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Thu, 07 Aug 2014 10:39:10 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - HELENA GALLARDO The influence of his father, together with an inborn love and restlessness for music, took Helena to become a sound engineer and work as a post-production sound designer. This, plus her taste for terror films and touching sounds, helped her give shape and define the sound which makes her unique. Backed up by lives full of energy, emotion and strength, and by emphatic sets influenced by Detroit’s techno, the Birmingham sound and the experimental sounds of IDM.In 2010 she joined the roster of Magnum Bookings what channeled her career to performances in the best clubs and festivals.As far as production is concerned, after publishing in different netlabels as Pong Musiq , Elektrodomesticos II , Geometric FM, etc... she has made several remixes for featured artists as Tadeo, Stendhal Syndrome, Cora Novoa… At the present time she is involved in the development of her own record label/ artistic platform: "Silent Signal" , wich aims to raise awareness of the power of music to make a better world, through social assistance.Parallel develops different projects under pseudonyms; “Forbidden Zone” and “Background Noise” . In addition to running the hit radioshow: “Genesis”, with Tadeo, which airs weekly on “Vicious Radio” . After years of musical career, she's still trying to keep one foot in the underground and not be swayed easily. For her, music has always been and will be emotion , strength and feeling, far removed from the concept of industry attributes and market.


Wed, 16 Jul 2014 12:23:25 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - MICOL DANIELI (030 Recordings - Rome/Berlin) 030 is the number that identifies the area of Berlin, the city in which the label was founded. 030 was born in this creative city of dreams, stories, ideas and projects.Full of contradictions, hot and anarchic but at the same time cold and disciplined. This is not a point of arrival, but a journey, with the purpose to become a label which follows the underground scene and aims to bring the dark techno sounds of new and well known artists to every dance floor.A travel “on the road” between the dancefloor and sounds from all over the world where the goal is not the destination but the journey itself.030, where the number 30 ‐ according to the cabala the symbol of beauty – here stops to be the number that identifies a specific location and becomes the symbol of imagination, with a suitcase full of dark and refined sounds wanting to release talented artists on the international scene and with the intention of writing a new story.


Wed, 25 Jun 2014 12:48:44 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - RYOGO YAMAMORI Ryogo Yamamori was rising star techno music scene.he was exposed to the sounds of such as artist Marshall Jefferson,Josh Wink,Green Velvet,Jeff Mills,Derrick May,Undergroud Resistance,early 90`s. in 1999, he starts making his solo tracks,his tracks began to appears in magazine DJ Charts around the world. in 2011, he starts his own label 951beat in tokyo, after only a few releases gained heavy industry support from DJs such as Dave Clarke,DVS1,Drumcell,...just to name a few.it has over 80 original production work on torque,slap jaxx,IIIegal Alien Records and more he's first album is coming out on Slap Jaxx 2014.he`s also established techno artists such as Angel Alanis,Detroit Grand Pubahs vs. Space DJz.he was getting perform at air in Japan,Octagon in Korea,America,New Zealand and Canada.


Thu, 05 Jun 2014 11:13:36 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - DJ TUTTLE DJ Tuttle was born in 1972 in Nancy. At an early age, DJ TUTTLE plonged himself into the sounds of 70’s discofunk and 80’s New Wave. At only 14 years of age DJ TUTTLE played his first gig andof 17 he became DJ resident in his first club, the SCALA of NANCY, where he started programming the first sounds of newbeat and hiphouse. At the same time he started composing songs on the computer and with the sampler. In 1990, he created a techno program, which he taught for the first time within a school. At the same time, he travelled back and forth to Frankfurt, Brussels and Lille looking to extend his disc collection and exploring the legendary clubs such as Bocaccio and Dorian Gray. In 1994, he moved to Lille in the north of France, where he met DJ ADOLPHE (USA IMPORT), who was a famous disc jockey during this period. DJ Adolphe helped DJ Tuttle to get bookings for several rave events and clubs in France and Belgium. During this time he also released his first single with STEELWORK records (USA IMPORT). He met ZZINO the label manager of RELOAD records during one of his gigs. He listened to his tracks and got him several contracts with several famous labels such as RELOAD-SUBSOUND-futur FRONTIER which includes names such as Sven Väth, Dave Clark, Pascal Feos and his now close friend DJ CHICH. In 1998, DJ TUTTLE became resident in the L’USINE and more gigs followed in France and other countries doing DJ LIVE SETS in clubs like the REX CLUB FR, LA COVA ES, LE RACHDINGUE ES, GOLT MILK FR, GOLIATH CH…… During this time, he created his best ever discographie and played at numerous big name events. Recently he signed a contract with the label A.PAUL (NAKED LUNCH et PARALLEL 125) also with TORZTEN KANZLER’s label (TK RECORD) working together with his good friend DJ CHICH. It is with pleasure to announce that they have also strated uop a new label called “ MODULHERTZ REC ” with sounds coming from Detroit. (Detroit Chicago).


