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1) Remain Podcast 77 - Axel Karakasis

Wed, 22 Sep 2016 15:20:10 +0200
iTunes: bit.ly/1fwbZiT Soundcloud: bit.ly/bUOCeS Youtube: bit.ly/1p6swLV Mixcloud: bit.ly/1g14mLJ Tracklist: Not Available

2) Tom Hades - Rhythm Convert(ed) Podcast Series 277

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 21:48:01 +0200
Every week, the latest and best of techno from Tom Hades & Rhythm Convert(ed) artists.

3) Behind The Iron Curtain 273 with UMEK

Mon, 26 September 2016 10:38:20 +0300
The weekly series will give a chance to unknown and talented producers to showcase their work in the “Cloud Stand Out” part, where Umek will singlehandedly pick his weekly choice of interesting tunes, uploaded to Soundcloud. In “Eastern Flavor” listeners will get to know what DJs from Eastern European studios have to offer, while in the “Look Back Track” Umek will take you back in time to present the tracks that inspired him and dance floors worldwide in the past. Focusing on what the future brings us, a two-time Beatport Artist of the year will make a “Prognosis”, featuring what he thinks will shake the clubs and festivals in the following weeks.Umek’s own imprint [1605] will of course have a special place in the show. Every week a new “Sixteenofiver” will be presented on air and have a chance to play their track to millions of listeners worldwide.A one-hour show will wrap up with “Propaganda”, where listeners will get to enjoy a unique guest mix.

4) Rebel Mix #195 ft Ale Zaccaria - Sept24.2016

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 02:03:30 +0000
Music producer, remixer and label owner based in Italy, born in Bolzano. Signed to Hotfingers, Guesthouse Music, Bonanza Records, Nine Sounds. Ale Zaccaria kicked off his career officially when he becomes resident of Rise Club (Bolzano) one of the most popular Club in North of Italy. In these years he has shared the DJ booth with artists such as Luca Agnelli, Emanuele Inglese, Gray, Joe T. Vannelli and many others: his reputation grew increasingly in size and importance. First release came in 2014 when Ale signed his debut track called “Deep In The Night” on WeAreMusic Records, which instantly hit the Beatport TOP100. So far he’s released with notable labels like Guesthouse Music, Hotfingers, Bonanza Records gaining great support from all around. Alongside his releases, Ale Zaccaria operates his own label by the name “NoMatter Records” in collaboration with another Producer and friend: Hotmân. Ale Zaccaria has a lot of dates and projects going on these times, so stay tuned for some hot news. http://alezaccaria.com/ www.rebelmix.fm

5) Transmissions 145 | Kaiserdisco

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0000
Transmissions 145 with Kaiserdisco 01.M.I.T.A - Soul Mate [AnalyticTrail Rec] 02.Fabio Neural, Kaiserdisco - Stay With Me [Unrilis] 03.Jona vs Wind - How's The Freefall (Kaiserdisco Bootleg) [White] 04.Flug & Mike Craven - No Stress [Nonlinear Systems] 05.Kaiserdisco - Crackpot [100% Pure] 06.Richie Santana - Relentless [KD RAW] 07.Nun - No Self [Ego Death] 08.Kaiserdisco - Seismic [100% Pure] 09.Julian Jeweil - Eight [Form Music] 10.Paco Marcelo - Edera [Loose Records] 11.Richie Santana - Random Music [KD RAW] 12.Gregor Tresher - The Kraken [Break New Soil] 13.Etai Tarazi - Fantasia [Break New Soil] 14.Johannes Heil - By Night Part Three [Odd Even]
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