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Techno Recommends Radio 338 - Max Kane

Fri, 04 Aug 2023 14:49:20 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio 338
with Max Kane

August 4 2023


01. JXXXO, HERS "L.M.Q.L.P.Q." [Suara]
02. William Arist "Whot Is Dis" [Insideout Traxx]
03. Beau Didier & Flits "Trainwreck" [Insideout Traxx]

Future Focus
04. Tensic "Groundwork" (West Code Remix) [PHTM]

05. CULT "Wear It Out" [Disintegrated]
06. Lasse, Flits "Raw" [Suara]
07. CULT "It's In The Hips" (Alec Dienaar Remix) [Disintegrated]
08. Isaiah "Thang Long"
09. Nicolas Vogler "Suave" (Beau Didier & Flits Remix) [Suara]

TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week
10. CULT "Manipulated Funk" [Disintegrated]

11. Chontane "Cumaru" [Mutual Rytm]
12. Disguised "The Pyro Manager" [Suara]
13. Gieszack "Who" [Out Rage Records]
14. Ned Bennett "Pegasus" [Transition]
15. Olvk, Alex Vigo, JI Chaparro "Rio" [Intuition Recordings]
16. JØNAS "Assured" [Imminent Records]
17. Sandro Mure "Gier" [Kube Records]
18. SveTec "Light" [TELETECH]
19. Destroyer "Not Today" [Animasola Records]
20. Sandro Mure "Nobody" [DSR Digital]
21. JØNAS "Obey" [Monasterio Records]
22. Golpe "Rave Me Harder" [Nucleon]
23. HRDDMAT "Una Noche En Córdoba" (Buchecha Remix) [Tekgen Records]