Mon, 19 May 2014 13:56:16 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - MOGANO Mogano is the moniker under which Marco Berardi, electronic music producer and imprint, started his musical project around 2010. The name ”mahogany” re-calls both the percussive and string-generated nature of his music as well as his profound fascination for ancient musical practices and nature as source of knowledge. After growing up as guitarist into different kind of musical projects, he began in 2010 to perform as Dj into clubs around Dub/Dubstep and Techno contexts as well as more performative ones and to develop a synergic activity with the visual artist Andrea Familari FAX and the sound designer Drøp (aka Giuseppe Bifulco), which is now signed under the name of Arboretum, their cooperative platform and record label for Audio/Video experiments where he works also as head-imprint and curator.


Fri, 02 May 2014 13:22:53 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - TAKAAKI ITOH Techno hit Japan hard in the early 1990s. Surprised, Takaaki Itoh was quickly impressed and intrigued with this new sound. The unique style of beats revealed the gateway to a new world of underground music in Japan - something he had never heard before. Surprise slowly gave way to addiction when Takaaki Itoh was exposed to the sounds of such artists and labels as Underground Resistance, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Hardfloor, Sven Väth, Harthouse, Warp and Rising High. This was his sound, and deciding he just couldn't get enough of it, in 1994 Takaaki began to organize his own techno parties in his home of northern Japan. By providing a fantastic lineup, his parties quickly became a success.In 1996, having decided that it was time to start making his own tracks, Takaaki Itoh emerged to purchase the vital instruments to begin production. After sending out three finished projects to various labels, Electracom UK was fortunate enough to put Takaaki's first material out. This moment was something he will never forget, as he was finally able to hear his own music on vinyl. Several releases followed with Electracom as his tracks began to appear in magazine DJ charts in well known DJs from around the world. In 2000, Takaaki Itoh made his European debut in Slovakia. People recognized that he had his own style. His Japanese style of techno was pure, unique and underground - nothing that had been heard before in Europe. His reputation and popularity quickly spread all over the continent. He was becoming recognized as Japan's most underground and respected techno DJ.As of 2001 he was getting offers to perform at large clubs and festivals all over Europe, including Cosmic Trip and Svojsice in the Czech Republic, The Darkside in England, MTW in Germany, Awakenings and Reactor in Holland, Mayday and Sziget in Hungary, La Real and Code in Spain, Boomerang in Slovakia, Projekt in Belgium, as well as events in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia. Slovenia.. Promoters wanting him, party people loving him, Takaaki Itoh took the next step and started his own label Wols. Passion led to success and Takaaki became recognized as the top of the next generation of techno music.By 2005 Takaaki Itoh has released over 50 original productions on many different european labels like Sheep, Tsunami, Warm Up, Theory, MB Selektions, Integrale Muzique, etc. He’s also developed a reputation for remixing globally established techno artists such as Gennaro Le Fosse, Oscar Mulero, Christian Wünsch and more to come. His demand is rapidly growing beyond his Asian and European roots, to places like South America, Australia, the US and Canada.


