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1) BRAWLcast 321 / Bushby - Opposition Research

Sat, 20 Mar 2021 21:10:26 +0100
Softly - Pinstripe Groove [COD3 QR] Plaid - Kiddie Castle (Para One Remix) [Aniplex] Bored Lord - Too High [Bored Lord] Drumskull - Interlocked (Coco Bryce Remix) [Seagrave] Polymod - 10Six (Denham Audio Remix) [17 Steps] West Norwood Cassette Library - Out Of My Head (Mani Festo Remix) [WNCL Recordings] Shadow Child - Romford [Shall Not Fade] Ashford Knights - Sinkhole [] Mani Festo - Disengage [WNCL Recordings] S&D - Secret Weapon [Destructive] Mani Festo - Iron Fist [WNCL Recordings] Bored Lord - The Weapon of Sound [Bored Lord] Human Resource - Dominator (AGT Rave Cru Unofficial Remix) [Balkan Vinyl] Stones Taro - Promise [Kouncil Cuts] Drumskull - Negative 7 [Seagrave] Denham Audio - Top Buzz [Sneaker Social Club] Samurai Breaks - Putting In Werk [Hardcore Energy] Wheez-ie - Only Human [C-KNOW-EVIL] MAC Address - 1B-1E-A2-88-6C-39 (Work) [Planetaria] Stereotyp - Boom Boom Riddim lau.ra - Wicked (Nightwave Remix) [Needwant] The Wasp & Neil Landstrumm - Hooligan Lee [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams] Octo Octa - Deep Connections [T4T LUV NRG]

2) BRAWLcast 323 / V.Barocco

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 12:59:02 +0200
DJ Di'jital - Crackworld [Trust] Toni Moralez - Can Ya Really Feel It [Ghetto Trax] Martinelli - take me to the bass [Zona.exp] Wachita China - Talking Shit Girl [FTP] Jensen Interceptor - MCP (Swallowed My Tab Mix) [Dance Trax] Unxst - Dirty Bounce [Zone.exp] JB - Dizzee's Drift To Tokyo [Plan G] DJ Bastard - Welcome To The Hyperdome [Hyperdome Records] Mall Grab - Back 2 Back [International Chrome] YTP - Drop It [Hyperdome Records] Luz1e - Transition [Voitax] Ritterbruder - Legal Measures [Hyperdome Records] DJ Frankie - Back To Aquabreaks [Ghetto Traxx] Jensen Interceptot ft. DJ Deeon - Sweat [Dance Trax] JB - Shoot To Kill [Plan G] Support the artists featured in this mix: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-brawlcast-323-vbarocco

3) BRAWLcast 390 / Torsion Jim - Experience Machine

Mon, 20 May 2024 00:00:00 +0000
Bauri - Lakonia [L50] drøn - Plateau (uNN remix) [L50] Fluid Visions - AlphaGo [Color Squad] MOY - FntsyXrds [MOY] AK-One - Islands In The Sky [Goddezz] Sound Synthesis - Planet Hope [Sound Synthesis] Long Island Sound - Power (James Shinra Remix) [Long Island Sound] Bound by Endogamy - BHFAJP [Intellitronic Bubble] Orphus - Out of Time [Hypercolour] Promising/Youngster - Amen [Analogical Force] RAIM - Ultrasonic Acid [Zodiak Commune Records] Amadeezy & Arm Record - Bass Beat Bang [International Chrome]

