some of the hottest underground nights up and down the country. Her sets offer a unique take on the melodic techno sound, taking listeners on a journey through a range of sounds and vibes built upon a strong backbone of driving rhythm and groove. Adriana’s talents don’t stop there: she recently turned her hand to production, releasing the smouldering and otherworldly single ‘Uttama’ in June. The track is a slow burner, gradually transporting the listener into an alternate sonic dimension before ethereal pads emerge to announce a euphoric final section. With upcoming gigs in October at Dalston Superstore and The Loft London, Adriana is set to continue building a formidable reputation within the scene – by delivering exploratory DJ sets and productions that take melodic techno to an alternate dimension, she’s swiftly defining an unparalleled sound that’s entirely her own. https://www.facebook.com/djadrianabradford/ https://soundcloud.com/user-558588836 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lisa Oakes [Different is Different / Blackout Audio / Compound] Well known for her vinyl sets, Lisa Oakes' style of techno is made for the dancefloor. She has graced the bill alongside some superb names over the years playing at Code Leeds, Orbit, Dubtek , Gottwood festival to name a few. In her short time of Producing and releasing music she has achieved the number 1 spot on Beatport's hard techno top 100 releases with her first EP and she has achieved a number 16 in the same charts on an all female EP with her track Synchronicity. She has had releases on great labels such as Different is Different Records, Blackout Audio, Compound, Bubblejam Gold, Blok records , Viral outbreak and Biotech recordings. https://www.facebook.com/Lisa-Oakes-146076292074607 https://soundcloud.com/techno-junkie-1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Loss Function [Nexus / Techno.fm] Nexus and Techno.fm resident Loss Function's techno sets defy categorisation. With influences drawn from a couple of decades raving across the UK and Europe - he plays rave-influenced techno from the harder end of the spectrum, but making sure the groove stays high. He's been holding down hugely well-received regular sets at Nexus and on Nexus radio over the last couple of years, and with guestmixes, DJ gigs and festival slots across the UK and abroad over the past year and upcoming - his signature style is deservedly getting a wider airing. https://www.facebook.com/ArondeusLossFunctionTechno/

12) Chance & Control Closing Event Set

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 14:02:33 +0000
After a great event a few weeks ago we were invited back to play at the closing event for Chester Visual Arts' excellent exhibition "Chance and Control" featuring key works from the V+A's Digital Art collection. Here's the recording of the 3-hour set we created with 4 decks and a drum machine in response to many of the pieces in the show, particularly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEGpBjT57lU We ranged through electro, downtempo, breaks, glitchy techno, wonky randomness and more - and the recording features music from Drexciya, Autechre, Isabella, RRose, Karen Gwyer, Elektroids, Underground Resistance, Si Begg and many more

13) Nexusradio 16 w/ Ross Alexander (Forte Techno), Samantha Togni (Inferno), SH13 (Nexus / wAliens)

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 09:18:37 +0000
First up, we have the awesome Ross Alexander - who we've caught at various nights around the NW and have always been blown away by. We've got a belting live set from the man himself for the first hour :) "Ross’ music is a melting pot of many influences. Utilising drum machines and groove boxes, Ross has found the sweet spot between Detroit/European techno and electro. With Ross, “being a fan of machines”, you can also expect prominent bass, breaks and bleeps." https://soundcloud.com/ross-alexander >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Next, taking us through the second hour of the show we've got the brilliant Samantha Togni "Samantha Togni, an internationally-renowned DJ, producer and mixing engineer. Not only has she played headline sets in super-clubs from Tokyo to America, Togni has also built a really strong reputation with her productions in the Electronic Music scene. The last few years in particular have seen the rising star land coveted support slots for the likes of Miss Kittin and Sinjin Hawke. Togni has also shared stages with everyone from UMEK, Magda, Camelphat, Boris, always experimenting with and adapting her sound to electrify any audience. This unique soundscape was written across 2016 single ‘Queen Nemesis’, a frantic, uptempo track featuring rapid-fire raps from London MC Janset. The track quickly racked up support from Adidas Originals, which playlisted the song in its stores, as well as press outlets including Dazed Korea, The 405, Red Bull and Wonderland, who described Togni as the DJ to watch. Togni is also a core member of INFERNO, a London-based club collective renowned for fusing club culture, performance art and techno which caught the attention of Dazed and I-D. They hold a residency at The Yard where she is also a resident DJ. Togni has performed in super-clubs like O2 Brixton Academy, Ministry Of Sound, Electric Brixton, Goa (Rome), Sala Cool (Madrid), Milk Club (Turin), Loftus Hall (Berlin), Lanificio 159 (Rome), Club Haus (Milan), Aistope Lounge (Tokyo) and many more. Although she has numerous gigs lined up at Destino Ibiza, Paris, EGG London and Five Miles (where she currently has a monthly residency), Elektrowerkz, Los Angeles (Globe Theatre and Soft Leather) and in the Island of Mustique, Togni has been focusing her time in the studio. Samantha has currently finished her new EP “Brutus” and it’s already working on a next EP. She is also working on projects with renowned international producers Danny Passerella, Warboy and Hectic. She has tracks lined up to be released on Glauben Records, Industrial Techno United, LSA Live, Subwoofer Records and Loose Lips, for which she will also do a podcast mix. Togni’s work does not finish here, she is due to have more radio shows appearance on Threads Radio in July and Techno.FM in August. The last year alone has seen her releasing tracks on Skint Records, #internetghetto and also self releasing a series of tracks which gained the attention of 60.000 listeners on Spotify. Her latest EP “Trust Issues” caught the attention of Mixmag, which premiered it. For booking and PR enquiries please e-mail artist@samanthatogni.net" https://www.facebook.com/Samanthatognimusic/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And rounding out the show we've got the brilliant SH13 (the industrial alter-ego of Sted Hellvis, purveyor of breakneck acid techno). Also playing at Nexus #11 (busy night!), could there be an announcement on the cards? ;) "The evil dark techno / industrial pseudonym of Sted Hellvis (dirty warehouse / squat techno); equally tough in outlook and attitude, SH13 is the outlet for the mayhem pitching in around 135-140bpm." https://www.facebook.com/stedhellvisindustrial/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

