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BRAWLcast 317 / Horror Brawl - Model Form Defender

Wed, 27 Jan 2021 21:36:55 +0100
288.5 MB, 1:59:53,

Anz - Gary Mission [Hessle Audio]
Bionics - Kafka [Studio Rockers]
Neil Landstrumm - Chincy [Exit Records]
DJ Detox & 3diz - Planet Gigi [Mechatronica]
False Persona - Assisted Pulse [False Persona]
Ubahnrider - Poppin' it since '86 (Drip Tool) [Ubahnrider]
General Ludd - Stentor Polymorphus [Don't Be Afraid]
Anz - Helps Your Two Hips Move [2 B REAL]
Syrte - Sensitive Dependence On Initial Conditions [Science Cult]
Go Nuclear - Torture Chamber (Detroit's Filthiest remix) [Bass Agenda]
No Moon - Wasp City [Craigie Knowes]
The Droid - Attack [Digital Distortions]
Datawave - Floatation [AC Records]
_codebox - code_x [Frustrated Funk]
Extra Terrestrial - Passive Aggressive [Trouble Maker]
Arsonist Recorder - Zonder [Bass Agenda Recordings]
London Modular Alliance - Super Hang On [Censor Music]
SELFHOOD - Ample Divide [WERD Records]
VIGILE - Empty Space [Reverie Recordings]
Shawn Cartier - Parking Lot [Carouse]
Shawn Cartier - Parking Lot (VIGILE Remix) [Carouse]
Detroit's Filthiest - Dark Shadows [Bass Agenda]
Ottonian - Feel Real [Dual Story Records]
Assembler Code - Line Of Sight [Avoidant]
DJ Mell G - B1TCHES EVERYWHERE [childsplay]
Mani Festo - 2L Turbo [Mechatronica]
Fear-E - Feel So Good [Fear-E]
Pessimist - Ridge Racer Revolution [Ilian Tape]
Private Caller - You [Hoover Sound]
Blackmass Plastics - Down Periscope
Voidloss - Oil And Crows [Singularity Recordings]
R-Zone - Red Rave #1 [R-Zone]
LMajor - Something For Your Mind [Club Glow]
Norwell - Ultima Thule [Mechatronica]