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In Stereo Radio Show is Dj Chus' weekly radio show where he presents his uniques and global vision of Electronic Music. Every week you can delight your hears with the best music played by Dj Chus in sets for the best clubs all around the world.

Show Episodes

1) CHUS | LIVE FROM MADRID | Stereo Productions Podcast 447

Fri, 25 Mar 2022 11:00:49 +0000
Chus is back again with a live recorded mix at his hometown Madrid, In his residency club LAB Madrid for the Black Heart Party, Enjoy the show!! 01. Daniel Rateuke - Kofi (Cioz Remix) 02. Animal Trainer - Let Me Sing 03. Disciples - They Don’t Know (Dosem Remix) 04. Daniel Rateuke - Or Stay Alive feat. Ursula Rucker 05. Tosz - Prayer (GRAZZE Remix) 06. Pele, Shawnecy - Funky Flowers 07. Jimi Jules - Pushing On (Calussa Edit) 08. Nelli - Apollo 09. Ali Termos, Salvo Migliorini - Ederlezi (Amir Telem Remix) 10. Steve Ward, Sean V - Chartreuse Verte (Technasia Remix) 11. Moojo, Gabsy - Vamonos 12. Oliver Koletzki - Copal (Super Flu Remix) 13. Diplo & Damian Lazarus - Don’t Be Afraid (Cioz Remix) 14. Ultra Nate - Free (Acapella) 

2) MALÓNE | Stereo Productions Podcast 446

Sat, 19 Mar 2022 16:04:47 +0000
Malone, Cuban born rising dj/producer from Miami has been coming up through the underground music scene as of late... With releases on labels such as Stereo, Saved, Toolroom, Club Sweat, Abracadabra and many more underground imprints. The artist is set to have a very strong 2021 and continue his growth throughout the underground ranks of the scene.. 01. Malóne & Calussa - ID (Unreleased Hurry Up Slowly) 02. Calussa & Sebastian Rivero - San Juan (Band&dos Remix) 03. Savage & She - Spirits Of Sian Ka’an 04. Stylo & Space Motion - ID (Unreleased Hurry Up Slowly) 05. Blond:ish & Malóne (Ft Archila) - ID (Unreleased Abracadabra) 06. Calussa & Malóne - More Life (After Hours Mix) 07. Malone & PAUZA - Muy Bien 08. Dj Unique (LB), Bobbi - Flames Ft. Bobbi Fallon (Black Circle Remix)  09. Caravaca - One 10. Joeski - A La Vida Ft. Xiomara Torres, Adrian Viafara 11. Klaus - Terra (&lez interpretation) 12. Eran Hersh - Ale Ale 13. Malóne & The Kimonos - Bana (Blond:ish Touch Edit)

3) CALUSSA | Stereo Productions Podcast 445

Sat, 12 Mar 2022 18:41:03 +0000
Calussa consists of two brothers, Andrew and Gino Gomez, born in Miami with family roots from Cuba. Their distinctive production ties in with their Cuban roots and varies from Afro to underground sounds with undertones of global rhythms. Most well known for their imprint, “Hurry Up Slowly” - they have paved a bright road ahead in the underground ranks. 01. Rony Seikaly - Envidia Feat. Sasha 02. Le Croque, atsou, Bobbi Fallon - Bird Of Soul (Daniel Rateuke Remix) 03. Calussa – ID (unreleased) 04. Moojo - Vamonos w/ Watch The Sunrise (Calussa Edit) 05. Calussa, Sebastian Rivero - San Juan (Band&dos Remix) 06. Dum K – Flame 07. Joeski, Gorge – Jogo  08. Luis Kill - Siembra tu Flor ft. SR.Olmo 09. Calussa – Nara 10. Ian Ludvig, Darksidevinyl- Nuru w/ Eleanor Rigby (Calussa Edit)  11. Space Motion & Tebra – Tamba Lamba 12. Calussa, Malone – Bessame (After Hours Mix) 13. Drush – Pushing on Yolo (Calussa Edit) 14. Eran Hersh – Ale Ale w/ Hide U (Calussa Edit)

