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North Wales Techno 4 hr New Years Eve Special 2017/18 with Tecnonaut, ODD-E-C, TGR & Richie Q

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 19:28:12 +0000
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The good people at Techno.FM agreed to let us broadcast our party for you live on New Years Eve 2017/18, so here is a free download of our 4 hour show for your listening pleasure...
First up was Tecnonaut with a gritty old skool vinyl set, before handing over to FunkT resident DJ ODD-E-C for what can only be described as a frenetic hour of relentless driving bass. You can tell he enjoyed this set... New Years Eve was seen in with a back 2 back vinyl set from FunkT boss TGR & Richie Q.
And yes, it was only my second time with a mic, and yes, i need practice... I Know! ;)
Happy New Year!
Peace and Love, Q x