4) BRAWLcast 326 / Bushby - Narrative Disorder

Wed, 19 May 2021 17:03:49 +0200
Play Boy - In Da Jungle (MOD Wheel Safari Mix) [Tag Records] Carpainter - Cut Back [Trekkie Trax] Tribal Bitch - Bearhugg (Joey Beltram Mix) [Bush] Luke's Anger - East Side [Luke's Anger] Cora Novoa - Black Out [Twin Turbo] Thomas Bangalter - Outrun [Roulé] Fear-E - Criminal Nation [Fear-E] Imogen & Ben Pest - Shibooty [Earwiggle] Elmono - Milkydromeda [Mind Controlled Rectifier] Dawn Razor - Dreamproof [Scuffed Recordings] Urban Shakedown - Some Justice (Fear-E's Never Any Justice Remix) [Fear-E] Pilo - Memory Loss [Boysnoize Records] MoMA Ready - Reacher [MoMA Ready] Stndrd - Placebo [Aurora Techno] TÉNÈBRE - Technique [WNCL Recordings] Three Faces Of Eve - Shed Some Skin [Obscuur] Darkcloud - The Minds Eye (Paul Birken Remix) [Omen Recordings] X CLUB. - By Far The Weakest Contender (Ballistic Missile Mix) [Typeless] Daz Saund And Ben Tisdall - DB Express [Missile] Jerome Hill - 1994 [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams] Crushed Insect - Inside The Bubble Chamber (B1 mix) [H-Productions] Clouds - Halle [Clouds] Clouds - Sturm [Clouds]

5) BRAWLcast

Mon, 01 Feb 2010 12:06:44 +0000
BRAWLcast is the Digital Distortions podcast.  Featuring mixes from label boss Bushby along with special guests, many of whom are artists releasing on the label. Episodes are released every couple of weeks and can be found on RSS, iTunes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. A full list of previous casts can be found … Continue reading

6) BRAWLcast 389 / Bushby - A Fine Disregard For Awkward Facts

Wed, 08 May 2024 00:00:00 +0000
Interdimensional Warlock - Jungle Level [Digital Distortions] Interdimensional Warlock - Lucid Nightmare [Digital Distortions] Interdimensional Warlock - Robot Revolution [Digital Distortions] Hekkla - Enter The Blade [Flippen Bits] Fleck E.S.C. - Datura 990 [Control Data Institute] Machine Ethics - Beat Manifesto [Cyber Domain] Confluence - Synchrophasotron [Avoidant] Kerrie - Systematique Intellijent [Avoidant] Hyper Wizard UFO Cult - Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation [Junted] Larionov & St. Theodore - Razor Edge [Hilltown Disco] Azari - Aqatetra (Gesloten Cirkel Remix) [OmniDisc] Ben Pest - Amirite [Mechatronica] Alex Ranzino - LV-426 [Paling Trax] SELFHOOD - Can I Get (Shevin Kields Remix) [SELFHOOD] K-65 - The Hedonist [Flightpath] vaimler - Thorn [Digtital Distortions] Decal - Sick & Tired (Original Mix) [Intrinsic Rhythm] Hekkla - Floor Crawl [Flippen Bits] Ramu - Timetravels [Shall Not Fade] The Spy - On The Wrong Speed [Mechatronica] vaimler - Voronoi [Digtital Distortions] Dagga x Manao - Enter My Mind [No Service] GEXX - Illusory [Digital Distortions] vaimler - Synapse [Digtital Distortions] Support the artists: https://www.buymusic.club/list/digispasm-brawlcast-389-bushby-a-fine-disregard-for-awkward-facts https://soundcloud.com/interdimensional-warlock https://soundcloud.com/vaimler https://soundcloud.com/gexxters_lab https://soundcloud.com/hekklamusic https://soundcloud.com/fleck https://soundcloud.com/machineethics https://soundcloud.com/confluence-techno-electro https://soundcloud.com/kerrie_dj https://soundcloud.com/larionov https://soundcloud.com/st_theodore https://soundcloud.com/azari https://soundcloud.com/benpest https://soundcloud.com/alexranzino https://soundcloud.com/therealselfhood https://soundcloud.com/k-65uk https://soundcloud.com/decal-artifacts https://soundcloud.com/r_amu https://soundcloud.com/thespy808303 https://soundcloud.com/daggatrx https://soundcloud.com/elmanao