4) CHUS | LIVE FROM CARACAS | Stereo Productions Podcast 444

Fri, 04 Mar 2022 09:56:16 +0000
Chus is back again with an extraordinary mix recorded during his last visit to one of his favorites countries in the world, Venezuela, in an impressive open-air event at Hotel Tamanaco in Caracas; here you have one hour set, but if you want to listen to the entire show, please visit Chus official Mixcloud or Soundcloud page! 01. ANOTR - Bend 02. Angata Feat. Fanta Konè - Nabodayera (Kiko Navarro Remix) 03. ADDFX, DOOD - Jingo 04. Jam Rumi - Oasis Midnights 05. Mark Fanciulli - The Tide (Joris Voorn Edit) 06. Betoko, Aaron Suiss - Paralyz 07. Rodrigo Laffertt - Sacrilegio 08. Elkins & Jaqobson - Alba (Hot Since 82 Remix) 09. DJ Angelo - Way Out 10. Lexa Hill - Sambero 11. Arodes - Where do we go (Malone Remix) 12. Super Flu - Spacehip 13. Joeski - A la Vida

5) AMINE K | Stereo Productions Podcast 443

Sun, 27 Feb 2022 17:52:15 +0000
Amine K’s progressive sounds, direct a journey, deep and united. It’s about feeling a connection on the dance floor with a melodic story and organic rhythm. 01. Amine K - Venus 02. Amine K - Apollo (Vocal Mix) 03. First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Dam Swindle Remix) 04. Goom Gum - Innocence 05. Ben Sterling - Dimensions 06. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (The Blockchain Remix) 07. Monolink - Return To Oz (Artbat Remix) 08. Argy - Magic Order 09. David Morales & Elle Cato - I Feel Love (Extended Mix) 10. Pablo Fierro - Before 11. Oum - Temma (Amine K Remix) 12. Alliance Ethnic - Respect (MasterCue Remix)

6) JOESKI | Stereo Productions Podcast 442

Sat, 19 Feb 2022 11:00:00 +0000
This week's episode is hosted by the one & only Joeski, from NYC, with his unmistakable Tribal Deep Dance sound plenty of spiritual moods! . Fueled by his genuine love of the music, there's no doubt that Joeski will continue to evolve both behind the decks and in the studio, captivating new generations of club-goers and maintaining his place as one of dance music's most enduring talents. 01. Joeski - Espiritu De Rumba (Long Ritual Mix) 02. Facondo Mohr - Mondo 03. Joeski - Lost Drums 04. Pauza & Christian Vinci - Sonido de Calle 05. Oscar Mula - Barrio Latino 06. James Deron, Morris Revy - Babe Ye Rona 07. Bruno Zarra - Flauta Urbana (Sylva Drums Remix) 08. Technique & Yaroslove - Revive (Joeski Unerleased Edit) 09. Pablo Fierro - Reincarnation 10. Joeski - Carrion feat Mikael Garcia (Joeski Unreleased Mix) 11. Joeski - A Sunset In Nigeria 12. Dr Feel - Khufu 13. Sean Miller - The Good Life (Joeski Remix)

7) JALAL RAMDANI | Stereo Productions Podcast 441

Tue, 15 Feb 2022 18:50:21 +0000
Born in Marrakech and based in London, Jalal is a DJ and music producer who embodies the essence of tribal and afro sounds. He grew up in an atmosphere of Amazigh and African rhythms that he is authentically overlaying on house music. He released music on all the most respected labels in the world, including Moblack Records, Abracadabra, Madorasindahouse, Wired and more. 01. Jalal Ramdani, ADJUMA ft. Novmula – Impilo 02. La Santa ft. Vuyo Brown – Love Me Now 03. Jalal Ramdani, Team Distant, Mr Silk ft. Mel D – Sesa (Adjuma Remix) 04. Mehdi Nassouli,Omary – Skanja 05. Shimza, Argento Dust – Alone with Acapella Shimza – AfricanWoman 06. Simone Vittulo, Dario D’attis – Afro Skulp 07. Dario Nunez, Moree MK – Kumala 08. Makombay – Amanu Boy 09. Jalal Ramdani, Team Distant, Mr Silk ft. Stevo Atambire – Sake (Chaleee Remix) 10. Jalal Ramdani, PAUZA – ID 11. Manoo, RaoulK ft. Ahmed Sosso – Toukan (Dixon Rework) 12. DJ Satelite – Kemuda Siyeza (Afrotouch Mix) 13. Jalal Ramdani, Mr Silk ft. Lizwi – Imbongi (Enoo Napa Remix)

