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1) BRAWLcast 307 Bushby - Untethered Noetics

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 19:55:14 +0200
Sputnik One - Skindrum [First Second] Pearson Sound, Clara! - Mi Cuerpo (Club Instrumental) [Pearson Sound] Laksa - FWD Ghosts [Timedance] Consulate - Septieme Seur [Bitterfield] J. Tijn - Every Likkle Mek A Mukkle [J. Tijn] oneoneone - Squeak [17 Steps] Denham Audio - Bobby Wobbler [Lobster Theremin] Drum Thing - No No [Scuffed Recordings] Low End Activist - 19STR8BK [Seagrave] Nphonix x Encode - Firebreak [Hyperboloid] Stones Taro - To Rave [Scuffed Recordings] Denham Audio - Throw Your Hands Up [Lobster Theremin] Addison Groove - Bass Trips [Gutterfunk] Hooverian Blur - Lock Out [Spinnup] Controlled Weirdness - All Back to Mine [Das Booty] Dawl + Sween - All Systems Down [Klasse Wrecks] Interviews - Throat [Bitterfield] Rayme - Bonebreaker Funk [Get Busy]

2) BRAWLcast

Mon, 01 Feb 2010 12:06:44 +0000
BRAWLcast is the Digital Distortions podcast.  Featuring mixes from label boss Bushby along with special guests, many of whom are artists releasing on the label. Episodes are released every couple of weeks and can be found on RSS, iTunes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. A full list of previous casts can be found … Continue reading

3) BRAWLcast 306 Data Raven - The Ikawah Project

Sun, 20 Sep 2020 13:28:17 +0200
Thugwidow - The Holy Ghost Zone [Hyperboloid] Dexta - S30 [Awra] Harmony - Boo [Deep Jungle] Nolige - Hunted (Remix) [SB81] Genotype - Different Way [G-Lab] Jabaru, Solace & Buxx - Antic [Dispatch Recordings] Madcap - Learning Curve [Fokuz] Hybert Phillips - Gerevol [Onset Audio] Talkre - Skynet [Dispatch Recordings] Tephra & Arkoze - The Witness [Rebel Music] Jabaru - Explode [Dispatch Recordings] Kutlo - No Data (Skylark Remix) [Delta9 Recordings] Defex - Digital Style [Guidance] Kolectiv - Send Out One [Computer Integrated Audio] Trex - Disorder [Dispatch Recordings] Break - Keepin It Raw [Symmetry] Jem-One - The Volume [Metalheadz] Creatures & Exept - Source [Dispatch Recordings] Kid Drama - How [CNVX] Kid Drama - Bison [CNVX] Black Barrel - Leave Your Dream [Dispatch Recordings]

4) BRAWLcast 210 :: BlaKe – Brawlin’ With The House Monsters

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 14:12:20 +0000
New DD signing BlaKe offers up this jacking, ruff as a badgers arse, heavy house mix for the BRAWLcast. [powerpress] Kill Frenzy – H.O.U.S.E [Dirtybird] Marc Spence & Pete Graham – Repeat Delete [Sleazy G] Ryan Wick – Por La Noche [Dirtybird] Kill Frenzy – Gorilla [Dirtybird] Shadow Child – … Continue reading

5) BRAWLcast 209 :: Bushby – Statutory Nuisance

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 12:22:37 +0000
[powerpress] Dweeb – Drumb Track [Merci Jitter] Detboi – Off Switch [Nineteen Ninety Four] Detboi – Pin Point [Keysound] Otik – Emphasis (Cloaka Dungeon Mix) [Tessier-Ashpool] Special Request – Amnesia [XL Recordings] Luca Lozano – Super Rhythm Track [Super Rhythm Trax] Dead Letter Drop – Dead Letter Drop 1 In … Continue reading