7) BRAWLcast 210 :: BlaKe – Brawlin’ With The House Monsters

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 14:12:20 +0000
New DD signing BlaKe offers up this jacking, ruff as a badgers arse, heavy house mix for the BRAWLcast. [powerpress] Kill Frenzy – H.O.U.S.E [Dirtybird] Marc Spence & Pete Graham – Repeat Delete [Sleazy G] Ryan Wick – Por La Noche [Dirtybird] Kill Frenzy – Gorilla [Dirtybird] Shadow Child – … Continue reading

8) Horror Brawl - Depth of Field 038

Wed, 21 Apr 2021 16:35:06 +0200
Guest mix recorded for ScanOne's Depth Of Field radio show. Originally broadcast 15/03/2021. Are You Sure? [Death Is Not The End] Giant Swan - DYFLGOT [Keck] Hooverian Blur - What I Am [Yellow Machines] Morpholgy - Sorace [Cultivated Electronics] WeeDJs - mbanO Meat Beat Manifesto - Bo Bots [Yellow Machines] Radioactive Man - Unsaid [Asking For Trouble] Jerome Hill - We Are Not Alone [Yellow Machines] Kaotic Chemistry - Drum Trip (Detboi's Low Ends & Amens Remix) [Metalheadz] Mad-Tek - Terra [Digital Distortions] JB - Welcome To London Bruv [Plan G Music] AGT Rave Cru - You Are The Murderer [Balkan Vinyl] DJ Mell G x Destroy - Danger [childsplay] Fa:act - Sensitive Riot [Armen Crew] Dagga - Signal Catcher [Gutter Trax] Scanone - 7th Bullet [Combat Recordings] Dave Mono - My Attack Bass Junkie - Divide & Multiply [Bass Agenda] Shawn Cartier - Parking Lot (VIGILE Remix) [Carouse] G.EAR - Acid Break Fast [Breakfast Musik] Obese - Wave Function Collapse (Decent Damage Remix) [Off Me Nut] Dagga - Overwatch [International Chrome] Blackmass Plastics - Pump Maximiser [Combat Recordings] AGT Rave Cru - Terror Overdrive [Balkan Vinyl] Mani Festo - Neutronics [WNCL Recordings] Anodyne - Lockdown 3.2X [Acroplane] Anodyne - Lockdown 3.2X (Somatic Responses Fractured Remix) [Acroplane] FJAAK - WH?T [FJAAK] Holsten - Projectiles [Droogs] Voidloss ft. Arfur Gobshite - Sicario https://soundcloud.com/voidloss/voidloss-ft-arfur-gobshite-sicario Additional loops & samples: Danny Daze & DeFeKt - Pulmotor / Defekt's Locked Groove [OmniDisc] Denham Audio - Library Toolkit / 140 Ruffness [WNCL Recordings] Denham Audio - Library Toolkit / Drumzz [WNCL Recordings] Denham Audio - Library Toolkit / Loop 6 [WNCL Recordings] Denham Audio - Library Toolkit / Techno [WNCL Recordings] London Modular Alliance Loopmasters Pack [Loopmasters] Zed Bias - Birth of the Nanocloud Scene 2 [Tru Thoughts] Zed Bias - Birth of the Nanocloud Scene 3 [Tru Thoughts] Zed Bias - Birth of the Nanocloud Scene 4 [Tru Thoughts] Support the artists: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-depth-of-field-038-horror-brawl

