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Kauronic Mix for Nexus #68 // Radio

Sun, 13 Mar 2022 13:58:58 +0000
122.3 MB, 00:50:57,

An awesome, acid-fuelled stormer of a mix from Kauronic - which went out LIVE on techno.fm on Fri March 11th, 2022


Shire Sounds / Mid-life Krisis

After attending free parties since her late teens, Kauronic finally embraced her passion for music, bought some CDJ’s, and learned the black art of DJ’ing.
Drawing from her free party roots, her track selection is diverse and on point, and her sets are laden with underground gems.
Representing Mid-Life Krisis & Shire Sounds, we bring you Kauronic. Her style is fast and furious, tight in the mix, and guaranteed to hit right where it should.