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DeepMorals | DPMRLS - techno / techhouse DJ & producer.
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[: Deep Morals means being raised by principles of deep frequencies where most of the energy lies at. When you hear dance music, you need to feel it, feel the incoming waves of low frequencies... kick & bass... like heartbeat & blood flow... Producing music as DeepMorals is obligation to the crowd to bring the energy of deep waves and harmonic hights spreading over the dancefloor.
Deep frequency transmits a pure sensible energy...feel it

If you want to use my tracks for DJ mixes, you are welcome to contact me.

Show Episodes

1) DeepMorals of Techno | Machac Set 2019

Fri, 02 Aug 2019 14:27:34 +0000
Set for Machac Festival, full of energetic, mesmerizing and deepful techno :) enjoy!

2) DeepMorals of Techno | Podcast for TechnøCardia #30

Thu, 09 May 2019 10:46:32 +0000
My pleasure to create a guestmix podcast for my friend Høvädzia, who runs great movement called TechnøCardia. Give it a listen and enjoy! Peace, love.

3) DeepMorals Of Techno | Podcast 1810

Thu, 04 Oct 2018 13:28:45 +0000
DeepMorals Of Techno | Podcast 1810 by DPMRLS . DeepMorals

4) DeepMorals of Techno | Elements w/DJ Boss (reconstruction of live warmup set before DJ Boss)

Mon, 28 May 2018 09:11:00 +0000
Set is a short reconstruction of live warmup set before DJ Boss @ Elements Club Trencin, Slovakia.

5) DeepMorals of Techno | New Years @ IXEL Club Bratislava - podcast set recreation

Thu, 04 Apr 2019 17:08:13 +0000
DeepMorals of Techno - podcast series from DPMRLS. This time I decided to recreate a portion of my set played at IXEL Club in Bratislava on last day of 2018. It is full of nice energic techno stuff so enjoy listening. Share, comment, spread love.