14) Chance And Control Set

Sat, 27 Jul 2019 23:11:24 +0000
We had a great time playing for a couple of hours at Chester Visual Art' exhibition "Chance and Control" - digital art from the V+A's collection - here's the recording of our set. We took our main cues from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEGpBjT57lU , but took inspiration from the whole exhibition "Chester-based the Nexus collective will be playing downtempo, tonal and glitchy records within CVA’s current exhibition ‘Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers', along with some live synth and drum machine. Drop-in and expect off-kilter beats, deep drone, computer-generated samples, skewed percussion and mechanistic sounds. They will also be responding to Analívia Cordeiro’s seminal video work ‘M3x3’, which features in the exhibition. This free, drop-in event is a unique opportunity to view the exhibition alongside live music. About Nexus: The Nexus collective have been supplying Chester with the highest quality techno for over two years now, developing from a nomadic ad-hoc party to a regular event welcoming the finest guests from across the UK, Europe and further afield to an inclusive, friendly, intimate, no phones allowed dancefloor. www.nexustechno.co.uk "

15) Nexusradio 15 w/ Lupini & Ben Sleia (Athe), Kingkade (Nexus/UCR), Al Mac (Refined/Project Mayhem)

Sun, 14 Jul 2019 07:26:04 +0000
A cracking show - broadcast LIVE on www.techno.fm on Friday 12th July 2019 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> First up - the residents from one of our favourite new(ish) nights - we've raved with them a couple of times, love their ethos and their bookings are always top notch. " ATHE is a nomadic party with a love of experimental electronics and the esoteric side of harsh sounds. With a commitment to only ever platforming women, queer folx and artists of colour - and giving long sets to up-and-coming artists - residents Nina (Lupini) and Lea (Ben Sleia) have shelled out their bank savings and record collections into the Liverpool night life scene. �� Creating a peaceful dance floor with a down-and-dirty soundtrack has been no mean feat, and currently ATHE has brought the sounds of speedy Copenhagen techno-trance, floaty IDM and electro all the way waaaay up to gabber, with bookings including Tryphème, Mama Snake, Nkisi and Darwin. The pair have got plenty more in the pipeline, so you better keep some weekends free in August, September and December…. �� DJing in their own rights, between them Lupini and Ben Sleia have shared stages with Discwoman, DMX Krew, Kelly Lee Owens, Blasha & Allatt, Terry Riley, Max Graef, Space Afrika and many parties and festivals across Liverpool and London. Both hold down monthly residencies over on Melodic Distraction Radio, so drop by in the digital world on the third Thursday of the month. ~ PEACE INNA DANCE ~ ~ BELIEVE IN WOMXN ~" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Next up is the awesome talent that is Alan Macfarlane "Al Mac started DJing in the year 2000 - 2004 was when he discovered techno, playing mainly hard and acid techno until last year where he has started exploring and experimenting with a range of other techno sub-genres. 2012 was when he secured his first gig for a night called Indecent Exposure - being invited back for repeat events - since then he has played all over the country at various nights and also many free parties, and last November Al was invited over to Poland to play. Al Mac has also put on a few club nights himself - one with Benji 303 called Refined, and more recently Project Mayhem with Sted Hellvis As well as DJing at club nights and free parties, he's also a quality regular fixture on radio shows and podcats - and is looking forward to playing out at numerous upcoming parties over the next few months" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And finally - Kingkade, Nexus resident, Urban Chaos Records top dog brings the hard, fast and crunchy "UK Based techno promoter, DJ, producer and label boss ‘Kingkade’ is fast becoming an influential figure in the North West’s techno scene. After taking years to hone his skills, his first production followed in October 2001, receiving wide spread acclaim from all the greats and airplay on BBC Radio 1. In 2017 he founded his techno label project Urban Chaos Recordings (UCR) - using the know-how he’d gained over the years to discover talented new techno producers and promote them to the world’s elite - a varied release schedule continues - with 10 new UCR releases lined up until Q2 2019. Now a promoter and resident at Berlin style underground techno party in Chester ‘Nexus’, it’s no-nonsense attitude has seen the night has grow in popularity, from a quarterly event to bi-monthly must do in the city’s clubbing calendar. Naturally news about Nexus has started to spread, with the club night running a monthly primetime slot on Techno FM - featuring alongside shows from the scene’s biggest artists. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