Wed, 16 Apr 2014 11:42:30 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - MADALBA Techno as social phenomenon is her motto. Always trying to keep into the deepest heart of the Techno sound, making of it a lifestyle. Traveling around the world, lerning anywhere and from everyone. Berlin and Detroit are now her homes. Madalba, was born in July 1985 in Bari/Italy. Since she was very young her interest in different musical cultures such as house and dance trends of the moment spread through rock and punk, leading to Techno and club-culture. At 22 she approaches the local scene as dj-girl with numerous performances in the club circuit in collaboration with some of the most renowned local promoters. The musical experience gained over the years brought her to start djing only with vinyls building up a strong reputation as underground Techno dj, allowing her to play in clubs such as Tresor, Abount Blank, Mikz and Tacheles in Berlin where she basically lives. In September 2011 she moved to Detroit where she played in the most popular clubs such as The Works, Exodus, Old Miami in collaboration with the friends Dj Seoul and Tom Linder of Detroit Techno Militia.This travel has definitely and radically changed is approach to the Techno concept, wich she cosiders more a social phenomenon and a means of complaint then simply a musical genre. Since January 2012 she is resident of the party Homopatik in About Blank, Berlin.


Tue, 01 Apr 2014 11:24:47 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - HECTOR OAKS Born in Madrid, lives in Berlin. A young artist who is enjoying a lot of success both as a DJ and as a producer.  Hector Oaks continues to increase in recent years by releasing on KEY Vinyl / Quant Records / Sonntag Morgen and Par Recordings ... many other projects are on the way.


Fri, 07 Mar 2014 08:39:27 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - WUNDERBLOCK Wunderblock is an electronic music project from Moscow, Russia. Three masterminds met up to create something new, all adding their different spice to the soup. Michael Teploff is known from the beginning of 2000's for his Ill Doggy releases on Salo Records, Berlin, and as one half of Multipliar project (the other half being Anton Kubikov a.k.a. SCSI-9) on the infamous Cologne imprint Trapez. In 2008 Michael has teamed up with the producer/multi-instrumentalist Igor Ivanov and DJ Vladimir Kochenov to push his own limits.The result coming out of this creative pool is not only proof of outstanding handicraft skills, but also the combination of several disparate sources of influence, far beyond the expected minimal heroes. Pioneer composers within art music as well as film scores and visual artists have all played an indirect role in forming the Wunderblock sound - an eclectic mix of minimal techno, house and dub with a touch of ambience and a jazzy feel. The use of not only synths and drum-machines, but also live instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, live percussion and wind instruments, adds to the organic flavour.Wunderblock Records is a brand new label from that team. In 2013 after some releases on different labels and experiments with styles - from techno and house to jazz and ambient - Michael Teploff and Vladimir Kochenov decided to start their own label, with more underground, techno and dub sound.The term of Wunderblock is related to the concept by Siegmund Freud from his work “Notiz uber den “Wunderblock” (1925). Freud regarded the Wunderblock as a perfect metaphor for the process of recording memories. According to Freud, the mind records memories continually receiving stimuli and transferring traces of that information to the unconscious to be stored as memories.This podcast has been recorded by Michael Teploff exclusively for K1971 Podcast.


Tue, 18 Feb 2014 09:17:00 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - KEN KARTER Ken Karter was born as a musician and classical pianist. Already when he was a child he was passionate about technology and electronic music. When he got introduced to the world of Djing, he started to appreciate the techno sounds and decided to start a career as a DJ/ producer. At the same time he continued his studies in music, devoting himself to the production as Sound Designer and Sound Engineer. Recently, he started his own label ‘Kript’ that is focused on a specific mix of radical electronic sounds and techno. In the meanwhile, Ken Karter continued important collaborations with well-known classical musicians.

11) K1971 PODCAST - PVS

Tue, 04 Feb 2014 13:46:37 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - PVS PVS (Marco Piovesan) is the project that is the union of all the musical influences acquired over the years and with the raver experience, is the desire to experiment, in a unique style. He began playing in 1999 in his city, Rome, and making his own style and his idea of techno. Discovered by Freddy K follows him as a mentor, learn and work for him, while matures musically and lands to the CRS rec. of Conrad Von Orton and to Key rec of Freddy K and M_Rec Ltd of Max M. His idea of techno is only and exclusively desire to express in music his whole life, his experiences and his philosophy. A desire that an artist has inside and you can not repress or suppress ...


