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Music4Aliens Podcast Series Ep.14 - EME Kulhnek (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Mon, 24 Dec 2018 17:41:17 +0000
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Hello Aliens.... this is the last episode of the year. For this special occasion we are pleased to share with you the minimalistic dark sound of EME Kulhnek: one of the most supported artist by Richie Hawtin. If you want know more about the style of EME this is the right occasion, Enjoy!

Maximiliano Kulhnek, a.k.a. EME Kulhnek:

Born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.. At age 21 began his journey through music knowing the various genres to reach comfort with minimal & techno, with time, experience and desire, began with his first presentations in different club of the city, at 24 years old began with music production through practices with friends and some classes taken with his first teacher Francisco Subiela a.k.a. Glasidum, today at 26 years old is perfecting his sound to such an extent to attract the attention of Richie Hawtin who has recently been using several of his productions in some of his latest presentations, today he finds himself working day by day to improve the quality of his work and with many goals in his life to overcome.

EME Kulhnek:

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Eme Kulhnek, Hory Doly - Celulosa (Original Mix)
Eme Kulhnek, Pablo Pingitore - Alien Allience (Original Mix)
Eme Kulhnek - Frikie (Original Mix)
Maymon - Day Off (Eme Kulhnek Remix)
Eme Kulhnek - On the Pear (Original Mix)
Eme Kulhnek - La Serta (Original Mix)
Dim Section, Eme Kulhnek - Dember (Original Mix)
Eme Kulhnek - Do Well (Original Mix) -
Eme Kulhnek - Colocón (Original Mix)
Dim Section, Eme Kulhnek - Eight Passenger (Original Mix)
Eme Kulhnek - Return (Original Mix) -
Eme Kulhnek, Hory Doly - Mind Blowing (Original Mix)