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Music4Aliens Podcast Ep. 05 - Moe & Melmixx

Mon, 25 May 2020 12:16:38 +0000
144.3 MB, 01:00:06,

After their last release on @music4clubbers we have Moe & Melmixx mixing for us.

The DJ- and Producer-Duo from Essen, Germany delivers a dark and driving Minimal Techno sound. Their sound is characterized by creepy, weird and psychedelic sounds, combined with short, punchy drums and straight, rolling basslines. In 2014 M&M started to live out their passion for DJing together, after they discovered their love for techno by partying and got to mixing music through friends.
The two decided to be a duo because they were not only good buddies, but also their taste of music and their idea of what techno should sound like fitted perfectly together. Playing music together felt right and since then M&M can always be found behind the decks as a team.
Their musical journey leaded them to different locations in the Ruhr-Area like the Frohnatur, the Gracejones Club in Essen, Druckluft in Oberhausen, Rotunde in Bochum and the AZ in Mülheim - just to name a few.
In 2015 the two made their first steps in producing their own sound and work passionately on creating new music since then. In 2019, their first tracks were released on Subios Records and Music4Aliens. This way the foundations for more releases have been laid and it will be interesting to see, what kind of stuff the two friends will drop in future.

Moe & Melmixx

1. Synister (IN) – Deeper Shades (Original Mix)
2. Overheads – Relent (Lex Digital Remix)
3. Luis M – Chandra (Original Mix)
4. Moe & Melmixx – Leviathan (Original Mix)
5. Moe & Melmixx – Haunted (Original Mix)
6. Maksim Dark – Mad Truck (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
7. Moe & Melmixx – Behemoth (Original Mix)
8. Samwise – You´re Free (Original Mix)
9. BassTi M – Wavetable (Dikron Remix)
10. Gaga, Mateo! – Gastown (Original Mix)
11. Sian – King Pest (Maksim Dark Remix)
12. Maksim Dark – Dreams Are Destroyed (Christian Craken Remix)
13. Touchtalk – Melody (Mycell Remix)
14. Human Element, MYDA – Totem (Original Mix)
15. Javiis – Vision (Original Mix)