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Music4Aliens Podcast Series Ep.10 - Giancarlo Di Chiara

Sun, 19 Aug 2018 13:44:13 +0000
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Hello Aliens.... welcome back to a new show. Today the presenter is also the dj. The owner of Music4Aliens Giancarlo Di Chiara have mixed for us some groovy minimal tracks. Enjoy!!

1) Terry Whyte - Weekend Relapse (MOTHR Music)
2) Elmar Strathe - Clearly Separated (Soupherb Records)
3) Ice Machine - Cave (MOTHR Music)
4) Anina Owly - Blow (Music4Aliens)
5) Lautaro Xavier - Antinormie (ONOFF Recordings)
6) Maksim Dark - Hard Nuts (Schubert Remix) (ONESELF.)
7) Dustin Holstberry - Oil Spill (Phobos Records)
8) Alberto Tolo, OHNIN - Ceiling Stare (MYSELF MUSIC)
9) Feliks Schwarz - The Reason Why (Mischkonsum)
10) Le Son Du Placard - Xenomorphe (Multibundle)
11) Viers - Let My Mind Breathe (Figure)

He starts to djing in 2002 and plays music until 2004 (with the name of DJ Pin), playing music in various clubs with important international dj's like Tony Humphries, Marshall Jefferson, Justin Berkmann, and a lot of important italian dj's like Noferini, Alex Natale, Federica Baby Doll, Angel's of Love dj's, and many others, obtaining compliments from some of them. He starts again to mix music in the late summer of 2016, starting also to produce music and to organize parties. The last two releases was charted by Beatport in the Minimal/Deep Tech Chart. One of the tracks charted was relased in March 2018 under his own label Music4Aliens (created some months ago)