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Solidarity session 2020

Fri, 20 Mar 2020 19:48:18 +0000
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This session is dedicated to all people who are at home without being able to leave, to all those affected by the coronavirus, and thanks to all sanitary people, services, are fighting every day to save lives to end this virus, together we can get it, greetings from Barcelona.
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Tienezo - Ciel (Original Mix)
Alain Fanegas - Change (Marc Molina Mix)
Brian Cid - Be One (Original Mix)
Klens - Protea (Original Mix)
Riggel - Images (Original Mix)
BLANCAh - Walk In Clouds (Original Mix)
Luman - Cantabri (Original Mix)
Maurice Camplair - The Lioness (Heinrich & Heine Remix)
Tomy Wahl, Alain Fanegas - Sequence (Original Mix)
Ala Chokri - Origin (Original Mix)
Mauro Masi - Danahi (Original Mix)
Pysh, Rageed William - Tabula Rasa feat. (Original Mix
Tienezo - Two (Original Mix)
Tienezo - Mirage (Original Mix)
Tienezo - Souffle (Original Mix)
Austin Martin - Avenge (Original Mix)
Enchanted Kids - Story of Consciousness (Original Mix)