16) Antoin Lindsay (KissMeAgain - MCR) guestmix - broadcast live on www.techno.fm - Friday June 14th

Sun, 30 Jun 2019 13:28:07 +0000
We're really happy to welcome our next guest - co-founder and resident at one of our favourite parties and one that's a core component of Manchester's awesome queer clubbing experience. "Antoin Lindsay is co-founder and resident at Manchester's Kiss Me Again, a monthly LGBT+ party at Soup Kitchen. Kiss Me Again's broad music policy has led it to become one of the most highly-regarded queer parties in the country and they've appeared on Boiler Room and hold down a monthly show on NTS Radio. Antoin's own formative clubbing experiences came through UK techno, bass music, dubstep and garage which all come through in his selections as a DJ." https://www.facebook.com/KissMeAgainMCR/

17) Arondeus ( Nexus / Techno.fm ) Mix - broadcast LIVE on www.techno.fm - Fri June 14th

Sun, 30 Jun 2019 13:01:17 +0000
Nexus and Techno.fm resident. Playing crunchy stuff, banging tunes, occasional drum machine and the odd disco moment. www.nexustechno.co.uk

18) Etchasketch Live Modular Set - broadcast LIVE on www.techno.fm - Fri June 14th

Sun, 30 Jun 2019 11:29:10 +0000
ETCHASKETCH Local (ish) modular magician -- we've caught him live a couple of times and are very happy to welcome him for a debut live Nexus appearance. Founder of Modulate ( https://www.facebook.com/modulatelive/ ) North Wales' foremost live electronica showcase. "Joining the dots between classic house and techno using a modular synth set up that embraces the spontaneous. Never afraid to improvise, every performance is unique. This is a live experience not to be missed." https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJhRyz-2PZ13o66IDjhjuA/featured

19) NexusRadio >13< broadcast LIVE on Techno.fm - May 10th 2019

Sat, 11 May 2019 08:50:03 +0000
Another great show :) 1st Hour: Loss Function One of the resident DJs of the Nexus collective - Loss Function ranges through the harder end of the techno spectrum. Recent gigs in Stockholm and upcoming dates in the UK and further afield give him the chance to showcase a sound influenced by a couple of decades of raving. https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/lossfunction 2nd Hour: Dr. Joseph After seeing Dr Joseph tear up the White Hotel for Meat Free in January, we're stoked to have him on NexusRadio for an exclusive set. Dr. Joseph has played on bills with the likes of Jane Fitz, Helena Hauff, Ben UFO, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Daniel Avery, Objekt, Zenker Brothers and many more. As Backdrop co-founder and resident DJ, Skew-Whiff founder and Ape-X resident, his loyal local reputation in the North-East of England has encouraged word to spread further afield, with invitations now arriving to DJ at parties from Romania to Hong Kong. www.drjosephmusic.com 3rd Hour: WEXT (Karim El Harrak) Wext played a storming set on the same bill as us in Stockholm in April, and we’re really happy to have a brilliant set from him to share with you: "WEXT [Faggotry] WEXT, also known as Karim El Harrak, is based in Stockholm and has previously resided in Berlin, where they were greatly influenced by its techno scene's dark and driving style. A staple in their otherwise fast, rhythmic and energetic way of playing. He is a part of Faggotry music collective, responsible for organizing and curating parties with a LGBTQ inclusive agenda in Stockholm." https://soundcloud.com/user763849580 https://www.facebook.com/groups/2049945135247170/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

20) Deepneue Mix [ NexusRadio >12< on Techno.fm - Friday 12th April ]

Sun, 14 Apr 2019 19:08:21 +0000
A special show Check that damn lineup, you lucky, lucky people. Top, top talent from Chester, Birmingham, and Berlin.