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Mon, 19 May 2014 13:56:16 +0000
74 MB, 51:07,

Mogano is the moniker under which Marco Berardi, electronic music producer and imprint, started his musical project around 2010. The name ”mahogany” re-calls both the percussive and string-generated nature of his music as well as his profound fascination for ancient musical practices and nature as source of knowledge. After growing up as guitarist into different kind of musical projects, he began in 2010 to perform as Dj into clubs around Dub/Dubstep and Techno contexts as well as more performative ones and to develop a synergic activity with the visual artist Andrea Familari FAX and the sound designer Drøp (aka Giuseppe Bifulco), which is now signed under the name of Arboretum, their cooperative platform and record label for Audio/Video experiments where he works also as head-imprint and curator.