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MssTec Mix for Nexus #68 // Radio

Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:03:08 +0000
144 MB, 01:00:00,

An amazing, beefy, brutal assault of a mix from the fantastic MssTec aka LVDS. The mix originally went out LIVE on Friday March 11th on techno.fm



Belgian Lieve Daems aka MssTec / LvDs is one extremely passionate techno DJ and Director of Fnoob Techno Radio. Her mixing skills are second to none and she’s never afraid of putting the bass and kick in front of the mix for full force mayhem. The true techno spirit that she exudes so vividly will make your heart pump blood to the brain as fast as your veins will carry it in order to service your ears with deliberate stimulation of the endorphins who dwell within …………!!!

Lieve started mixing around 2012, recording and uploading her sets in order to connect with like-minded people. She made a real concerted effort of listening to lots of artists mixes, digging and searching for amazing material new and old, and mainly advancing her skills as a DJ from relentless practising. In doing so, she began to know people and receive invites to play on popular internet shows like the ‘Insomniacs Freak Show’ as her skills were plainly evident for all to hear. This all resulted in being offered her own show on Fnoob Techno Radio. ‘Deviant Behaviour’ made its debut in 2017 and was picked up on immediately. Not only with the listeners but it made her more engaged with the station overall where she became part of the collective management there as a schedule manager and as a video creator for Fnoob Digital.

She has also went on to co-host Fnoob shows ‘Afterdark’ and ‘Tenacity’ on the station. + since 2020 she is also Resident Dj + 1/3 of the RIOT Radio Records HQ Without pushing herself forward, she won’t say no to a request to play in front of a crowd, often getting bookings in Holland and the U.K. at clubs, parties and festivals where she menacingly mashes clubbers into submission. Although her musical path goes in every direction imaginable, she has a tendency to look out for and play the heavier techno tracks, often playing far out of the box as her vision and take on sound is always wide open.

All of these attributes make MssTec one of the most talented, honest, reliable and extremely accessible people / DJs you could ever count yourself lucky to have as a friend.