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Music4Aliens Podcast Series 13 - Matteo Puntar

Wed, 14 Nov 2018 08:57:50 +0000
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Hello Aliens...... today first "clubbers edition" of our show. We share with you an italian artist, Matteo Puntar. Resident for the notorious Slovenian label “Reload Events”, have released his own music on labels such as Natura Viva Black, Reload Records and Unity Records to name a few. He have sent to us this dominant techno mix, just some time after his remix for Greg Denbosa on our label Music4Clubbers.

Matteo Puntar was born the 29-06-1990 in Monfalcone a small town in the north-east of Italy.Since he was a kid he always was into EDM, and started djing at 13 in clubs near his hometown.After many years djing in the local scene, proposing for the most house music, he started to come closer to the world of underground clubs, at first as a clubber, then offering tech-house and techno tracks in his dj-sets. In 2014 he took a great step forth for his career by enrolling to the producer school in milan RE.creative 12, where he learned the basics of musical production through ableton.In December 2015 his first ep is released, “Holy Blood” under the ukranian label Chemical Beats Records, who after that released his remix of “industrial Machine” by Mark Hoffman.In 2016 after a year of hard work, djing at pre-party and after, he was named resident for the notorious Slovenian label “reload Events” based in Nova Gorica.Being resident for Reload he’s had the chance to share the lights with some of the best techno djs out there.To this day he has performed with artists like Sam Paganini, Umek, Ilario Alicante, Coyu, Mladen Tomic, Enrico Sangiuliano, Secret Cinema and Egbert live, Monika Kruse, Paul Ritch, James Zabiela and this list is going to be updated soon.
His sets always carry great energy, very clean sound with a story to it, he prefers a musical and melodic techno but with strong speakers and engaging groove. He believes that first of all he is a clubber and lover of EDM and because of this his goal is to reach the heart of the public, captivating it as much as possible with his dj-set. Being dj-resident he is has the possibility to express himself in different situations like warm-up or closing set, always performing high level sets could they be deep-house, tech-house or techno.He is not only a producer but also an event planner, in 2016 he organized a series of events under the label “Familia Electronica” with a very good feedback from the partygoers. In april 2017 his second ep was released, in collaboration with Gabriele Volpi, “Raving Queen” on Reload Records, the Spanish label of Yellowheads, obtaining a positive feedback and stepping forward in the production scene. In april 2017 he signed his second contract of the year for his third ep “Trip To Paradise” under the Italian label Natura Viva Black , this way entering the roster of one of the most important labels in Italian discography . In July 2017 he released on Chemical Beats Records a remix of “Molosso” by Gabriele Volpi and in August 2017 he released on Chemical Beats Records “The Lovers”.In december 2018 he released,in collaboration with Devid Dega,”Tiembla” on Unity Records, the Canadian label of D-Unity.


1-Matteo Puntar, Meli Rodriguez-Crossing Roads(Original Mix);
2-Asio-Vahra(Original Mix);
3-Phonotrip-Tramadol(Ahmet Mecnun Remix);
4-Andre Buljat-Cosmological(Original Mix);
5-Patrick Milaa-London(Original Mix);
6-Greg Denbosa-NASA(Matteo Puntar Remix);
7-Dani Sbert-Diva(Original Mix);
8-Dani Sbert-Contradiction(Original Mix);
9-Dj Lion-Minimum Maximum(Original Mix);
10-Ken Ishii, Alberto Ruiz-Parallel(Ariato Version Original Stick);
11-Umek-Collision Wall(Original Mix);
12-Kostas Maskalides-Furnace(Original Mix);
13-Cleric-Tool 101(Original Mix);
14-Alessandro Grops-Discover(Original Mix);
15-Hollen-Script(Original Mix);
16-Moonwalk-Labyrinth(Original Mix).