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BRAWLcast 388 / Mika Regards - Versatile Rhythmicity

Mon, 25 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000
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Mika Regards has been DJing and producing music since 2005 and is the co-founder of "Strange But Dance Music" podcast series that has been in operation since 2016.

The purpose and objective of his podcasts are not only to explore all sorts of different facets of Electro and Experimental music but also to reveal the influence on music through the location of the artist. In the past, he has recorded mixes for Dark Science Electro, ARKADA, Modulations, ParallaX, Recreational Therapy, Only For Robots, Public House, Subtle Radio, Gladiocast, Elektropedia Analog K., EMC, Tracklistings, Betamax.


Mosca - Laminar Flow [Rent]
Berwick - Sloim3 [Avoidant]
Roel Funcken & Cor Bolten - Stark5 [Roel Funcken]
Zeuge - Rat poison w/ Lokom [Concrete Collage]
Atrice - Multiplex [Ilian Tape]
Adrien d'Elzius - Swolle [Diffuse Reality]
Somatic Responses - Return to Abnormal [HC Records]
Procrastinatrix - Cyborg Destruction (Procrastinatrix Remix) [Borg]
Sorcery - Octant [ARA]
Doctor Jeep - Phase Morph [Nerve Collect]
Alex Jann - Stay In Your Zone [Control Data Institute]
Robert Cosmic & Saigg - Matdrid [Furatena]
X23 - BAK [Battery'Park'studio]
Minus Magnus - Eerie Whereabouts (Fochs Koshka Remix) [Mhost Likely]
ODM, Kabal - Get Buck [Dalmata Daniel]
P7345UR3MOD37 - Mass Convergence [Antipattern.dpt]
6SISS - Non Metric [Diffuse Reality]
Kashpitzky - System Error [Be As One Imprint]
Human Rebellion - Light and Shadow (Terrestrial Access Network Remix) [LDI]
Anodyne - Burn The Machine [New Flesh]