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BashTech Radio 53 Satic Guest Mix

Thu, 20 Apr 2023 18:00:16 +0000
140.4 MB, 00:58:30,

BashTech Radio 53 with Satic

Based in Germany, Satic fuses scifi and groove techno into a unique blend of techno that fits right in with Bashtec's ideals. A mixture of hypnotic, groove, and Detroit styles, Satic weaves together minimal textures and complex rhythms. Strong influences of his recent work include SP23, Pounding Grooves, Jeroen Search, Jeff Mills, Regis and Surgeon.

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Talismann - America
Hattori Hanzo - Genetic Drift
LKY & Alarico - Footsteps
FRANZ JÄGER - Animales Males
Hedström & Pflug - Rückzug (Ketch Remix)
Hemka - Piranha Plant
Altinbas - Motion
Cirkle - Pulses from Beyond
Setaoc Mass - Passive
Crime as Service - Melissa
Red Rooms - Race To Mars
Bastian Balders - Mode_1
Arkan - Shifting
Lasse - Peak Tool
Ebass - Resistive Force
Svarog - Urbanism (Angelo Stasi & ØTi Remix)
Planetary Assault Systems - Give In
Neznan - Rotor (Jeroen Search Remix 1)
RNGD - Surrealismo 1.1
Chriz.jae - Cray
Red Rooms - Underneath The Surface
Blenk - Frames
Ben Sims - Carnival Part 1 (Shlomi Aber Remix)
Troy - Ego Death
Matrixxman - Airlock
CVRDWELL - Equilibrium