8) CHUS | LIVE FROM MIAMI | Stereo Productions Podcast 440

Thu, 10 Feb 2022 18:47:32 +0000
Here you have the first episode of the year, DJ CHUS Live from Miami, one hour taken from his latest appearance in Miami for the NYE. DJ and Electronic Music Producer, born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Creator of the pioneering Iberican Sound. His Music style is a delicious blend of Organic House, warm and intense with a vital and deep Tribal essence that fuses naturally with melodic and evolving sounds, percussion rhythms, and drums. A long-haul career based on his self-taught character and his constant defence of musical quality has turned him into one of the industry's most respected DJs. His evolution throughout the past years has led him to the pinnacle of the global music scene. Chus's strength resides in his charisma and the unique and pure way he chooses to engage with people. Chus represents an invaluable legacy of sound, where his blend of styles is his dogma and the quality, his message.  01. Sunlightsquare - Oyelo (Adam Ten & Mita Game Remix) 02. Ninetoes - Finder 03. Shay DT - Work Out of The Woods (Chus Private Edit) 04. Super Flu - Really Really 05. Tony Touch - Sacude (Louie Vega Brooklyn Mix) 06. Space Motion - Adelante 07. A2Z - U Have The Key July 08. Mattei & Omich - Roots (Moon Rocket Remix) 09. Band&Dos, Tony Guerra - From The Ghetto 10. Arodes - Where Do We Go (Malone Remix) 11. Rony Seikaly - Won’t Stop Now feat. Diddy 12. Dalfie - Can’t Think Right Now 13. Prince - When Doves Cry (Private Edit) 14. Sabo, Hot Oasis - Bakhu (DJ Chus Remix)

9) SINVERGÜENZA | Stereo Productions Podcast 439

Fri, 28 Jan 2022 09:49:24 +0000
Sinvergüenza is an Italian Dj with South American origins. He merges his passion for electronic music with the Dutch deep-techno style, adding tribal and African imprints. The final result is a genre that remains mainly deep house, that emerges thanks to the DJ's particular use of various synthesizers and his accuracy in the use of drums. Sinvergüenza is always looking for new sounds and vibrations: that is why his productions are always unique to themselves and enable the artist's style to particularly stand out. TRACKLIST 01. Ben - Bogota 02. Sinvergüenza -  ID 03. Sinvergüenza feat. Al.Ma - Confusion 04. M.E.M.O. - Tai Tai 05. Dood (Gr) - Ritual 06. DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa - Nyakua feat. Idd Aziz 07. Mòo & Jo, Demayä feat. Arkadyan & Eribertho Cruzado - Desperado 08. Manybeat - Papasote 09. Manybeat - Mamasota 10. Natema - Ven (Ahora sì) 11. Kiberu - Ufzag 12. Like That Underground, Kareem Zadd - Waves (La Santa Remix)  13. Sinvergüenza - ID 14. Sinvergüenza - Revelation 15. Jubaba - Ritmo de Bom Bom (Lexa Hill Extended Remix)

10) SOUNDS OF RITUALS | Stereo Productions Podcast 438

Fri, 21 Jan 2022 15:38:38 +0000
Sounds of Ritual is one of the new American talents based in Miami. With an Organic, afro, latin sounds he is conquering the most important clubs with his beautiful sets. TRACKLIST 01. Sean Ae & Rïa Mehta - Saudades (Sunrise Mix) 02. PAAX (Tulum) - Distancias 03. Pablo Fierro- Before 04. Jimmy Sax Black - Surabaya Bali Trip 05. Victor Porfidio & Band&Dos - Diana (Edit) 06. Aaron Sevilla & Fernando Praga - Delirio 07. Uri Mood & Yemi Bolatiwa - Fridays Ain't Got Future 08. Wilgenis Vergara & Luis Sanchez - Farafi 09. Robin M - Love Story 10. Leo Guardo & Toshi - Sikhanyisele (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix) 11. Gianni Romano & Emanuele Esposito Feat. MHE - The Sound of Silence 12. Unknown