Tue, 21 Jan 2014 14:47:49 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - MARTYN HARE Tracklist: Mahr - Bardo "D13"Fabrizio Lapiana - 1001B "M_Rec Ltd"Peter Van Hoesen - To Alter a Vector (Phase Remix) "Time To Express"Christian Wünsch - Gamma "Semantica"Scalameriya - Colonial Resort "Planet Rhythm"Dj Datch - Pokot "Attic Music"Raul Parra - Slow "Soundsite"Luke Creed - Sentiment "Heaven to Hell"Developer - Western Ways (Pfirter Remix) "Warm Up"Iván Deveró - Kickclaps "Naked Lunch"Mike Maass - Brood Dynamite (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) "Hidden"Flug - Dump "Sleaze"The Plant Worker - A2 "Limited"DeFeKT - Skitzo "Electronic Explorations"NX1 - RL1 (Tadeo Remix) "Rising Label"Angelina Yershova - Karman Vortex "Twin Paradox" Martyn Hare aka Emetic. Unrestrained by allegiance to any one particular path of production, Martyn’s style simply refuses to be pigeonholed. His genre-splicing, eclectic blend is carried over into his DJ sets, in which he carefully combines the subtly soulful with the downright dirty to always get the dancefloor moving.Martyn started club djing in 1998, but it was while living in Leeds, UK, that he promoted his own events ‘Audio Science’, and it was through these nights that the world got its first taste of Martyn’s own dub plates, which grabbed the attention of a number of labels including Glen Wilson and Mike Humphries’ Punish imprint and Ben Long’s Potential Recordingz. It was Martyn’s first two releases on Potential (‘Bitchin’ and ‘Hare of the Dog EP’) that earned him worldwide respect, scoring a “Top 5 Tunes of the Moment” review in Ministry magazine and numerous plays on international radio.Martyn grew with this success and used it as a foundation to push further forward, going on to issue major releases on Tronic, Recycled Loops, Planet Rhythm and Naked Lunch Records, as well as managing and producing for his own labels ‘Tremors’ and the now legendary ‘Emetic’. Having played numerous sessions for BBC Radio 1 and charting number 13 in John Peels last ever Festive 50, Martyn Hare now DJ’s and performs his Classics_Live sets across the world, and with two critically acclaimed albums under his belt, Martyn Hare is at the top of his game.

13) K1971 PODCAST - DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham

Fri, 27 Dec 2013 16:23:01 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham Alan Oldham has been called "Detroit Techno's Renaissance Man" (Musik, UK).A lifelong cartoonist and graphic designer, a young Oldham published his own comic book "Johnny Gambit" in 1987 to local notoriety. Hired that same year by his childhood friend Derrick May to illustrate several memorable pieces for the new Transmat label, this led to Oldham's first involvement in the fledgling techno scene. Besides his art and writing, 1987 also saw Oldham's radio debut on Detroit's WDET-FM with the long-running 'Fast Forward' program. Originally meant to be a free-form rock, jazz and fusion show, Oldham's passion for both local and international electronic music gradually took centerstage until it finally became the only radio program in Detroit to feature techno and house music exclusively. The early cassette, reel-to reel and four-track material of such (now) well-known international artists as Underground Resistance, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Octave One, Anthony Shakir, and Richie Hawtin made its on-air debut here, as well as being the first and only show to break international acts like Moby, Joey Beltram, 808 State, LFO, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and others in Detroit. In 1988, Oldham graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Radio-TV-Film. In 1990, having finally produced his own EP at a friend's studio, Oldham sold the project to a small Dutch label whose fax number he found in the record bins of Recordtime. His pseudonym for the four-track project was Signal to Noise Ratio released by the small Dutch label, DJAX Records. After the release of the EP, label boss Saskia "Miss DJAX" Slegers hired Oldham to create the graphic identity of DJAX-UP-BEATS. Ten years on, DJAX dominates the Dutch techno scene and Oldham's trademark visual style still defines the label. In 1992, Jeff Mills left Underground Resistance to become a solo act. "Mad" Mike Banks, needing an immediate replacement DJ for a month-long Austrailian live tour, tapped Oldham for the job. Without rehearsals, Oldham took the leap of faith that changed his life. Jump start into infamy. Leaving his increasingly-thankless WDET airshift behind forever and adopting the onstage personal of DJ T-1000 (taken from the shape-shifting liquid metal cyborg in "T2"), Oldham began rocking decks for UR and never looked back, setting the stage for subsequent UR "assault DJs"Rolando and James Pennington. Upon returning from UR's triumphant Austrailian tour, Banks again tapped Oldham's many talents, this time asking him to create a label to be distributed by a new company that Banks was organizing, a distributorship that would within a few years come to dominate the Detroit landscape: Submerge. Oldham agreed and his second and most successful attempt at a label, (the first was the disasterous Technika records 1989) would be called Generator. It was also during this time that Oldham once again became prolific, artwise. A fully-painted "Danger Girl" comic strip in Muzik UK and the album cover for Astralwerks "Beyond The Third Wave" (ASW6170) compilation marked 1995, as well as his debut retrospective at Detroit's Cement Space Gallery and a new "Miss DJAX" comic. With his solo career in full swing, however, it was time for his music to follow suit. Oldham established the Pure Sonik label in 1996 with the double-barreled, double-vinyl statement of intent "Pure Sonik Manifesto" (PURE1). This move garnered his first cover story in Magic Feet (UK), and a music video that aired on MTV UK's "Party Zone". Three years later, the label continues to feature Oldham's production talents as DJ T-1000, the best moments of which can be found on the CD/2x12", "A Pure Sonik Evening" (PURE10) . In 1998, Oldham began an alliance with legendary German techno label, Tresor when their label manager vacationing in Detroit, was blown away be his demo tracks. Signing him on the spot, the first product of that transatlantic union was "Jetset Lovelife EP" (Tresor87) and his debut performance at the Tresor club in Berlin. In between a solid year's worth of DJ date


