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Music4Aliens Podcast Ep.18 - Mycell (1 Year of M4A) (Free Download)

Mon, 22 Apr 2019 19:45:54 +0000
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For this podcast we have @mycellofficial , He is one of Hory Doly, focused now on his solo project Mycell. He has just relased a bomb remix on @music4aliens , and this month we show you his dark and strong sound.
Thanks to all for this amazing year!!

Petr Polacek aka MYCELL born on 15th of February 1985 in Kromeriz, Czech Republic. Petr starts with electronic music and djing already in his age of 15, in 2000. First step was to play on the turntables, then purchases his ?rst Lps and begins to mix. Mixing on 3 decks about 9 years. Since 2009, he has been involved in working with Hory_Doly and in that year has become theirs member. Starts to use a digital way of his work. Performing live, also producing tracks and getting his unique sound. Characterised dark groovy pumping techno. Over 20 releases, supported also by Richie Hawtin. with Hory_Doly performed alongside the artists like Laurent Garnier, Dub?re, Julian Jeweil, Cristian Varela, Nakadia, Uto Karem, Fabio Florido, Loco a Jam, Timmo, Scan X, Axel Karakasis, Dubspeeka, Paride Saraceni, Felix Krocher, Dema, Stiv Hey, Brian Gros, Maksim Dark, A++, Kevi Anavi, Criminish, Bass Mooy. He works and cooperate with artists and producers like: Eme Kulhnek, Boho, Maksim Dark, TouchTalk. His tracks and remixes coming up on labels like: Phobos Recordings, Bully Beatz, Jannowitz, Music4Aliens. He is focused now on his own solo project MYCELL.



1 - Audiomatiques - Function Intro
2 - BOHO - Analyse Love
3 - Webby -TheHive
4 - Lampe - Be Yourself (Music4Aliens)
5 - Maksim Dark & BOHO - Confuse (Original Mix)
6 - Maksim Dark - Dreams Are Destroyed (Christian Craken Remix)
7 - Christian Hornbostel - Sin Thesis
8 - Alex Stein - Maelstrom
9 - WAVEBACK - Eletech (Maksim Dark Remix)
10 - Oliver Huntemann - Taktik (Alex Stein Remix)
11 - BOHO a MYCELL - Chaser (Original Mix)
12 - RezaGolroo - GangsofFreaks
13 - Maksim Dark & BOHO - Powergate (Original Mix)
14 - Mako Chikano - Duality (MYCELL Remix) (Music4Aliens)
15 - Eme Kulhnek - Lear To Liv (Lee K Remix)
16 - Monococ - Black Crown (Original Mix)
17 - Rudosa - Dissolution (Original Mix)