6) BRAWLcast 305 Bushby - In The Midst Of A Digital Brawl

Sun, 13 Sep 2020 16:41:38 +0200
Charlie Boy Manson - Distraust (Sid Quirk re-work) [Loose Lips] Hooverian Blur - Death By Text [Varvet] GFXIII - Unholy Device [Xenonyms] Kouslin - The Beast of Bolsover [Livity Sound] DJ Slip - Soca Mono [Kanzleramt] Suuns - 2020 (joeFarr Remix 2) [Turbo] Voidloss - Echoes Of The Last Euphoria [Subsist] Mani Festo - Continuum [E-Beamz] Soreab - Watchme (Benton Remix) [Beat Machine] Hooverian Blur - Laluviah [Sneaker Social Club] LMajor - Raving Cru (Caldera Remix) [WNCL Recordings] Neil Landstrumm - Doberman [Heras] Westlake & Hayter - Wolfenstein [Rat Life] Boggrow - Tank [Get Busy] Boggrow - Block [Get Busy] Locked Club - Russian Banya [Private Persons] PTU - April Theme [Trip] Blackdown - All in 1 (hunger x cycle x info x headback) [Keysound] PTU - (M1n0r) F1ss10n [Trip] Blacknecks - Clubbing [Blacknecks] FJAAK - Matte [Monkeytown Records] ANSV - Wizard of Oz [Get Busy] J. Tijn - Leg Day [J. Tijn] Locked Club - Atom Hell [TRAM Planet] Hugo Massien - Twist & Turn (Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Dance Trax] Daniel Avery - Naive Response (The Droid's Basement Rework) Nite Fleit - Usual Suspects (D. Tiffany Remix) [Dance Trax] Oall Hates - Bones Faro [Of Paradise] Pizzaboy - No Affection [The Bunker New York] Snuff Crew - We Lost You [I Love Acid] Phyzikal Flex - Policies [Parallax Recordings]

7) BRAWLcast 304 Bushby - The Logic Of Force

Sun, 30 Aug 2020 15:14:01 +0200
Rhyw - It Was All Happening [FeverAM] Andrea - TrackQY [Ilian Tape] Skee Mask - Zzodiac [Ilian Tape] Zenker Brothers - Bengel Mode [Ilian Tape] Insolate - Obscure Object Of Desire (Dawn Razor Remix) [User Experience] Six Sigma - Saxifrage [Digital Distortions] Ike Dusk - Blynken (Unified Method Remix) [User Experience] Six Sigma - Dishonourable Discharge [Digital Distortions] Dave Mono - The Man In Black [Digital Distortions] Jasper James - Still Trippin (Mall Grab Remix) [Steel City Dance Discs] Carpainter VS Guchon - Back 2 Acid [Trekkie Trax] Historical Repeater - Say Nothing [Earwiggle] Dave Mono - All Aboard [Digital Distortions] The Subdermic - 2nd Harvest [Bass Agenda] Diabla Diezco - Graveyard [Mord] Fear-E - This One's For Lory [Fear-E] Vril - Free World Order [Bad Manners]

8) BRAWLcast 208 :: Bushby – Haptic Recon 8

Wed, 08 Mar 2017 09:12:19 +0000
Number 8 in Bushby’s Haptic Recon series of Drum & Bass mixes. Previous parts can be listened to here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 [powerpress] DjRum – DAM (Felix K Reinterpretation) [2nd Drop] Ulterior Motive – You Must See (Instrumental) [Metalheadz] Survival … Continue reading