9) BRAWLcast 320 / Horror Brawl - The Heritage Deadline

Sat, 06 Mar 2021 11:36:40 +0100
Mad-Tek - Grill [Digital Distortions] Mr. Ho - Stonks Go Up [Klasse Wrecks] DJ Deep - Demonstration [Tresor] Maelstrom - Three Channels [Mechatronica] Mella Dee - Sidewalk Surfer [Warehouse Music] Gene Richards Jr - Can You Repeat That [Uncage] Body Beat Ritual - Final Demand [Cead] Player - Original Bootlegger (Live at Illusive) [Player] Bam Bam - Give It To Me (Inland Edit) DJ Deep - Tommy [Tresor] Fred P - The Guest List [Private Society] P.E.A.R.L. - We Will Not All Fall (Matrixxman Remix) [Falling Ethics] Isaac Reuben - untitledPEWA (Asquith Power Remix) [Hotflush] Paranoid London - Poignant Dexter [Paranoid London] Reducer - User Killer B1 [Instillation] Thomas P. Heckmann - Hand Aufs Herz [Wavescape] The Advent - Planting Seeds [Perc Trax] Stef Mendesidis - Critical Ratio [Clergy] Mr. Ho - Superuzer [Klasse Wrecks] Tim Taylor - Over The Hill (Mr G Remix) [Missile] Gene Richards Jr - Not Another Werk Track [WRKTRX] Jerome Hill - Duck Walk [Don't] Połoz, Tinnitus - On My Way to Hell [Lakeshore Records] Mall Grab - Ill Pt. 2 [Steel City Dance Discs] Strahinja Arbutina - Creepin' [Planetaria] Razbibriga - Cicada [Mord] Jerome Hill - Drumapella [Swords] Giant Swan - Silkworm [Keck] b​.​mod - Pestle [Sticky Ground] The Southern - Wave Trax [Truncate] Dstm - Page 3 [Dstm] Analog Species - Bad Culture [Gastric Acid] Reducer - User Killer A1 [Instillation] Fear-E - Gadgies [Fear-E] Mani Festo - Come Wid It [WNCL Recordings] Liza Aiken - Hospital Bed [Obscuur] Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin - Silent Intelligence Part II (Inland Edit) Support the artists: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-tracks-featured-on-brawlcast-320-horror-brawl-the-heritage-deadline

10) BRAWLcast 325 / Suppressive Person - Disconnection

Wed, 12 May 2021 06:55:20 +0200
Adam Pits - Piston Pump [X-Kalay] Reptant - A Realist's Realistic Reality (Roza's Realism Remix) [Kalahari Oyster Cult] Luke Vibert - LFO [Warp] Poison Arrow - If You Don't Love Me (I'll Cut Your Face) (Razor Dub) [Pleasure District] Simo Cell - Balandbeat [Brothers From Different Mothers] Cressida - SansF [Voitax] Hatch - What It Is [Section 27] Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor - Wrong Place [Rattleznake] Karenn - Cloy [VOAM] The Woodleigh Research Facility - Phonox Special No. 1 (Outer Space) [Rotters Golf Club] Parris - Yūrei [The Trilogy Tapes] DMX Krew - Diaspora [Cultivated Electronics] Radioactive Man & Ben Pest - You Bring It, We'll Wing It [Asking For Trouble] Aux 88 - Alien Contact (interlude) [Direct Beat] Sepehr - Contamination [Dark Entries] Ploy - Busy [L.I.E.S.] Ca$hminus - No Satisfaction (Credit 00 Molenbeek Bad Boy Remix) [Rat Life] Djedjotronic - Rusted [Boysnoize Records] Crossover Network - Perpetual Apocalypse [Dionysian Mysteries] Pilo - Adapt Tactics [Boysnoize Records] Cosmic Force - Know Your Facebook [New Flesh] Mikrolink - Final [Remote Audio] Support the artists featured in this mix: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-brawlcast-325-suppressive-person-disconnection

11) BRAWLcast 209 :: Bushby – Statutory Nuisance

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 12:22:37 +0000
[powerpress] Dweeb – Drumb Track [Merci Jitter] Detboi – Off Switch [Nineteen Ninety Four] Detboi – Pin Point [Keysound] Otik – Emphasis (Cloaka Dungeon Mix) [Tessier-Ashpool] Special Request – Amnesia [XL Recordings] Luca Lozano – Super Rhythm Track [Super Rhythm Trax] Dead Letter Drop – Dead Letter Drop 1 In … Continue reading

