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Techno Recommends Radio 315 - Max Kane

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 14:25:57 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio
with Max Kane

Episode 315
August 19 2022 - Max Kane Extended Headline Mix

Max Kane delivers a 2 hour exclusive, extended Headline Mix on TR Radio this week, including a cavalcade of colossal new Hard Techno cuts.

Expect standout tracks from Mython, Rudosa, Kobosil, SveTec, Fatima Hajji, Vendex, Alt8, Umwelt, Rebekah, Arkane and more!

Check out this week's immense new #TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week from Skoden and a sumptuous #FutureFocus track from Versus.


01. Ottoman Grüw, D-Max "Subversive Machines" (GUS & JORG Remix) [DISSIDANCE]
02. Mython "Die Langen Träume der Jugend" [Darkart]
03. Skoden "Chaotic Mess" [Introspective Rec]
04. Deep Mind Direction "Hyperloop" (Claas Herrmann Remix) [Darkart]
05. Mython "Powers of Ten" [Out Rage Records]
06. Rudosa "Stronger Rhythm" [Moments In Time]
07. SveTec, Fatima Hajji "Shot" [Mad Made]
08. Remco Beekwilder "Moortgat" [EMERALD]

Future Focus
09. Versus "Close Your Eyes"

10. Sakha "Kia Rio" (DJ Ogi Remix) [Trust True Trax]
11. Rudosa "It Is What It Is" [Moments In Time]
12. Danielle Ciuro "Do It Like That" [Khazad Records]
13. Arkane Signal" [Taapion]
14. Rebekah, X-Tension" Rancor" [Soma Records]
15. Exil Der Schatten "Grave Encounters" [Taapion]
16. Mython "Presents Blackout" [Out Rage Records]

TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week
17. Skoden "Trigger Fingers" [Dstm]

18. SveTec, O.B.I. ft HARMONIE "Bounce" [Mad Made]
19. Alt8 "Nein99" [Blackworks]
20. SveTec "Heat" [Blackworks]
21. Zeltak "Venomous" [Darkart]
22. Sub Terra "Scorpion"
23. The Prodigy "Omen" (Skoden Edit]
24. SveTec, Vendex "We All Wear Masks" [Mad Made]
25. Mython "Guilty As Charged" [KREATUR]
26. JØNAS "Reasons" [GENRA41]
27. Rudosa "Inviolable Power" [Moments In Time]
28. Kobosil "Heat" [R-Label Group]
29. EAS "Person Suit" [WarinD]
30. O.B.I. "Red Sky" [R-Label Group]
31. SveTec, Sikztah "We Just Want Some Boom Boom" [Mad Made]
32. Jonas Xenon "Effizient" [Introspective Rec]
33. Luckes, V.O.Y. "Overloaded" [Black Is Black]
34. Umwelt "Codebreaker" [Monnom Black]