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Wed, 16 Jul 2014 12:23:25 +0000
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K1971 PODCAST - MICOL DANIELI (030 Recordings - Rome/Berlin)
030 is the number that identifies the area of Berlin, the city in which the label was founded. 030 was born in this creative city of dreams, stories, ideas and projects.Full of contradictions, hot and anarchic but at the same time cold and disciplined. This is not a point of arrival, but a journey, with the purpose to become a label which follows the underground scene and aims to bring the dark techno sounds of new and well known artists to every dance floor.A travel “on the road” between the dancefloor and sounds from all over the world where the goal is not the destination but the journey itself.030, where the number 30 ‐ according to the cabala the symbol of beauty – here stops to be the number that identifies a specific location and becomes the symbol of imagination, with a suitcase full of dark and refined sounds wanting to release talented artists on the international scene and with the intention of writing a new story.