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Dungeon Signals Podcast 282 - Tobi Tobermann

Thu, 13 Jan 2022 18:10:46 +0000
217 MB, 01:30:00,

prøgråm [New Years Edition]

17:00_ tobi tobermann [frankfurt, DE]

18:30_ dano c [Rotterdam, NL]

SA 5-8 pm_ pure radio https://pureradio.eu/underground/
SU 5-8 pm_ techno fm https://techno.fm/shows/dungeonsignals

"TOBITOBERMANN", as he calls himself, was born in 1980 and comes from a musical family: both his grandfather and his father were musicians. Together with his own band, the latter even released a record in the 1960s.

TOBTOBERMANN himself learned to read music and play the recorder at the age of four. Two years later, he was introduced to the art of playing the flute. When he was twelve years old, he finally dedicated himself to the organ, which still is his favorite instrument and which he still plays regularly.

Next to his classical musical education, TOBITOBERMANN encountered techno at an early age. In 1995, he listened to the well-known “HR3-Clubnight" for the first time and heard his first, groundbreaking set by the internationally famous DJ “Sven Väth”.

To this day, the latter represents his greatest electronic influence. Väth also inspired his love for the city of Frankfurt am Main, where he has lived and worked since 2007. Besides Sven Väth, he was particularly inspired by the French acid and trance producer “Emmanuel Top”, the live act “Alter Ego”, as well as “Evosonic”, a radio station specializing in electronic dance music, and its host “Chris Liebing”.

In 1997, TOBITOBERMANN had the pleasure to hear a DJ playing techno live for the first time. Among the clubs that particularly shaped him is the legendary "U60311" in Frankfurt am Main. In 1998, he tried out the turntables for the first time ("Technics", of course).

Four years later, he “built” his first own techno track. For many years, he was a loyal guest of the techno scene, but his professional career eventually took him away from the real hustle and bustle.

Nevertheless, techno always remained his great passion. After long years of "abstinence", TOBITOBERMANN again produced an electronic track in 2015 and has been actively back on the decks since 2020. In doing so, he prefers digital DJing and primarily works with "Traktor".

His last sets were dedicated to “Boris Brejcha” and his label "FCKNG SERIOUS". So far, nine of his sets made the second place in the "GLOBAL MIXCLOUD CHARTS" and six sets even reached first place – in only one year. Thus, we can be curious how things will continue with TOBITOBERMANN.


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