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Iva Mechkarova mix for Nexus Radio #65

Sun, 16 Jan 2022 16:58:19 +0000
138.2 MB, 00:57:35,

An absolutely awesome guestmix for our January Nexus Radio show from Iva Mechkarova, resident of Dublin's fab RaveAgainstthe Machines. The show went out LIVE on techno.fm on Fri Jan 14th 2022


Iva Mechkarova is a Dublin-based DJ who focuses on the faster, darker ends of electronic music. Her sound ranges from industrial techno, trance and EBM. Iva’s mixes include anything from hard kicks and dark synths to euphoric melodies and uplifting vocals. Her years spent as a clubbing enthusiast has moulded her into the DJ she is today.

She holds a residency with Rave Against the Machines and recently had her first international gig in Glasgow, where she played alongside Tred, Lockhart and Nakamo. Iva has also warmed up the stage for artists such as Metaraph, Dance Divine and Carmen Electro.