Tue, 10 Dec 2013 10:57:01 +0000
MARY VELO  (Frozen Border / Semantica / Gynoid Audio / Coincidence Records / Fluxus) Originally from Toronto, Canada, Mary Velo got involved in music at an early age. It wasn’t till the 80’s where she discovered Depeche Mode and got attracted to deep & moody sounds. In 2007, Mary Velo moved to Berlin where she got strongly influenced in the Deep House & Techno scene. Produced with an edgy and catchy sound, Mary Velo’s tracks prove that she takes risks and pushes boundaries. Coming from a background of various music genres, her sound is usually unique and deep. Her latest release “Manhattan Project EP” which features a remix by Silent Servant was released in Aug 2013 on Frozen Border. This was her 2nd release on Frozen Border following up her hit track “Detune” from the “Minutes In Ice” compilation which also featured Blawan, AnD, & Dj Skirt. Detune was also featured in Sandwell District’s Fabric 69 mix on Fabric’s label. With a creditable discography which also includes releases on labels such as Semantica, Gynoid Audio & Coincidence, she has proven that hard work gets you somewhere. Her releases have gotten rave reviews from sites & magazines such as Resident Advisor, Groove, Fabric, FACT, Little White Earbuds, De:Bug, Juno, & Boomkat. Her tracks have also been played & charted by Silent Servant, Function, James Ruskin, Ben Sims, Rebekah, Brendon Moeller, Edit Select, Dominik Eulberg, Toby Tobias & ROD, which has brought Mary Velo to the list of new upcoming techno talents. Mary Velo has DJ’d across Europe in highly respected events & clubs including Tomorrowland 2013, Tresor, Berghain Kantine, Arena Club (Berlin, DE) and Nouveau Casino (Paris, FR). Currently, she is taking bookings for DJ & Live sets. Tracklist: 1. Nightbus - Chevel [Non Series] 2. Distracted - Ø [Phase] [Token] 3. Deceive Perform - Peter Van Hoesen [Tresor] 4. Subtext - Ø [Phase] [Token] 5. Casual Condition - Peter Van Hoesen [Tresor] 6. Tide (Exium Remix) - Pfirter [MindTrip] 7. Manhattan Project - Mary Velo [Frozen Border] 8. Sanction - Hans Bouffmyhre [Sleaze] 9.  Maniac - Len Faki & Johannes Heil [Figure] 10. Oblak - Nihad Tule [Sloboda] 11. Osoba - Nihad Tule & Thomas Andersen [NTTA11] 12. Corridor - Marcel Dettmann [Ostgut Ton] 13. Fabryka (Mary Velo remix) - Advanced Human [Gynoid Audio] 14. Consumption - Henning Baer [nwhite] 15. Eternal Dreamer - Aiken [Chronicle] 16. Rocky - Tin Man [Pomelo] 17. A1 - UnCUT [LIMITED.G.]