11) LE ROI CARMONA | Stereo Productions Podcast 437

Fri, 14 Jan 2022 14:34:10 +0000
Le Roi Carmona is one of the biggest Costa Rican DJs who began his career in Spain, he has multiple influences such as Jazz, progressive rock, trip-hop, and Latin influences. He shared the stage with International Artists and signed with Big labels. TRACKLIST 01. Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona - Imperfect (Beatamines Remix) / Zoo Technique 02. Andre Gazolla, Vanderhansz - Mustafa / Pyramid waves 03. Le Roi Carmona - Taste of the wild / Unreleased 04. Namito, Brams - More Than Just Your Passion / Bar 25 Music 05. Le Roi Carmona, Franco BA, Toni Carrillo - La Colorada / High Pressure Music 06. Senzala - Sit Down / Stereo Productions 07. Le Roi Carmona - Laser Tager (David Herrero Remix) / Huambo Records  08. Robiin, 22 Weeks - Take My Hand / Housetribe Recordings 09. Knober, Sylter - Reload / Unloaded Records 10. Francis De Simone - Flirt / Dark Shades Records 11. Matt Sassari - Give It to me (Full Vocal Mix) / Cr2 Records 12. Jack Morris - Finer things / Sink or Swin 14. Mason Talbot - Cocaina / South Of Saturn TRACK OF THE WEEK Amine K - Apollo / Stereo Productions

12) OSCAR DE RIVERA | Stereo Productions Podcast 436

Fri, 07 Jan 2022 14:44:22 +0000
Oscar de Rivera has a long and successful career, over 30 years, made with constancy, quality, and self-confidence. Oscar evolves perfectly around all the various Electronic music styles, playing from Deep to the most Underground House. 01. Jacob Groening - Nican Feat. Joy Tyson (Unders & Noraj Cue Remix) 02. Amine K - Apollo 03. David Morales & Timmy Regisford Feat.Toshi - Nini, Pt. 2 - (Red Zone Mix) 04. Noncitizens - Lost Trumpet In Space 05. Yør Kultura - Shimming 06. Capoon - Henna 07. Senzala - Sit Down 08. Danny Tenaglia - Ohno (The Air Raid) 09. Stoim - Ego (Echo Deep Remix) 10. D-Formation & Saccao - Ares 11. Cerebral - Titan (Bastinov Remix) 12. Hvob - Butter (Floyd Lavine Remix)

13) CHUS | LIVE FROM BROOKLYN | Stereo Productions Podcast 435

Fri, 31 Dec 2021 16:40:43 +0000
Here you have the last episode of the year, DJ CHUS Live from Brooklyn New York, one hour taken from his latest appearance in New York along with Danny Tenaglia. You can listen the entire set on Chus's Mixcloud. DJ and Electronic Music Producer, born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Creator of the pioneering Iberican Sound. His Music style is a delicious blend of Organic House, warm and intense with a vital and deep Tribal essence that fuses naturally with melodic and evolving sounds, percussion rhythms, and drums. A long-haul career based on his self-taught character and his constant defence of musical quality has turned him into one of the industry's most respected DJs. His evolution throughout the past years has led him to the pinnacle of the global music scene. Chus's strength resides in his charisma and the unique and pure way he chooses to engage with people. Chus represents an invaluable legacy of sound, where his blend of styles is his dogma and the quality, his message.  Here you have the last episode of the year, DJ CHUS Live from Brooklyn New York, one hour taken from his latest appearance in New York along with Danny Tenaglia. You can listen the entire set on Chus's Mixcloud. 01. Jeremiah Asiamah - Bring it 02. Danny Howard - Mr. B 03. Saliva Commandos - We Only Watching The Stars 04. Super Flu - Really Really 05. La Elegancia Prod - Yerba mala Nunca muere 06. Kawtar Sadik, Da Mike - Malayou (Angelo Remix) 07. Ruben Mandolini, Riky Ild - Nonsifa 08. Carl Cox - Dr. Funk (Riva Starr Funk Remix) 09. Eli Brown - Killer (Miane Remix) 10. ANTR - Bend (Chus MURK Private Edit) 11. Michael Aidala - The Untamed (Horatio Remix) 12. Elias (GER) - Cha 13. Joeski - Lessons Learned 14. Riva Starr & Green Velvet - Keep Pushin

