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Handled with passion, supported at major festivals by artists like Richie Hawtin, Amelie Lens , Dubfire, Indira Paganotto, Joris Voorn, Boris Brejcha, the group is composed of few labels. Started out of nowhere, a mix of rookies, talents and well-known producers allowed the growth of Music4Aliens and its sister labels. We discover talents. We deliver top quality music and samples.
We are #Music4Aliens

- We prefer mastered track with good Peak / RMS. If unmastered, tracks must respect the parameters of a good dynamic (-12DB RMS /-6DB PEAK) and stereo image.
- You will receive a reply within two weeks. If not, your track is not eligible

Email: music4aliensrecordings(at)gmail(dot)com

Kind of music suitable for Music4Aliens and the labels of the group:
- #minimaltechno / #darkminimaltechno / #undergroundtechno
- #technopeaktimedriving
- #psytech

#loops / #samples / #preset

Labels of the group:

- 2023's Artists Roster:
Diego Straube
David Phoenix
Le Son Du Placard
Carlo Ruetz
Fhase 87
Skov Bowden
Danny Wabbit
AKA the Alien
Giancarlo Di Chiara
Alejandro Alvarez
Anina Owly
Natasha Wax
Peter Griskreutz
Multi Tul
Markus Volker

Make your Music4Aliens Podcast
The Music4Aliens Podcast is back, and now it's open to anyone. But there are precise guideline to follow. It's a Techno / Minimal / Psytech podcast. It reflects the style of our labels, which release music between 125 and 145 bpm. Are you interested to show your skills for a podcast that has a history with millions of views combined? - Just send an empty email to: music4group.official(at)gmail(dot)com . You will receive a message and the guideline to follow. Be sure to read carefully, we will not considering anything different.

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Show Episodes

1) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.15 - David Phoenix

Wed, 03 Mar 2021 13:47:03 +0000
David Phoenix is a hungarian DJ/Producer, based in Vienna. His sound is minimal style techno, as dark as possible, vibrant grooves spiced up with industrial noises and trippy atmospheres. Even though he only launched his career recently, his productions are charted many times in Beatport's Top 100, and reached #4 in Psy Releases with his partner 8kicks on the Music4Aliens VA Talents Showcase Vol. 1 He works with various record labels such as Music4Aliens, Mothr Music, Subios Records, Dense Audio, and has forthcoming productions on Soupherb Records, AMPED, Dark Groove Records. Music4Aliens https://linktr.ee/music4aliens David Phoenix: https://www.soundcloud.com/davidphoenixminimal https://www.www.facebook.com/davidphoenixminimal https://www.www.instagram.com/davidphoenixminimal https://www.www.beatport.com/artist/david-phoenix/848318 https://www.www.youtube.com/channel/UCXJZmRnn1sb2GuW6DCpzT7w https://www.open.spotify.com/artist/74v6lfMqZ9iyjhuxbfiI0W

2) Music4Aliens Podcast Series 09 - TIM TASTE

Sun, 29 Jul 2018 11:43:19 +0000
Hello Aliens.... welcome back to a new show. Today TIM TASTE for us, co-founder of Subios Records. He have sent to us a great trippy mix with dark textures, pure german dark minimal techno style!!! Enjoy!! Bio: The DJ and producer TiM TASTE offers a driving minimal techno. Clear and assorted sound patterns characterize his style, whereby melodic structures can also be found and make a distinctive sound. TiM TASTE has published his tracks on different labels like Plazma Records, Shinocs Music, Mischkonsum & Fierce Animals to name a few. The man behind the danceable rhythms and beats is part of the Flabbergasted Festival and co-founder of Subios Records Tracklist: Earl Grau - Cocaine Crane (Original Mix) Werner B. - Muttermal (Original Mix) TiM TASTE - Level 2 (Original Mix) Ian Cris - Black Star (Breger Remix) Werner B. - Hasenscharte (TiM TASTE Remix) Werner B. - Muttermal (Steven Campodonico Remix) Ian Cris - Astro Nimbus (Original Mix) TiM TASTE - Example (Original Mix) TiM TASTE - Example (Steven Campodonico Remix) Werner B. - Miktionssynkope (Original Mix) TiM TASTE - Milky Way (Original Mix) Nomad - Unlike You (Feliks Schwarz Remix) TiM TASTE - Example (Trilingo Remix) Feliks Schwarz - Maas (Gruener Starr Remix) Ian Cris - Astro Nimbus (Monococ Remix) Breger - Preserve The Peace (APHE & TiM TASTE Remix) TiM TASTE - Alive (Original Mix) LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/timtasteofficial/ https://soundcloud.com/timtaste https://www.instagram.com/_timtaste/ https://www.beatport.com/artist/tim-taste/482972 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAMv8KA04wVbX4YxTdLhSLg Music4Aliens: https://www.facebook.com/music4aliens/ https://www.instagram.com/music4aliensrecordings/ https://soundcloud.com/music4aliens https://www.youtube.com/c/GiancarloDiChiara