Tue, 26 Nov 2013 16:46:44 +0000
CHRIS COLBURN  (Rohmaterial/H-Productions/8 Sided Dice/Driving Forces Recordings/Decoy Records) Since 1993, techno has been Chris’ passion. After debuting in Brighton, UK, he played sets at various locations in Britain before finally beginning to produce tracks in 2005, teaming up with Huw Jones in Wales to produce 2 EP’s on Huw’s Native Collective print. Chris returned to the studio a couple of years later, having moved back to his hometown, Southampton. His first solo work, Stone Town EP was the first of 6 solo releases on Alan Fitzpatrick’s 8 Sided Dice label between 2010 and 2012, with the most recent ESD outing, Destiny EP, included Cari Lekebusch on remix duties. Chris also delivered a few remixes during this time and during 2012, released solo tracks on two more labels, GSR and Decoy Records. Now based in Berlin, he has started his own label, Rohmaterial. The 4-tracker launch for this new project, Stick Or Twist EP, was released in March 2013. The EP received great support from DVS1, Cari Lekebusch, Alan Fitzpatrick, Rebekah and many more.  Tracks from Chris’ Dilemmas EP, have also been regularly played throughout 2013 by the likes of Ben Sims, DVS1, Richie Hawtin, Len Faki, Drumcell and Slam. Over the last year, Chris has enjoyed working many of the clubs around Germany, as well as visits to Hungary, Russia, Belgium and UK.


Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:09:23 +0000
 ERIC CLOUTIER  (The Bunker | TANSTAAFL | Down || Berlin) Born and bred in Michigan, and currently based in Berlin, Eric Cloutier is one of a new generation of American DJs bridging the gap between dance music's past and its future.His sets have a sprawling depth and sophistication that fuses the brooding intensity of tripping techno with the mechanic funk of contemporary house.Cloutier started spinning records in 1996, quickly establishing himself in Detroit's competitive local scene, holding down residencies at The Necto and prominent afterhoursspot The Works. This led to a job booking Oslo, where he brought the likes of Richie Hawtin, Luciano and Michael Mayer to town, as well as handing out residencies to local legends Three Chairs and Stacey Pullen.In 2006, Cloutier made the jump to New York and quickly established himself, earning a residency at the premiere monthly techno night The Bunker and midweek soiree Den ofThieves. He's also begun his own night, Down, in which he often stretches out to play lengthy sets that showcase his range, effortlessly threading together deeper shades of house and dubinfused techno. Word has been spreading too: 2009 saw Cloutier recording two mixes for the mnml ssgs podcast series, beginning to work in the studio for the first time on his own material, making his European DJing debut and getting tapped to play at Japan's renowned Labyrinth Festival. That latter honor may be the most telling of all: Only a select few are asked to spin at Labyrinth. (It's the provenance of studious selectors like Daniel Bell, Donato Dozzy and Peter Van Hoesen.) To not only spin in their company, but to have ably held his own should tell you all you need to know about Eric Cloutier: He's a DJ for whom quality—above all else—is the watchword.


Tue, 29 Oct 2013 09:35:00 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - FABRIZIO LAPIANA Tracklist: 01. Voices From The Lake - 531 khz (Kab & Minilogue remix) - Concrete Records 02. Rrose - Waterfall (birth) - Eaux 03. Alien Rain - Alienated B1 - Alien Rain 04. Peter Van Hoesen - Attack on the reality principle (Sigha remix) - Time to Express 05. Jackson Lee - Lick the Knife - Mystical Disco 06. Unknown - A1 - GKNSTR 07. Talismann - Neptune - Talismann 08. Donato Dozzy - 200.3 - Electronique.it records 09. Reeko - Passage 17.1 - Mental Disorder 10. Robert Hood - Drive (Phase nocturnal mix) - Music Man 11. Truncate  - Ratio (Luis Flores remix) - Truncate 12. Planetary Assault System - No Exit - Mote Evolver 13. Reload - Peschi - Evolution