9) Horror Brawl - Savage Sundays Podcast // 141 //

Tue, 25 Aug 2020 17:20:05 +0200
West Yorkshire beat gangsters. Techno. Keeping it real. Picture a Sunday morning after a night out, the pair formerly known as ded|badger are in need of a new name to fit their newfound love of Techno, sitting in the park soaking up the sun and some mind-bending chemicals... Refreshments are needed, a decision is made: a trip to the shop is required. The News of the World newspaper proudly displays it's latest headline: KOP STARS IN HORROR BRAWL "That's it!" they exclaim "Horror Brawl, that's our new name!" Caught up in the excitement of, in their own words, a "militant" new name, and eager to get back in the studio to rock out a new mix that will start the next phase in their musical journey they barrel up the counter, arms full of fizzy drinks and sugary treats only to discover neither of them has brought money with them. The shop keeper is very understanding, eager to get rid of these two exuberant chaps who are stomping around his shop shouting "militant" he agrees to keep their treats to the side while the boys return home to grab the much-needed cash. That little tale occurred after about 4 or 5 years, now 18 years on and somehow, during all the chaos, they have managed to hold various residencies in their home town of Leeds including the legendary techno night Detached, started two respected labels: Digital Distortions and it's now-defunct offshoot: Limetree Projects and 2 podcasts: BRAWLcast , for the darker electronic genres and Kitchen Spasm for more house based flavours where they produce mixes under the name MxK. Contact & Info; Bushby @hrrrbrwl Mallory @neilmallory Digital Distortions @digital-distortions Bookings: horrorbrawl@digitaldistortions.co.uk Tracklist; Blawan - Rain [Ternesc] Chontane - Nam [Rekids Special Projects] Tommy Holohan - PC Fila 90 [Rave Selekts] Impurity - In My Mind [Of Paradise] Casper Hastings - Bionic [Rave Selekts] Lag - Sama Doma [Mord] Leafeater - Hoodwink [Sticky Ground] Clouds - Those Cracks In Your Face Do They Hurt [Turbo] J Tijn - Fucklebucks [Pennyroyal] Brad Lee - Drag Car [Mona Records] Jokasti & Nek - How Low [Mord] Dave Tarrida - Moral Panic [RIOT Radio Records] Dave Tarrida - Infliction [RIOT Radio Records] Jerome Hill - Storm [RIOT Radio Records] Fear-E - Ricochet [Fear-E] Wevie Stonder - Ton Wah (Jerome Hill Remix) [Don't] Ruslan Beloborodov - Canada [Raw Russian] The Chemical Brothers - Flashback [Freestyle Dust] Flore - Coded Language (3Phaz Remix) [Polaar] Six Sigma - Haad Rin Collider [Digital Distortions] Ghetto 25 ft. Paul Johnson - Besançon Rythmique Club (Hard Twerk Mix) [Bescancon Rhythmique Club] Pfirter - Void [Mord] Stanislav Tolkachev - Everything Ends [Semantica Records] Pfirter - You Surround Me [Mord] Robert Kocinszky - 0---32 (Kernic Remix) [Sticky Ground] Arnaud Le Texier - Process [inSilentSeries] Hadone - Your Vision [Taapion] Swarm Intelligence - Murmur [47] Wheez-ie - WEAPONIZED [C-KNOW-EVIL] Dave Sandison - Tek That and Perty [Tekno Value] Blacknecks - Untitled 3 [Blacknecks] Fundamental Knowledge - 1994-21 (2019 Version by Fadi Mohem) [Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten] Hypnoskull - Mech.Ind (Surgeon Remix) [Repitch] Tell Her - Meadow [Death Bunker] Tell Her - Occur [Death Bunker] RVDE - Ruutwik [Intellighenzia Electronica Records] ceili - Not A Fear Of It (Hadone Remix) [Obscuur Records] Unknown Artist - BTCHZ (303) [Continuum Series]

10) BRAWLcast 207 :: Horror Brawl – Unread Files On A Dead Man’s Desk

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 14:18:28 +0000
[powerpress] Marla Singer, Casual Treatment – Rotative Particule [Nachstrom Schallplatten] Daniele Paduano – Immenso [R12] Lunatik – Moter [Off White] Ricardo Garduno – The Man Is Just Confused (VSK Remix) [Illegal Alien] Dave Simon – Mole [Planet Rhythm] Blush Response – Machine God [Sonic Groove] AGE – Apocalypse [Thomas P. … Continue reading

11) BRAWLcast 206 :: Bushby – Escaping The Patch

Fri, 10 Feb 2017 14:21:10 +0000
[powerpress] Double Helix – LDN VIP [Keysound] Cloaka – Adapt [Tessier-Ashpool] Rossi B & Luca – Turbo Island [Senseless] MM – Five Rivers [Her Records] Detboi – Off Switch [Nineteen Ninety Four] Benton – Cold Shift [Benton Beats] Rennie Pilgrem – A Place Called Acid (Rennie’s Acid Indigestion Mix) [TCR] … Continue reading


