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1) am/fm | 115

Mon, 22 May 2017 13:05:02 +0200
This week´s AMFM is the first hour of a 9.5h set that I played at Concrete in Paris on May 7th 2017. The French Techno Scene has had a revival as big as I haven’t really seen it before in any other countries. Since about 5-6 years France has managed to really come back into the circle of countries where Techno and House music play a major cultural role. By now there are many amazing events and clubs all over France and one major driver of that scene and one of the places to be, is the club Concrete in Paris. This is not the first podcast of mine that comes out of this beautiful club on a boat on the river Seine. I have been playing Concrete regularly in the past years and enjoyed every minute of it. I also played many all night long gigs, but nothing like this one beginning of May. Now that the club has a license to stay open longer, I was told a week before, that I could play till 9:30 in the morning if I wanted to, starting of course at midnight, when the main floor opens. Besides the fact that I love playing opening sets (you will see me doing this for HYTE in Ibiza a couple of times again in the main room of Amnesia this summer), it is something special at Concrete. Once the doors open, it only takes about 10-20 min, till the place is packed, so not much time to fool around in the beginning, but also not to smash it right away, since you know you have another 9h to go. Playing those long sets is always an adventure, you never know where you end up and you are subject to many different factors. I did prepare a little more than usual for this gig, so I picked some special old goodies and had them in mind to drop them here and there. Lets´s see if you can spot them. This night, I must say, went incredibly well, but that is not only due to the nice staff and promoters, it is mostly thanks to that open minded beautiful audience, that is willing to join you on a journey through the night - as cheesy that might sound now - but that ´s what it is. So I hope you enjoy this long ride right here on AMFM in the next weeks. Remember, you get one hour each week and after 9 weeks, you will have the whole set, with only little of my talking, as I give you most info here in my set report. I wanna thank the Paris Clubbers again for pushing me through such a long night with such a great vibe. Concrete rocks and I can’t wait to be back. Comments always welcome :) Enjoy!

2) Behind The Iron Curtain 307 with UMEK

Mon, 22 May 2017 10:00:01 +0300
The weekly series will give a chance to unknown and talented producers to showcase their work in the “Cloud Stand Out” part, where Umek will singlehandedly pick his weekly choice of interesting tunes, uploaded to Soundcloud. In “Eastern Flavor” listeners will get to know what DJs from Eastern European studios have to offer, while in the “Look Back Track” Umek will take you back in time to present the tracks that inspired him and dance floors worldwide in the past. Focusing on what the future brings us, a two-time Beatport Artist of the year will make a “Prognosis”, featuring what he thinks will shake the clubs and festivals in the following weeks.Umek’s own imprint [1605] will of course have a special place in the show. Every week a new “Sixteenofiver” will be presented on air and have a chance to play their track to millions of listeners worldwide.A one-hour show will wrap up with “Propaganda”, where listeners will get to enjoy a unique guest mix.

3) Mantis Radio 234 + Metalogue

Mon, 22 May 2017 01:00:00 GMT
Mantis Radio 234 + Metalogue London’s cinematic industrialist Metalogue provides the Mantis Radio session this week. There’s music from Max Cooper, Umor Rex, Forest Swords, Inland, Whirling Hall Of Knives, Peverelist, She Spread Sorrow and The I.L.Y’s. Show playlist available at Darkfloor.

4) Transmissions 179 | Sean Collier

Mon, 22 May 2017 00:00:00 +0000
Transmissions 179 with Sean Collier 01.Sean Collier - Needle Damage [Transmit Recordings] 02.Hybrasil - Breasal [Intacto] 03.Barbuto - Cicadas [Phobiq] 04.Philip Bader - The Trip [Elevate] 05.Hollen - Rawer (Metodi Hristov) [Set About] 06.&lez - Colybri (Paco Osuna) [Mindshake Records] 07.Loco & Jam - The Crazies [Terminal M] 08.Matt Sassari - Relax [Tronic] 09.Layton Giordani - Sometimes [Drumcode] 10.Atroxx - Self Destruct [AnalyticTrail] 11.Loco & Jam - Endless Piano [Terminal M] 12.Steve Shaden - Oxygen [Phobiq] 13.Thomas Hoffknecht - RTCH (Brian Sanhaji) [District4] 14.Atroxx - WYKYS [AnalyticTrail]

5) Naked Lunch PODCAST #255 - ROBI SUSS

Sat, 20 May 2017 09:32:49 +0100
  TThis week’s Naked Lunch Podcast is straight from the underground. Robi S.U.S.S is part of the Subversion, Underground Sound System, based of Wales UK. He is involved with many quality techno events there, and has been featured on Naked Lunch Records. His latest release can be found on our label Onh.Cet Records, make sure to get your copy now! For bookings in Portugal email us at info [@] nakedlunchagency.com Visit us at www.nakedlunchagency.com or
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