12) BRAWLcsat 319 / Data Raven - Hellion Alpha Test

Fri, 19 Feb 2021 20:42:47 +0100
dBridge x Double Clapperz x Kabuki x MC Ralph - Chatter (Undefined Dub Mix) [Exit Records] Root For The Villain - Dark to Light [Shoot Recordings] DJLilGenerous - Jack Your Body [Sequel One Records] Fracture - GETTIN DIS PAPR [R&S Records] Philip D Kick - Funk 160 [Astrophonica] Philip D Kick - Work That [Astrophonica] Sun People - Movement [Through The Eyes] Doctor Jeep - Vault of Glass (Hyroglifics Remix) [Bun The Grid] Sam Binga & Om Unit - Reclaim [Critical Music] Tone Ra - Fucking With My Computer [Ground Mass Music] Sun People - All Good [Sun People] OX - INeedU [Future Jungle Music] Itoa - Diceman [Exit Records] Sun People - It's Yours [Sun People] Fracture & Sam Binga - EBP [Astrophonica] Fracture - YNY?LRL? [Fracture] Deft - New York's Finest VIP [Hooversound Recordings] DJ Rave In Peace - Yes Bad Boy [Dred Collective] PZG & Dubsknit - Be Wiv You [Cock Rock Disco] Support the artists: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-tracks-featured-on-brawlcast-319-data-raven-hellion-alpha-test

13) BRAWLcast 324 / Horror Brawl - Striving To Influence The Future

Mon, 03 May 2021 21:13:50 +0200
Foster Alpha - Progress [Foster Alpha] London Modular Alliance - Bitter Taste [Cultivated Electronics] leinaD - Uranus is Beautiful [Saturn Love Planet] Terrestrial Access Network - Sentient Substance [Mind Controlled Rectifier] Bass Junkie - Rum & Raspberries [Bass Agenda] Freakenstein - Panty Expansion [Unknown to the Unknown] Amadeezy - This Deezay [International Chrome] Client_03 - Wavefile_Dayjob [Astrophonica] Speed Gonzales - Polka Dot Bikini [childsplay] Jensen Interceptor ft DJ Deeon - Ridin' [Dance Trax] DJ Di'jital - Electro Dub [Trust] Manao - Caña [Bogoture Records] Dexorcist - Devine Wind [Cyber Domain] X-Club - 6 Million Ways To Die [Steel City Dance Discs] Manao X Stuster - Take Me Back [Bogoture Records] Electric Rescue - TWS6SE [Volphonie] Serge Geyzel - False Routes [Cyber Domain] Keplrr - Full Contact [Control Freak] Mike Ash - Galaxy JP [Yellow Machines] Reflec - Wolf [Lobster Theremin] Subject Xero - Gits (Mani Festo remix) [Don't Just...] Fastgraph - Zero in on you [Klakson] RNBWS - Radical Decisions [RFR Records] YTP - P.Y.P. [International Chrome] Young Lychee - Trust Issues [childsplay] Volruptus & Jensen Interceptor - Alien Realm [Sweaty Records] Boys Noize - Chøker [Boysnoize Records] Dj Angeldu$t - Fuck That Shit [TXTRL] Fjaak & Elli Acula - To the Peak [Spandau20] Rob Euroh - Crank The Motherboard [Seagrave] Denham Audio - Check 1 (Maruwa Remix) [Lobster Theremin] CYRK - Repetition [Tronic] Denham Audio - Bobby Wobbler [Lobster Theremin] Dexorcist - Body Clock [Super Rhythm Trax] CJ Bolland - The Demotic Script [Tronic] Farron - Hands Of The Tall [Voitax] Hornsey Hardcore - The Wiz [Sneaker Social Club] TAFKAMP - Temple Of Boom [Self Reflektion] Fastgraph - ROTOC [Klakson] Farron - In QSub [Voitax] Support the artists featured in this mix: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-brawlcast-324-horror-brawl-striving-to-influence-the-future