Sat, 22 Aug 2020 17:38:16 +0200
Ardisson - 5 Minutes To Get Straight [030303] Ben Pest - Awks XP [Ben Pest] Blake Baxter - Acid Warp Time Travel [Killekill] 80XX - Gindr [Plus 8 Records] Mike Ash - Just Because [No Survivors] Cardopusher - Inequality [Super Rhythm Trax] Posthuman - Brand Loyalty [I Love Acid] Mantra - Emanation [Polybius Trax] K. Hand - Sound 6 [Trip] DJ Karawai - Worth If It's Acid [Top Billin Music] St. Theodore - Last Dance [Clasicos del Ruido] Controlled Weirdness - Rough housing [Presence Unknown] Ben Pest - G-Zus (Jerome Hill's 'Acid Swamp' Remix) [Riot Radio] Cancel Culture - SSDK (Fear-E Remix) [Crash Reserve] Jerome Hill - Consumed [I Love Acid] Jared Wilson - Pheo Acid [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams] Jared Wilson - Tracking [I Love Acid]

13) BRAWLcast 302 Interdimensional-warlock - N.O.V.I.D.

Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:22:30 +0200
[Nanoscopic O.G. Valiant Immuno-Defenders] : Anti-Microbe Force & Breakdance Krew https://soundcloud.com/interdimensional-warlock/ Deemphasis - House of Bots [Ukonx] Eggfooyoung - B-Boys Take Control [Touchin' Bass] E.P.G. - BBots Revenge (It's Partytime) [EPG Music] Transparent Sound - Gently Evil (IDW No Strings Choparound) [Transparent Sound] Ara U / Radioactive Man - Datatheft [Asking For Trouble] Carl Finlow - Differential - Apparatus [2020 Vision] Fleck E.S.C. - Slider [Bass Agenda] London Modular Alliance - Tremors [Hypercolour] Mesak - Kiero (Re-Mix) [Votex Traks] Joonam - Halo Effect [Balagan] 214 - It Never Really Ends [Cultivated Electronics] Lowfish - The Freezing [Satamile] Fleck E.S.C. - Sizzlers [Fleck ESC] Silicon Scally - Lepton Battle [Carl Finlow] Dibu-Z - Snatchers [Dominance Electricity] Thomas P. Heckman - Provide the Future [Monnom Black] Ohverclock & Lethl Agent - Subdermal Surveillance [CHP Recordings] Dibu-Z - Battleship Routine [Dominance Electricity] ISOLATED MATERIAL - Root Cause [Ukonx] Transparent Sound - What Is Your Name? (Acidulant Remix) [Transparent Sound] Kafkactrl - Approximation Error [Vortex Traks] Lost Trax - Drift [Frustrated Funk] Carlos SicRock - Drugs [Urban Connections] E.M.S. - Illusion Mode [Satamile] Mesak - Romu [Klakson] Joonam - Dirt Nap (Silicon Scally Remix) [Balagan] Wee DJs - A [This Machine Is Broken] Maschine Brennt - Loop [Bass Agenda] Deemphasis - Reactivity [Ukonx] Ebor - The Great Filter [Record Union] S/T - XY0815 - [Brokntoys] Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation [Frustrated Funk]

14) BRAWLcast 205 :: Bushby – Petty Cache

Fri, 03 Feb 2017 16:27:15 +0000
[powerpress] Airøn Kølarøw – Saitama (Ozaka Remix) [Soigne Tes Oreilles] Lossy – Morse Cove [Tessier-Ashpool] Femme En Fourrure – Bound [Convex Industries] Wordlife – Dat Groove (Mak & Pasteman Remix) [Motorik!] Sly-One – Raider [Lost In Translation] BareSkin – Flow [Losing Suki] Disquiet & Plasticsun – Jackit [Polaron] Formally Unknown … Continue reading