3) Carbon - Damages Sustained (Original Mix)

Thu, 28 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
https://www.instagram.com/music4aliensrec Alien base debut EP for Carbon. Two massive originals, groovy and dark, with its unmistakable style that we love so much Music4Aliens https://music4aliens.bandcamp.com https://linktr.ee/music4aliens Demos / Booking: music4aliens(at)gmail(dot)com

4) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.14 - Nomad

Wed, 10 Feb 2021 21:17:31 +0000
The 27-year-old DJ / producer and promoter, who used to be present under the name Nordton, is known for his varied sound from deep tech to minimal to techno. Since 2012 he has been participating in numerous open-air and indoor events that entertain people with driving rhythms, dark sounds and pumping bass. Links https://www.facebook.com/NOMÂD-2329161677309147 https://www.beatport.com/artist/nordton-a-k-a-nomad/429402 https://open.spotify.com/artist/3E49toFyVxZWDTacnfpXOZ

5) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.13 - Flo Slim

Tue, 12 Jan 2021 13:00:32 +0000
Flo Slim musically grew in the rave panorama of Cologne. Because of their interest to techno music, he started to play sets together in 2014 together with Ken Bischof. Togerther with Ken he played in different night clubs in Rostock, Cologne and Bonn. He started to produce the first techno tracks in 2016. In the 2018 he released his absolute debut ep "Hologram" on Music4aliens Recordings, getting charted on Beatport. Next he released his music on Music4Clubbers, Sync Forward and Thunderstruck https://www.facebook.com/DjFloSlim/ https://www.instagram.com/floslimofficial/ https://soundcloud.com/floslimofficial https://www.beatport.com/artist/flo-slim/698236 Music4Aliens https://music4aliens.bandcamp.com https://m4asamples.bandcamp.com https://linktr.ee/music4aliens

6) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.11 - Ante Ujevic

Sun, 15 Nov 2020 15:30:16 +0000
Ante Ujevic Ante Ujevic is a dj/producer from Windsor (Canada). Groovy and hypnotic minimal style, in his first outing as producer he was one of the most supported one by Richie Hawtin. He had the opportunity to have important collaborations such as that with Matt Sassari. Recently returned to the world of the Minimal and Techno panorama, with an evolved style but at the same time maintaining its own signature and originality. Ante Ujevic https://www.soundcloud.com/anteujevic https://www.facebook.com/anteujevicx https://www.instagram.com/anteujevicx Music4Aliens https://music4aliens.bandcamp.com https://m4asamples.bandcamp.com https://linktr.ee/music4aliens

7) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.12 - Jennifer Blackk & Giancarlo Di Chiara