14) OMAR LABASTIDA | Stereo Productions Podcast 434

Mon, 27 Dec 2021 22:44:11 +0000
Very few artists have accomplished what Mexican powerhouse DJ & producer Omar Labastida has accomplished in the past 3 decades. Omar’s early career was at the world-famous Blue Parrot in Playa Del Carmen. This easily inserted Omar into the lineup at one of the most important events in the music world and all of Mexico, The BPM Festival. Releasing blockbuster music on labels like Toolroom,, Deeperfect, RAWthenthic , 303 Lovers, Kaluki Younan Music, and his own imprint Riviera Underground. TRACKLIST 01. David Morales & Mr. V - Everyday Of My Life 02. David Herrero - The Present , The Future 03. Omar Labastida & Fhaken - Dime Lo Que Bailas 04. Doons - Delivery 05. Squicciarini - To The Rhythm (Ozgur Uzar Remix) 06. Omar Labastida & Daniel Carrasco - Disco Tech 07. Marco Lys - Keep Looking Around 08. Dateless - Cuando Mueves (Fran Valdivieso Remix) 09. Marshall Jefferson & Solardo - Move Your Body 10. Omar Labastida - Move Your Tetas 11. Saul Antolin - Kelter 12. Disclosure - In My Arms

15) ANGEL HEREDIA | Stereo Productions Podcast 433

Mon, 20 Dec 2021 18:07:14 +0000
Angel Heredia is a Spanish electronic music producer and deejay, His music quickly caught the eye of some of the best promoters and well-renowned National clubs. He is well-known for his Tech-House productions, hitting the Beatport Tech-House Top 100 several times, releasing with top labels. 01. Joe Vanditti - Crazy Town 02. Cosmin Horatiu - Yeyo (GruuvElement's Dub) 03. J Paul Getto - The Devil's Hand 04. Filterheadz - Atlantic (Late Replies Remix) 05. Angel Heredia - Back To The Future 06. Aldo Cadiz, Andre Butano - Tzu-Mani (Paco Osuna & Fer BR Remix) 07. The Martinez Brothers, Fuego - PAP (Pendiente Al Paso) 08. RSquared - Underground 09. Mendo & Angel Heredia - Boys Rules 10. Angel Heredia - In My Head 11. Francis De Simone - Firt 12. Chus & Ceballos - Lost in Music Feat. Cevin Fisher (Hector Couto Remix)
13. Level Groove - OOHYES 14. Fabio Neural, DJ Fronter - Tribalism 15. Peter Brown, The Cube Guys - Do You Want To Play House 16. Chus & Ceballos, Oscar L - Da Da Dam (Siege Remix) 17. Angel Heredia - Mun3 18. Angel Heredia - Hardgroove Return 19. Nic Fanciulli, Retna - This is Life 20.Imanol Molina - Gold Skies (Ki Creighton & Makanan Remix)

16) HECTOR COUTO | Stereo Productions Podcast 432

Mon, 13 Dec 2021 12:41:14 +0000
Often referred to as one of the most consistently pioneering artists of his generation, the Tenerife bred DJ/Producer comes with an impressively commendable back-story. In an industry well known for overnight success due to monopolization and consumer-driven demands, Hector is an outstanding example of what playing the long game and staying true to yourself can get you if you put your heart and soul into it. This week new track is 'Apollo' by Amine K released in Stereo Productions 01. Urulu – Flight Pattern 02. Archie Hamilton - Waisted 03. Ben Sterling – The Whipp 04. Latmun - Who Knew 05. Harvy Valencia - Ritmo Para Moverte 06. Miguel Lobo, Mene – Back Seat 07. Kreature - Excuse Me (Rendher Remix) 08. Shaf huse – Flu Mod 09. Unknown 10. Haynes – Party n bullshit 11. Proudly People - Jam's Groove 12. Point G, Traumer – Locoliente (Hector Couto Secret Edit) 13. Blackchild (ITA) – Yo Vivo En La Isla 14. Iglesias – Who’s Right? 15. Amine K - Apollo