15) BRAWLcast 301 Bushby - Not Safe For Work It Work It Work It

Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:17:19 +0200
BRAWLcast #001 was a ghetto house mix, it's here on mixcloud if you want to check it https://www.mixcloud.com/brawlcast/bushby-im-not-a-gardener-i-just-like-hoes/ so I thought why not do another one for #301 DJ Deeon - Jiggy [DJ Deeon] DJ Milton - Static [Chiwax Classic Edition] DJ Milton - Suk The Dik [Chiwax Classic Edition] Mr. Ho - GaGSTEEL [Klasse Wrecks] Waxmaster Maurice - Check DIs Out [Super Rhythm Trax] B. Calloway - Party N Bullshit (Dirty Mix) [FTP] DJ Milton - Southside Beat Down [Chiwax Classic Edition] Jammin The House Gerald - Hold Up [Chiwax] Wax Master Maurice - Bounce That Booty [Dance Mania] Dave Clarke - Let's Do It [Deconstruction] Top Cat - Work Out [Dance Mania] DJ Deeon - 1112 [Dance Mania] DJ Slugo - Big Booty Hoes [Blok Club DJs Inc] East European Alliance - Wrong [Urban Connections] Traxmen & Eric Martin - Hit It From The Back [Dance Mania] DJ Funk - Booty Perk U Later [Funk Records] DJ Deeon - In Yo Mouth [DJ Deeon] Detroit's Filthiest - Cabaret [Casa Voyager] Booty-Buster - Chu Chu Train [Urwaxx] Toni Moralez - EVERY TIME (I CLOSE MY EYES) [Falling Apart] Eric Martin - F____ This P____ [Dance Mania] DJ Milton - Telefon Luv (RX) [Chiwax Classic Edition] DJ XNX - Freak It All Night Rework DJ Deeon - Suck It Deep [Chiwax] Traxmen & Eric Martin - Ride Me Baby (Eric Erky Jerky Mix) [Dance Mania] Waxmaster Maurice - Check Dis Out [Super Rhythm Trax] Tai Davis - Suck My Dick [Top Billin' Music] Big up the artists / labels... @djdeeon @mrho @jammingerald @blok-club-djs-301838391 @detroitsfilthiest @urwaxx @user_djxnx @tai-davis @toni-moralez @freitanzplatten

16) BRAWLcast 204 :: Bushby – Haptic Recon 7

Fri, 27 Jan 2017 19:56:47 +0000
Number 7 in Bushby’s Haptic Recon series of Drum & Bass mixes. Previous parts can be listened to here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 [powerpress] Kolectiv x Dexta & Mauoq – Orange Roots [Dispatch Recordings] The Untouchables – & Loxy – X-Gene [Samurai Music] … Continue reading

17) BRAWLcast 300 Horror Brawl - Burn Your TV

Sat, 25 Jul 2020 21:20:18 +0200
The Exaltics & Paris The Black FU - We Don't Take Humans [SolarOne Music] Automat - Nematod [Suyatronik] London Modular Alliance - Blinky [Infiltrate] The Droid - Invasion [Digital Distortions] ScanOne - Skip [Combat Recordings] Sputnik One - Gnaw [R&S Records] Leftfield - Phat Planet (Version 2) [Hard Hands] Ste - The Missing Lunchbox [Infiltrate] Fedele & Sharp Felon - Vampire Electronics (Extended Mix) [Turbo] Fleck ESC - Fantastic Factory [Diffuse Reality] Alex Jann - CMD CNTR [Dance Trax] Star-kid, Gamma Intel 543ff - Three City Firm [Cultivated Electronics] Cyan85 - Contamination Ph0nk [Voitax] Cosmox - Electrostress [Cultivated Electronics] Sync 24 & Radioactive Man - Downforce [Weapons Of Desire] Cyan85 - Low Frequency Phantasy [Voitax] Tell Her - Meadow - (N-TER remix) [Death Bunker] Volruptus - We Are the Cyborgs [bbbbb recors] Larionov & St Theodore - Infinity Abyss [Craigie Knowes] Cyan85 - Elektro Offens1ve [Voitax] Sync 24 & Radioactive Man - Downforce (Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Weapons of Desire] Fear-E - Metallic Trip [Fear-E] Pizzaboy - Just Stop It [The Bunker New York] DJ Haus - Bit Too Deep (SHED Remix) [Unknown to the Unknown] Drvg Cvltvre - You Are Made Of Offal (Exterminador Remix) [Diffuse Reality Records] StacEmp - Stacey's Sex Tape [Steel City Dance Discs] Phyzikal Flex - My Gunz [Parallax Recordings] Skee Mask - IT Danza [Ilian Tape] Los Hermanos Rodriguez - Gymnasty [Bunker Records] Volruptus - Top 10 BIZZARE Discoveries Science STILL Can't Explain [bbbbb recors] Late Night Approach - Overbridge (Fastgraph Remix) [Klakson] Skee Mask - Reefer Madness [Ilian Tape] Kouslin & Logan - Bad (L U C Y remix) [Durkle Disco] Blawan - 40 Spiral [Ternesc] De Moew - Duken [Flash Recordings] Brad Lee - Fragile Mind [Mona Records] Quail + AISHA - Priority One [Soma] Peder Mannerfelt - Sissel & Bass (OnScreenActor Remix) [Peder Mannerfelt] Alden Tyrell - Lash Out [Clone Basement Series] DJ Angeldu$t - Pr3scr1pt10n P00lz Vip Mix [TXTRL] ceili - Rough N Ready [Obscuur Records] Pilo - Axiom 13 [Boysnoize Records] Modig - Latissimus (Blawan Remix) [Soma] Locked Club - What [TRAM Planet] joeFarr - On Further Inspection [Turbo] Mall Grab - Take Down Enemies (Special Request Splurgecore Mix) [Looking For Trouble] Locked Groove - Eden (TML Remix) [Hotflush Recordings] OnScreenActor - Tachi [Kaos] Ćyan ID - Cell Of Glory [Obscure Unfound] Dax J & UVB - Killer & Clutch [Monnom Black] Casper Hastings - Killa (Sancta Sanctorum Remix) [Sticky Ground] Tommy Holohan - Subaru Impreza [Rave Selekts] Monrella - Main Whipping [Trauma Collective] Hiroaki Iizuka - Glow (Grovskopa Remix) [Soleil Records] ManniDee - What To Do [DSNT] AQXDM - Infrared [Houndstooth]