Wed, 09 Dec 2020 20:41:35 +0000
Giancarlo DI Chiara He starts to djing in 2000 and begin to mix music in 2001 in various italian clubs with important international dj's like Tony Humphries, Marshall Jefferson, Justin Berkmann, and a lot of important italian dj's like Stefano Noferini (and many others). Skilled in the use of vinyls, he toured Italy while still a boy in the most important locations. He catches the beginning of the negative change in the music scene after few years, also for this reason he leaves the world of music in 2004. In the 2017 he comes back in the music world, starting to produce his own music and in the 2018 two tracks was charted from Beatport in the Top 100 Minimal / Deep Tech. In the 2018 he created Music4Aliens, followed next by the other labels of the group, Music4Aliens Samples, Music4Aliens Black, Music4Clubbers and Psy4Aliens. Starting from nothing and with absolute rookies he manages to bring Music4Aliens in a short time in the ranking of the Minimal / Deep Tech top labels, thanks to the continuous support of his talents, also for the need to make up the debt with music for the opportunity wasted at a young age. Links https://linktr.ee/giancarlodichiara https://m4group.bandcamp.com Jennifer Blackk Jennifer Blackk is a new artist from Canada. Dj, singer, producer and writer, she is an all-round artist. Immediately became passionate about the Minimal Techno and Hypnotic Techno genres, starting to show off her skills in mixing on Soundcloud and later in Canada. She released her first EP in collaboration with Giancarlo Di Chiara in 2020, immediately entering the Top 100 Melodic House & Techno Chart on Beatport. Links https://soundcloud.com/user-830138237 https://www.facebook.com/jenniferblackkofficial Tracklist: 1) Giancarlo DI Chiara feat. Jennifer Blackk - Obsessed 2) Giancarlo DI Chiara feat Jennifer Blackk - Follow Me Down (Lampe Remix) 3)ID - ID (Out Soon on @music4clubbers) 4)Le Son Du Placard - Le Satyre 5)ID - ID (further coming on @music4aliens) 6)Lampé - Choppy 7) Anina Owly & Thomas Klipps - Baltic Sea (Mycell Remix) 8)Sanderjammes - Mystery 9) Peku - Seismic Slam (Folic State Remix) 10) ID - ID (Out Soon on @music4aliens) 11) Dikron - The Lost Tower 12) Dikron - The Lost Tower (Le Son Du Placard Remix)

8) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 10 - Egomorph

Wed, 07 Oct 2020 07:04:26 +0000
Bio Who is Egomorph? a project born with the intention of combining multiple musical styles in one, in particular Minimal and Psytrance, without being confused in the vastness of today's electronic world, in the digital age. https://www.instagram.com/ego.morph https://www.facebook.com/morphego/ https://soundcloud.com/egomorph

9) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.09 - Le Son Du Placard

Sun, 13 Sep 2020 08:44:03 +0000
Bio Le Son du Placard has always been attracted by electronic sounds and heady beats. He is continuously experiencing a lot of different ways of catching this spirit and energy. Discovered by the Cosmic Boys and first signed on they imprint Scander, he has since the signed on a lot of big names like Form rec. (Popof’s imprint), Phobos, Soupherb, Electrovino, Music4Aliens. His music is played by great names like Dubfire or Spartaque all around the world. His hybrid sets are always big crowd moving performances. He played international gigs in Bulgaria, Mauritius, La Réunion, Belgium, Switzerland. He played in France in many clubs comprising La Centrale (Dijon), Le Diskret (Lyon), L’Antirouille (Montpellier), Le Drak’art (Grenoble)… He also played at Stone Moon 5 and Evasion festival in 2018. His music is fed by cold technology and tells about what robots could dream of. LSDP @lesonduplacard www.facebook.com/lesonduplacard/ www.mixcloud.com/fady-lesonduplacard/ www.lesonduplacard.fr/ www.beatport.com/artist/le-son-du-placard/459013 www.youtube.com/user/leSonDuPlacard www.residentadvisor.net/dj/lesonduplacard Music4Aliens https://linktr.ee/music4aliens

10) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.07 - Folic State

Thu, 09 Jul 2020 10:56:53 +0000
Folic State https://hd.click/folic.state Music4Aliens https://linktr.ee/music4aliens

11) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 08 - Krypta

Thu, 20 Aug 2020 10:35:57 +0000
Born in 1992 in southern Argentina, his approach to music was at the age of 12 inspired by punk music when he started playing guitar in local bands. At the age of 17 his curiosity about electronic music led him to use his first virtual synthesizers and sequencers, motivated by the sound he was polishing his techniques with which he was forming his sound identity that is defined in Dark, Techno and Minimal. Inspired by by artists such as: Sian, Maksim Dark, Metodi Hristov, Richie Hawtin, etc. He released music for labels such as: Music4Aliens (Italy), Evil Flow (Russia), Mothr Music (Argentina), Phraser Records (Bulgaria), Filature Records (France), Dos Tonos Records (Mexico), among others. In his live performances he offers a live set charged with energy and groove. He is currently a resident of This Is Techno and Nine Gate. He shared a cabin with Jorge Ciccioli, Udolph, Mens of Clam, Sergio Saffe, Adrian Hour and more. Links: https://soundcloud.com/krypta_music https://www.instagram.com/krypta.music/ https://www.facebook.com/krypta.music https://www.beatport.com/artist/krypta/633434 Music4Aliens https://linktr.ee/m4group

12) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 06 - Mycell

Tue, 23 Jun 2020 13:32:08 +0000
Bio Petr Polacek aka MYCELL born on 15th of February 1985 in Kromeriz, Czech Republic. Petr starts with electronic music and djing already in his age of 15, in 2000. First step was to play on the turntables, then purchases his frst LPs and begins to mix. Mixing on 3 decks about 9 years. Since 2009, he has been involved in working with Hory_Doly and in that year has become theirs member. Starts to use a digital way of his work. Performing live, also producing tracks and getting his unique sound. Characterised dark groovy pumping techno. Over 20 releases, supported also by Richie Hawtin. with Hory_Doly performed alongside the artists like Laurent Garnier, Dub?re, Julian Jeweil, Cristian Varela, Nakadia, Uto Karem, Fabio Florido, Loco a Jam, Timmo, Scan X, Axel Karakasis, Dubspeeka, Paride Saraceni, Felix Krocher, Dema, Stiv Hey, Brian Gros, Maksim Dark, A++, Kevi Anavi, Criminish, Bass Mooy. He works and cooperate with artists and producers like: Eme Kulhnek, Boho, Maksim Dark, TouchTalk. His tracks and remixes coming up on labels like: Phobos Recordings, Bully Beatz, Jannowitz, Music4Aliens. He is focused now on his own solo project MYCELL. Mycell https://www.facebook.com/officialpagemycell/ https://www.instagram.com/mycell.official/ Music4Aliens https://linktr.ee/music4aliens

13) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 05 - Moe & Melmixx

Mon, 25 May 2020 12:16:38 +0000
After their last release on @music4clubbers we have Moe & Melmixx mixing for us. Bio: The DJ- and Producer-Duo from Essen, Germany delivers a dark and driving Minimal Techno sound. Their sound is characterized by creepy, weird and psychedelic sounds, combined with short, punchy drums and straight, rolling basslines. In 2014 M&M started to live out their passion for DJing together, after they discovered their love for techno by partying and got to mixing music through friends. The two decided to be a duo because they were not only good buddies, but also their taste of music and their idea of what techno should sound like fitted perfectly together. Playing music together felt right and since then M&M can always be found behind the decks as a team. Their musical journey leaded them to different locations in the Ruhr-Area like the Frohnatur, the Gracejones Club in Essen, Druckluft in Oberhausen, Rotunde in Bochum and the AZ in Mülheim - just to name a few. In 2015 the two made their first steps in producing their own sound and work passionately on creating new music since then. In 2019, their first tracks were released on Subios Records and Music4Aliens. This way the foundations for more releases have been laid and it will be interesting to see, what kind of stuff the two friends will drop in future. Moe & Melmixx https://soundcloud.com/moe-melmixx https://www.instagram.com/moe_melmixx/ https://www.beatport.com/artist/moe-and-melmixx/771750 https://www.facebook.com/moemelmixx Tracklist: 1. Synister (IN) – Deeper Shades (Original Mix) 2. Overheads – Relent (Lex Digital Remix) 3. Luis M – Chandra (Original Mix) 4. Moe & Melmixx – Leviathan (Original Mix) 5. Moe & Melmixx – Haunted (Original Mix) 6. Maksim Dark – Mad Truck (Alberto Ruiz Remix) 7. Moe & Melmixx – Behemoth (Original Mix) 8. Samwise – You´re Free (Original Mix) 9. BassTi M – Wavetable (Dikron Remix) 10. Gaga, Mateo! – Gastown (Original Mix) 11. Sian – King Pest (Maksim Dark Remix) 12. Maksim Dark – Dreams Are Destroyed (Christian Craken Remix) 13. Touchtalk – Melody (Mycell Remix) 14. Human Element, MYDA – Totem (Original Mix) 15. Javiis – Vision (Original Mix)

14) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 04 - Paul Neary

Wed, 06 May 2020 20:33:36 +0000
Bio Paul Neary is a DJ and Producer based in Kent, England, where he studied Music Production and Sound Design at Point Blank Music School. He specializes in minimal techno, where he tries to push the boundaries through unique sound design, with the drums and the bass taking center stage. “Less is more” is his concept, with tracks steadily gaining pace and building tension through the use of evolving minimal sounds. Pauls music has been showcased around the world thanks to heavy support from Richie Hawtin, and more recently Dubfire..... Paul Neary https://www.facebook.com/paulnearyartist/ https://www.beatport.com/artist/paul-neary/293898 https://www.instagram.com/paulneary_ Music4Aliens https://linktr.ee/music4aliens

15) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 03 - Dikron

Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:23:23 +0000
DIKRON is a talented Techno and Minimal DJ & Producer. Very present in the parties of the Argentinian Minimal and Techno scene. He made releases in important labels such as Stick Recordings, Black Kat and Music4Aliens just to name a few. In 2020 he launched his Infekted Records label where he supports talented producers from all around the world aswell as releasing his own music. DIKRON www.facebook.com/dikron.official www.instagram.com/dikron_official www.beatport.com/artist/dikron/400104 https://soundcloud.com/dikron Music4Aliens https://linktr.ee/music4aliens

16) Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 02 - Ataman Live

Wed, 19 Feb 2020 21:51:57 +0000
Second episode of the new series with guest Ataman Live. A deep and Dark Minimal Mix from the new Music4Aliens entry. Enjoy Bio Live duo music act The Ataman - Ivan and Svetlana. With releases on Music4Aliens, Dark Face Recordings, Natura Viva and many other great labels and a great long discography, the duo play only author music marked by a pure deep and dark minimal sound . Links https://www.facebook.com/theatamanmusic https://www.instagram.com/theatamanmusic https://soundcloud.com/theatamanmusic https://www.beatport.com/artist/ataman-live/339374 Music4Aliens http://linktr.ee/music4aliens Tracklist 1. The Ataman - Oz 2. Ataman Live - That You Need 3. Ataman Live - Captain Dm 4. Ataman Live - Saffron 5. Feri - Nightcore Polarized (Ataman Live Remix) 6. Luigi Gori, Frankye Lova - Narrow (Ataman Live Remix) 7. Gaga & Mateo! - Subject (Ataman Live Remix) 8. The Ataman - Solomon 9. Oyibo - No Wahala (The Ataman Remix) 10. Ataman Live - Rock Is Back 11. Ataman Live - Technochip (Original Mix) [Music4Aliens] 12. Anton%F - Ost Name (The Ataman Remix) 13. Anton%F - Ex Madness (The Ataman Remix) 14. Ataman Live - Else