17) RAFAEL DRAGER | Stereo Productions Podcast 431

Sun, 05 Dec 2021 21:01:35 +0000
Rafael Draeger one of the current top Venezuelan producers with a formidable release record with his work on highly regarded labels and collaborations under his name. In the past year, he reached the top 10 Afro House charts several times on the popular download sites. His success comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen Rafael Drager DJ live or tuned in to one of his productions. With a blend of sophistication and fresh sounds, his sets are expressive adventures in melodies and grooves that never fail to captivate. 01. Everything Changes (Da le Havana Remix)  02. Makasi (David Mayer Remix) 03. Passion (Guzzk) 04. Wemilere (Da le Havana Remix) 05. Ynes (DarksideVinyl Remix) 06. Nobody (Ian Ladvig Remix) 07. Dream ( Dum K ) / Switch Lab  08. Nuru (Ian Ladvig & DarksideViny) 09. Seps Sizophumalela (Kintar, queen Rami) 10. Mirror of Your Soapadai (D'al Senio) 11. Zamekile featuring Lizwi (Cee ElAssaad, Vanco, Lizwi)  12. This Is (Rafael Drager & Sebastian Rivero)

18) CHUS | HALLOWEEN 2021 | Stereo Productions Podcast 430

Fri, 26 Nov 2021 19:47:07 +0000
The Big Boss is back to Stereo Productions Podcast with an amazing Live Set recorded at Halloween 2021 in Flash, Washington DC. Don't miss the Killer show! TRACKLIST 01. Federico Fioretti - Nocturnal Animals 02. Armandd G - La Cumbae 03. Steve Aguirre, Dum K - Let Me Be 04. Kawtar Sadik, Da Mike- Malayou (feat. Kawtar Sadik) Angelos Remix 05. Daniel Rateuke - Kofi (Cioz Remix) 06. Ella, Mattei & Omich - Roots (Moon Rocket Remix) 07. Jeremiah Asiamah - Bring It 08. Matthias (RU) - Legion 09. Levi Lenz - Ouura 10. Saliva Commandos - We Only Watching The Stars 11. THEMBA (SA) - Izindlu feat. Lizwi (Dense & Pika Remix) 12. Satir Monter - Aguila Del Monte feat. Martina Camargo 13. Cee ElAssaad, Bayaka (IT), Dobet Gnahore - Koko (Instrumental) 14. Space Motion - Adelante Original Mix

19) DA MIKE | Stereo Productions Podcast 429

Fri, 19 Nov 2021 18:52:56 +0000
Da Mike, one of the most talented House DJs & producers in Greece, already performed with some of the most well-known DJs in the House music scene globally like Black Coffee, Manoo, Culoe De Song, Keinemusik, Themba, Pablo Fierro, Osunlade. 01. Alex Niggemann - Jewels 02. Kiberu - Ufzag 03. Hyenah - The Greed 04. Angelos & Da Mike - Corvo 05. Homeboyz ft. Kyaku Kyadaff - Nkolwa (DJEFF Remix) 06. Francis Mercier, Magic System - Premier Gaou (FNX Omar Remix) 07. Mowgan, MoBlack ft. Fanta Sayon - Tubani (MoBlack Remix) 08. &LEZ - Leave My Shadow 09. Kashovski - Inside My Head (Moojo Remix) 10. Joeski, DJ Chus - El Amor (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)

20) ARMANDD G | Stereo Productions Podcast 397 | Week 15 2021

Fri, 09 Apr 2021 06:05:45 +0000
Armandd G, is an entrepreneur, promoter, DJ, and former club owner, with a 15 years career in electronic music in Guatemala. He started contributing to the scene as a promoter opening plenty of legendary and renowned nightclubs, where he has hosted renowned artists from many genres. As a result of his trajectory, Armandd G signed in some labels, such as Stereo Productions, Habitat Label, Xima Records, Nervous, Incorrect music, Klaphouse records, Worms Records, 1994 music, Serranos Kitchen. TRACKLIST: 01. Leonel Camp, Kamilo Sanclemente - The End Comes After Me Feat. Luli Diaz 02. Band&dos – Bele Bele Feat. Samia 03. Namy - More Than Paradise 04. Tektonauts, Armandd G - La Aguja (Miami Edit) 05. Elias Kazais - Jomo 06. Purø, Edward Sivira – Mi Pueblo 07. DJ Chus – World Routes 08. Frigid Armadillo – Roam In A Day 09. Armandd G, Frigid – Gaia (Araguz, Tektonauts Remix) 10. Tektonauts, Armandd G - Wahiba (Tini Garcia Remix) 11. Band&dos – Spiritual Roots 12. Teklix – The Tribal Code 13. 2 Tall Keith, Eileen Jaime – Calinda