18) BRAWLcast 203 :: Mallory – If I Lied It Would Be The Truth

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 15:53:51 +0000
[powerpress] Struction – Ai [R&S] J Tijn – Horn Lane V2 Karl Bult – System [Polegroup] Exium – Orbital Decay [Nheoma] Hiroaki Iizuka – Floating Point [THEM] Slam – Corridors [Soma] Cassegrain – Local God [Arcing Seas] Kwartz – Slow Motion [Polegroup] Myler – Maybe [Eartoground] Kangding Ray – Khat … Continue reading

19) BRAWLcast 299 Data Raven - Philotic Entanglement

Fri, 17 Jul 2020 15:58:48 +0200
Dom & Roland - Sandcrawler [Dom & Roland Productions] Dom & Roland - Replicate [Dom & Roland Productions] Felix K - Emotion [Nullpunkt] Thing - Spirit Of Eden [DubThing] Midik - Z-LINE [Samsara Beats] Thing - Come Again [DubThing] Arena Girlfriend - Kookaburra [Arena Girlfriend] Gunston - Cold Bluntz [Weapons Of Choice] Brain - Fattie [Citate Forms] Ed:it & Pennygiles - Set Theory [Computer Integrated Audio] Arcatype - Ploy [Vandal Records] Black Barrel & Nymfo - Get Stuck [Dispatch Recordings] Creatures - Hunter [Flexout Audio] Walk:r - Oscillate [Guidance] T>I - Foot Drop [Critical Music] Particle - Thermal [Critical Music] Law & Wheeler - Chemtrails [Repertoire] Zerx & Lok - Needle [Citate Forms] Invadhertz - Computers Are Learning (Ill Truth Remix) [Flexout Audio] Trex - Shut Down [Delta9 Recordings] Amoss - The Antidote [Amoss] Nymfo & Martyn - What's Happening [Metalheadz]

20) BRAWLcast 202 :: Horror Brawl – Consumer-urge Subsonics

Fri, 13 Jan 2017 13:23:11 +0000
[powerpress] 214 – Fuel Cells [Central Processing Unit] Dr Floyd – Iron Mother Rhythm [Datarocket Unlimited] Jacen Solo – Zatoichi [Digital Distortions] Like A Tim – Milkshake [Djax-Up-Beats] The Persuader – Central Bron (Birdy Remix) [Svek] Thatboytim – Nightwatch Application – Theme From [Dust Science] Blixaboy – Comet [Central Processing … Continue reading