14) BRAWLcast 388 / Mika Regards - Versatile Rhythmicity

Mon, 25 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000
Mika Regards has been DJing and producing music since 2005 and is the co-founder of "Strange But Dance Music" podcast series that has been in operation since 2016. The purpose and objective of his podcasts are not only to explore all sorts of different facets of Electro and Experimental music but also to reveal the influence on music through the location of the artist. In the past, he has recorded mixes for Dark Science Electro, ARKADA, Modulations, ParallaX, Recreational Therapy, Only For Robots, Public House, Subtle Radio, Gladiocast, Elektropedia Analog K., EMC, Tracklistings, Betamax. Links: @mikaregards @strangebutdancemusic Mosca - Laminar Flow [Rent] Berwick - Sloim3 [Avoidant] Roel Funcken & Cor Bolten - Stark5 [Roel Funcken] Zeuge - Rat poison w/ Lokom [Concrete Collage] Atrice - Multiplex [Ilian Tape] Adrien d'Elzius - Swolle [Diffuse Reality] Somatic Responses - Return to Abnormal [HC Records] Procrastinatrix - Cyborg Destruction (Procrastinatrix Remix) [Borg] Sorcery - Octant [ARA] Doctor Jeep - Phase Morph [Nerve Collect] Alex Jann - Stay In Your Zone [Control Data Institute] Robert Cosmic & Saigg - Matdrid [Furatena] X23 - BAK [Battery'Park'studio] Minus Magnus - Eerie Whereabouts (Fochs Koshka Remix) [Mhost Likely] ODM, Kabal - Get Buck [Dalmata Daniel] P7345UR3MOD37 - Mass Convergence [Antipattern.dpt] 6SISS - Non Metric [Diffuse Reality] Kashpitzky - System Error [Be As One Imprint] Human Rebellion - Light and Shadow (Terrestrial Access Network Remix) [LDI] Anodyne - Burn The Machine [New Flesh]

15) BRAWLcast 322 / Particle Trace - Phatal Space Progress

Fri, 02 Apr 2021 12:03:23 +0200
UVB76 - Citizen [Tebernacle Records] Go Hiyama - Thirst For Blood [Audio Assault] Killawatt - Post Numer [47] Orphx - Vapour [Sonic Groove] The Prodigy - Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2) [XL Recordings] Eschaton - Age Of Iron [Token] Neil Landstrumm - Missing You (Lag Remix) [Mord] Avion - Streetlights (Marcel Fengler Remix) [Crossing] Zeta Reticula - Formation Of Life [Mechatronica] Aquarian - Soma [UNO] Go Hiyama - Rasidual Set (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Audio Assault] Arrestar - Thoughts & Emotions (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Token] Christian Wunsch - Black Horizon [Audio Assault] Ctrls - Modular Framework [Token] The 65d Mavericks - Estrangement Of The Past (Surgeon Mix) [Surface] James Ruskin - Wisdom Of Youth [Blueprint] Oscar Mulero - Disinformation [Warm Up] Oscar Mulero - Disinformation (Orphx Remix) [Warm Up] Akkord - Conveyor [Houndstooth] Skirt - Collider (Bitten By The Black Dog) [Horizontal Ground] BRTZ - Butter Fly (Behzad & Amarou Remix) [Take Hit] James Shinra - At The End Of The World [Craigie Knowes] Support the artists: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-brawlcast-322-particle-trace-phatal-space-progress