17) Music4Aliens Podcast New Series Ep. 01 - Rosper

Tue, 21 Jan 2020 00:09:03 +0000
This is the first Music4Aliens Podcast of the year, the first of the new series. We start with Rosper, well known spanish minimal techno dj/producer. One our of great minimal and techno. Enjoy! Bio: Emilio Rozalen aka Rosper, born in Spain in September 1988, is a DJ and producer of electronic music influenced by Dark Minimal and Techno sounds. He pushed himself into electronic music production in 2010, but it was in 2014 when he took his current name and entered in top 100 minimal of Beatport with his first release as "Rosper" in one of the most shaped labels of Techno music, Stick Recordings. He already has numerous references, among them his several releases by SCI+TEC, of which one of them has been able to publish in physical format with his track 'Revenge'. Collaborations and remixes with artists such as Alberto Ruiz, Miro Pajic or Maksim Dark among others, they place it as one of the Dark Techno and Minimal producers with most proyection of Spain, counting with the support of Dubfire or Nicole Moudaber among others in his numerous performances worldwide. Rosper has performed in various clubs and festivals in Spain, Germany and India including Drop (Mumbai), Freqs Of Nature (Berlin) Pacha (Barcelona) or Barraca (Valencia), club count with him from several years ago. Therefore, he has extensive experience in the booths. In short, we might say that Rosper has a style that leaves no one indifferent and is currently in top moment. Links www.facebook.com/rospermusic www.instagram.com/rospermusic/ twitter.com/rospermusic www.youtube.com/c/rospermusic www.beatport.com/artist/rosper/385441 www.mixcloud.com/rosper/ @rospermusic Music4Aliens www.facebook.com/music4aliens/ www.instagram.com/music4aliensrecordings/ www.residentadvisor.net/record-label.aspx?id=16477 www.beatport.com/label/music4aliens/68665 music4aliens.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9oDDnwNZRoK6DQK2f2SPOg @music4aliens

18) Music4Aliens Podcast Series Ep. 26 - Mirko Antico

Mon, 30 Dec 2019 17:52:09 +0000
For the episode 26 we have Mirko Antico from Italy. 1 hour of great hypnotic minimal techno. Enjoy! Bio: Mirko Antico is an Italian musician, producer and minimal techno dj. With releases on In Deep'n'Dance, Reducing Forms, MOTHR, DMT Records, in these years he received feedback from top DJs including Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Rafa Siles, DJ Vertigo, Sam Paganini, Luigi Madonna, Paco Osuna, Cristian Varela, Cactus Twister, Alex Costa, Alex Mine, Schubert and more and more . With releases on In Deep'n Dance, Reducing Forms, Egothermia and Music4Aliens, he is now every day in the studio working as a researcher of the sound. Links https://soundcloud.com/mirkoantico https://www.facebook.com/mirkoantico.official/ https://www.instagram.com/mirko_antico/ https://www.mixcloud.com/mirkoantico3/ Tracklist 01: Cosmin Horatiu - Kontrol 02: Jon Cataldo - Full Moon (Music4Aliens) 03:Rosper - Anomalous Punisher (Schubert Remix) 04 Vers:us - Breakstroke Extended_Mix 05: Josh Vincenzo - Focus 06:Dustin Holtsberry - Oracle 07: Mako Chikano - Duality (Mycell Remix) (Music4Aliens) 08: Yo Montero - Big Crunch 09: Hollen - Acid Tear (Simina Grigoriu Remix) 10: Antonio Ruiz - Design Hammer 11: Mateo! - Form 12: Hc Kurtz - Covetous 13: VERV - Glider (Music4Aliens)

