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OSCAR DE RIVERA Stereo Productions Podcast 540

Fri, 05 Jan 2024 01:43:00 +0000
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Oscar de Rivera boasts an illustrious career over three decades, marked by steadfast commitment, outstanding craftsmanship, and unyielding self-assurance. Across his musical odyssey, Oscar has showcased a fluid adaptability and mastery that transcends diverse electronic music genres, seamlessly maneuvering from the depths of Deep House to the forefront of underground and avant-garde sounds. His versatility and musical prowess shine through as he effortlessly traverses various styles, leaving an enduring impact on the industry. Oscar's unwavering dedication to his art solidifies his stature as an icon in the vibrant landscape of Spanish electronic music.  01. Oscar de Rivera - Blue Velvet (DJ CHUS Remix)  02. Senzala - Taoism  03. EdiP - TRIP TWO  04. Daniel Rateuke - SINAYU  05. DJ Chus & Danny Serrano -  Selvatico (Bootleg Vocal Mix)  06. Danny Serrano - Que Dice Papa  07. Tomy Wahl, Alain Fanegas - ABSENCE (CHUS Voices Private Edit)  08. Pacho & Pepo - People  09. Julian Collazos, Drumworks - Sisterhood 10. DJ Chus, D-Formation - New Dawn 11. CASSIMM - Dances with Wolves (Chus & Ceballos Remix) 12. DJ Dep - LET'S GO DANCING 13. Johan Mila - Rodeo Drive 14. Chus & Ceballos - ALL I WANT (Feat. Astrid Suryanto) (Technasia Remix)