Tue, 15 Oct 2013 08:17:20 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - ELECTRIC INDIGO Tracklist: 01. Yair Etziony - Electric Meditations (For Conrad Schnitzler) [unreleased]02. Panoramic Blur - Lokator [C.R.S. Recordings 028]03. Conforce - Formerly Programmed Decisions [Delsin 102]04. Rrose - Kneeling [Stroboscopic Artefacts Monad 016]05. Yuuki Sakai - NATALIA [Subsist Records 19]06. MTSP - MTSP1 [Fur Trade 014]07. Headless Horseman - Midnight Ride [Headless Horseman 003]08. Tadeo - orbitai2h7 [Institut Für Zukunft / Another Sound Is Possible Support Compilation (Bonus)]09. Dadub - Flatline [Institut Für Zukunft / Another Sound Is Possible Support Compilation (Two)]10. Separate Minds - Scattered Thoughts / Traversable Wormhole 2013 Revisit [Sonic Groove D1361]11. Bill Youngman - Solitude [Institut Für Zukunft / Another Sound Is Possible Support Compilation (Bonus)]12. Ken Karter - Ellipse S-01X [Sonntag Morgen 029]13. Samuli Kemppi - Spacing [Suicide Records Dark Series 004]14. Darkcell - Overlap / Mattias Fridell Remix [Fluxus Records 022]15. Ran Slavin - Easier to Slip Down Than It Is to Rise [False Industries 013]16. Yuuki Sakai - PILSNER [Subsist Records 19]17. Chris Page - Slug Cherry [Sonntag Morgen 030]18. Black Asteroid - Black Body Radiation / Dub [CLR 071]19. Brian Sanhaji - DataLogger / Jeroen Search Remix [EgoTon 07]20. R Cord - Theme 1 [Panel Trax 039]21. Ulrich Troyer - The Circuit Bender [4Bit-P005]22. Lakker - Valentina Lane [Stroboscopic Artefacts 019]

19) K1971 PODCAST - SNTS

Tue, 01 Oct 2013 09:28:23 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - SNTS Tracklist: SNTS - Intro   (SNTS)Donor - Stray   (Semantica)Samuel Kerridge - Chew  (Dn)TV Victor - 010709   (Non Standard Productions)Ben Gibson  - Almaz   (Chronicle)These Hidden Hands - Severed  (Hidden Hundred})The Exaltics - Neun  (Abstract Acid)NX1 - EOD3  (End of dayz)Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics C  (Forward Strategy Group)DRH - CRS 4 0  (Curse)SNTS - S9  (SNTS)Ascion - San Gennaro  (3th)SHXCXCHCXSH - Whtlght  (Avian)P.God - Oberon (Ben Gibson remix)  (Shades)Bonesnake - Bonesnake 01 (Unreleased)D.Carbone - The Hallucination (Freitag Dots)A model Authority - Cycles of Violence  {A model Authority}Violetshaped - Black Wisdom,White Witch  {Unknown Percent}SNTS - End I  {SNTS}Unknown - Untitled {Unreleased}Passarella Death Squad - Untitled  {Days Od Being}

20) K1971 PODCAST - SNTS

Tue, 01 Oct 2013 09:27:33 +0000
K1971 PODCAST - SNTS Tracklist: SNTS - Intro   (SNTS)Donor - Stray   (Semantica)Samuel Kerridge - Chew  (Dn)TV Victor - 010709   (Non Standard Productions)Ben Gibson  - Almaz   (Chronicle)These Hidden Hands - Severed  (Hidden Hundred})The Exaltics - Neun  (Abstract Acid)NX1 - EOD3  (End of dayz)Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics C  (Forward Strategy Group)DRH - CRS 4 0  (Curse)SNTS - S9  (SNTS)Ascion - San Gennaro  (3th)SHXCXCHCXSH - Whtlght  (Avian)P.God - Oberon (Ben Gibson remix)  (Shades)Bonesnake - Bonesnake 01 (Unreleased)D.Carbone - The Hallucination (Freitag Dots)A model Authority - Cycles of Violence  {A model Authority}Violetshaped - Black Wisdom,White Witch  {Unknown Percent}SNTS - End I  {SNTS}Unknown - Untitled {Unreleased}Passarella Death Squad - Untitled  {Days Od Being}