19) Music4Aliens Podcast Series Ep. 25 - Anina Owly B2B Thomas Klipps

Mon, 18 Nov 2019 10:59:39 +0000
New podcast with the aliens Anina Owly and Thomas Klipps. Groovy sound and some hit of the past. Enjoy! Anina Owly Born and raised in the south of Germany discovered her love for electronic music in 2011. After a couple of gigs for her friends she started her series of events ‘Owl Night Long’. Quickly established in the the nightlife, Aninas events featured several headliners such as Carlo Ruetz, Macromism and Ron Costa. After numerous events all over Germany f.e. Magdalena in Berlin, Bunker in Rostock, Zollamt in Stuttgart or Peter and Paul in Regensburg Anina is now one of the residents in Hans-Bunte Areal. Besides her success on national ground she impressed fans of electronic music with her vacant minimal sound outside of the German border. Her gigs include countries like Switzerland, France, Italy and Belgium. Furthermore, she has become a permanent part of the Sea You Festival as well as the Grenzenlos Festival and performed side by side with several headliners. At the same time Anina wanted to bring her own style into the music and released her first EP in 2013. She made it into the Top 30 Minimal Charts with only her second release, the Blow EP on Moonplay. Ever since, Anina releases her EP on known labels such as Phobos Records, Music4Aliens and Creepy Finger Records. Her Remix of the release ‘Blind’ by Clone Kent and Kallin made it onto rank 5 of the Beatport Minimal Charts. Besides her digital success, she also persuades with analogous sounds. In the summer of 2018 she released her Remix of Andrew T Dorms ‘Implant’ on Vinyl, where unique vocals meet a slice of Oldschool Minimal. She just recently made one of her dreams come true by having her first homestudio, which gives her even more space for creativity. https://www.facebook.com/DJanina.owly/ https://www.instagram.com/aninaowly/ https://www.beatport.com/artist/anina-owly/350745 @aninaowly Thomas Klipps Thomas Klipps, born and raised at the German coast, always had a passion for electronic music. Influenced by his friends, it was only a matter of time when he would find his way to the turntables. Even in times of digital music, he was willing to start from scratch. Therefore, it is important to Thomas that once in a while his sets get a touch of a warm, analoge sound of vinyl. His music style, which reaches from deep groovy techno to old school minimal techno, improved rapidly. After numerous bookings in northern Germany, Thomas decided to to move to the south to Freiburg in 2017. As he quickly became part of the scene, bookings in Hans-Bunte Areal as well as Drifters Club followed. But mixing music only was not enough for the young artist. To express his creativity Thomas decided to produce music himself as well. He celebrated his first release in August 2018 for the Heimatliebe Record. His following EP Music4Aliens reached rank 15 in the Beatport Top Minimal Tech Release. Links https://www.facebook.com/thomasklipps.official/ https://www.instagram.com/thomas_klipps/ https://www.beatport.com/artist/thomas-klipps/704894 @thomasklipps

20) Music4Aliens Podcast Show Ep. 24 - Feliks Schwarz

Mon, 21 Oct 2019 08:58:36 +0000
Hello Aliens. Welcome back of Music4Aliens Podcast Show. This month we have Feliks Schwarz, the German dark alien. Th sent us one hour of power, pure dark sound. Enjoy!! Bio Feliks Schwarz is a minimal techno dj and producer. Heavily influenced during the period of 2006-2008 by the minimal techno scene in his home town of Rostock (Germany), Feliks began to collect tracks and record his own mixes, driven by a desire to find the best music from minimal techno producers and labels. This passion to find new music continues to this day. In 2015 Feliks decided to experiment with his own productions. His goal was to create his own style of driving, groovy minimal techno. Since then his productions have been picked up by well respected labels such as Darker Sounds, Mischkonsum, miniMahlzeit.Subios and Music4Aliens. He actually plays music for Laut & Brilliant and Moin Moin parties in Hamburg. Links https://www.facebook.com/feliksschwarz/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel https://soundcloud.com/feliks_schwarz https://www.beatport.com/artist/feliks-schwarz/600333 https://open.spotify.com/artist/0MoJigeKRhuTADb428Bbmz M4A @music4aliens https://www.facebook.com/music4aliens/ https://www.beatport.com/label/music4aliens/68665 https://music4aliens.bandcamp.com/ Tracklist Mako Chikano - Cold Cave (Feliks Schwarz Remix) (@music4aliens) AGLR - The Shower Scene Feliks Schwarz - Helophyt Feliks Schwarz - Skeletor (Out Soon on @Music4Aliens) Folic State - Night Vision (Breger Remix) Giancarlo Di Chiara - Dark Dreams Hefty - Dreadnaught Igor Shep, Nina Indi - Damask (Maksim Dark Remix) Maksim Dark - Epilepsy (Felix Lorusso Remix) Maksim Dark - Obliterate Monococ - The Haunt Sian, Maksim Dark - Molekules