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Stiborski for Nexus #69 / Radio / LIVE on techno.fm / 8.4.22

Sat, 09 Apr 2022 11:37:55 +0000
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We’re delighted to welcome the very fab Stiborski from our good friends Bleak Narrative over in Berlin, who’s supplied us with a sexy, eclectic, pushy mix for the second hour of the show that you’re going to absolutely love.


Stiborski [he/him]
Bleak Narrative

I’m originally from Brazil and started to attend techno parties when I was living in Budapest a few years ago, and it was there that I met people from the scene, fell in love with the music and obviously started to play a little bit with the idea of becoming a DJ. A few trips to Berlin consolidated that idea. In late 2020, during the pandemic, I co-founded the queer borderless platform Bleak Narrative with the lovely Whattis (who collaborated with nexus last year!). We were just a baby collective back then, and we’ve come a long way, releasing mixes, publishing articles and arts, and finally getting offline and creating a club night in Berlin. The second one is happening in April by the way, follow us on Instagram for more information!

I’m still in Brazil for now but planning to go back to Europe, so for now I’m digging a lot of new music, making mixes, and getting better at DJing (I hope so). I have a soft spot for slow, trippy and sexy techno with a couple “wink wink” tracks thrown in the shuffle. That’s kind of my formula, but I’ve done other genres such as House and Electro and the results were positive. For this one I was obviously did a techno mix. At 140BPM (which is actually higher than my usual go-to BPM), I chose some trippy tracks that I was dying to use, with some breaks and strong bass lines, as well as some vocals here and there.
Hope you guys enjoy it!
Soundcloud: /stiborski
Instagram: /rstiborski

Soundcloud: /bleaknarrative
Instagram: /bleaknarrative
Website: bleaknarrative.com

01.Shekon - Fantasy
02.Oscean - Austraal
03.Coffintexts - Feel
04.Chris Liebing - Mind Bender
05.Ray Kajioka - Glömsta Madness
06.Nebuchadnezzar - Edit 2
07.Michael Klein - You
08.Neurojacker - Hydra Scanner
09.Pulso - Strike Mission
10.Gabriella Vergilov - The Love Anthem (Lindsey Herbert Remix)
11.Bhrisc - Nepotism
12.Penera - Heat95
13.Roll Dann - The Researcher
14.Rhomb - Sova
15.Axling - No Point In Time
16.Mohlao - File