16) BRAWLcast 318 / Sex Star - Last Of The Forty Nine

Thu, 11 Feb 2021 21:20:57 +0100
After a ten year hiatus the Sex Star returns... The Leyton Breakers - Tenebreaks [Thorn Industries Records] DJ Controlled Weirdness - 5 Pounds To Get In [Still Raven] Noyeahno - Chaotic Crash [Rag & Bone] Warlock - Cross-Breed [Rag & Bone] Noyeahno - Breaking Up Again [Rag & Bone] Ed Chamberlain - Porker [Fleeced] DJ Controlled Weirdness vs The Dexorcist - The Stalker [Unearthly Records] Espion - Petrol Bomb The Fuckers (Point B Remix) [Bass4bots] Si Begg - Hornsey Slap (Hoods Up Mix) [Noodles Recordings] Shirker - Confusion (Si Begg Mix) [Flameboy Records] Red Snapper - Four Dead Monks (Radioactive Man Remix) [Flameboy Records] Buckfunk 3000 - High Volume [Fuel Records] Jason Leach - Big Girl's Blouse [Death To Vinyl] Wi-Fi Of The Undead - Dangerous [Brackout] Mark Hawkins - 13 Years Of Raving Pt.1 [Input-Output Inc.] Check out the previous Sex Star mix "Last of The Thirty Nine" here https://www.mixcloud.com/brawlcast/sex-star-last-of-the-thirty-nine/

17) BRAWLcast 323 / V.Barocco

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 12:59:02 +0200
DJ Di'jital - Crackworld [Trust] Toni Moralez - Can Ya Really Feel It [Ghetto Trax] Martinelli - take me to the bass [Zona.exp] Wachita China - Talking Shit Girl [FTP] Jensen Interceptor - MCP (Swallowed My Tab Mix) [Dance Trax] Unxst - Dirty Bounce [Zone.exp] JB - Dizzee's Drift To Tokyo [Plan G] DJ Bastard - Welcome To The Hyperdome [Hyperdome Records] Mall Grab - Back 2 Back [International Chrome] YTP - Drop It [Hyperdome Records] Luz1e - Transition [Voitax] Ritterbruder - Legal Measures [Hyperdome Records] DJ Frankie - Back To Aquabreaks [Ghetto Traxx] Jensen Interceptot ft. DJ Deeon - Sweat [Dance Trax] JB - Shoot To Kill [Plan G] Support the artists featured in this mix: https://buymusic.club/list/bushby-brawlcast-323-vbarocco

18) BRAWLcast 387 / Torsion Jim - Whatness

Fri, 01 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000
CoLD SToRAGE - Canada (James Shinra Remix) [Lapsus Records] illcanblo - Nebulonix (Lokom Remix) [EC Underground] Anonymous - Damaged Cells [Touched Music] Global Goon - Munktithers [Adepta Editions] KEDA8 - Revelation [Intellitronic Bubble] Stuster - Emphasis [Planetaria] Michael - Quicksilver [Colorsquad Records] Promising/Youngster - Maxtab [Sin Hilo] Fluffy Inside - Bubbling Under [Ambidextrous Records] Vina Konda - Stelar Cell Forge [Pseudonym Records] Seta Loto - Earth-Related System [Comic Sans Records] Fleck E.S.C. - On Time [Diffuse Reality] Lee - Gone Girl [X4 Records] Chestnut People - I [Exo Recordings International] Support the artists featured on this mix: https://www.buymusic.club/list/digitaldistortions-brawlcast-387-torsion-jim-whatness

19) 01. D-Omen - Do Like [Digital Distortions]

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0000
W+P+M: Damian Henderson // https://soundcloud.com/d-omen A: opticalsandwich // https://www.instagram.com/opticalsandwich

20) BRAWLcast 208 :: Bushby – Haptic Recon 8

Wed, 08 Mar 2017 09:12:19 +0000
Number 8 in Bushby’s Haptic Recon series of Drum & Bass mixes. Previous parts can be listened to here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 [powerpress] DjRum – DAM (Felix K Reinterpretation) [2nd Drop] Ulterior Motive – You Must See (Instrumental) [Metalheadz] Survival … Continue reading