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Techno Recommends Radio 297 - Max Kane

Mon, 15 Nov 2021 09:04:18 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio
Episode 297 with Max Kane

November 12 2021

2 hours of titanic techno goodness on this week's TR Radio with Max Kane serving up masses of malaise melting musical marvels.

Deeper records come from Vinicius Honorio, Pfirter, Hans Bouffmyhre, Axel Karakasis & more in Hour 1.

We go harder in the 2nd hour with huge tracks by SveTec, Mython, Schiere, Atze Ton & the Techno Recommended - Record of the Week from Shadym.


01. Vinicius Honorio "Borrowed Time" [Modularz]
02. Pfirter "Birth" [Odd/Even]
03. Ian Axide "Inside" [Emphatic Records]
04. Stephen Mahoney "Outpost" [Children of Tomorrow]
05. Vinicius Honorio "Vibrations" [Modularz]
06. Burakcan Yilmaz, AVCI "Unusual Rites" [Trau-ma]
07. DJ Dextro "Obscurantism" [Naked Lunch]
08. Axel Karakasis "Suchergebnisse" [Remain Records]

Future Focus
09. Hans Bouffmyhre "Green Lights" [Sleaze Records]

10. Alberto Tolo "Compound" [Remain Records]
11. A. Paul, DJ Dextro "Anomalo" [Suara]
12. Mattias Fridell, Alexander Johannson "Karambolage" [Mastoid Kollektive]
13. KMYLE "Catharsis System" (Drumcell Remix) [Arts]
14. A. Paul, DJ Dextro "No Planet For Old Men" [Suara]
15. Sosak "Fairy Lane Headbutt" [Prodigal Son]
16. Volster "The Wolf" (Alarico Remix) [Secession]
17. David Temessi "Grinder" [DSR Digital]

TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week
18. Shadym "Verblendung" [Mad Made]

19. Random Sequence "Sprint" (THD+N Remix) [Nachtsteiger]
20. I-K-O "Forbidden Industry" [DSR Digital]
21. Atze Ton "Black Code" [MiniTek Records]
22. Exil Der Schatten "Dystopian Warfare" [OUTWORLD]
23. Stockholm Syndrome "Fossegrimen" [Expel Your Demons Records]
24. Vrov "Sweet Box" [Khazad Records]
25. Mython "Pyramid" [Out Rage Records]

Headline Mix - Max Kane
26. Y-NØT "Kravos"
27. Minus 25 "Hämmern"
28. Shadym "In Dust We Cover" [Mad Made]
29. Sikztah "Furyan" (SveTec Remix) [Mad Made]
30. Mython "Reverse Funnel" [Out Rage Records]
31. Markus Weigelt "Space Invaders" [ReWasted]
32. SveTec "Lust" [Mad Made]
33. Schiere "Complex" [DSR Digital]