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Evolution Radio #056 [techno.fm]- LK

Thu, 02 Mar 2023 21:00:00 +0000
86.8 MB, 01:00:16,

The first Serbian 100% techno radio show. Promoting the biggest tunes and featuring the most talented techno djs from the region plus international guests! Hosted by LK.
Listen to Evolution Radio exclusively on Techno.fm and here on soundcloud!

Raffaele Attanasio - SGR
Raffaele Attanasio - Blazar
Fabian Wegmeth - Nyama Mabé
Blame The Mono - Midrange Mojo
Slam - Grit
Chlär - Vital Force
Goden - Underliner
Goden - Used To (David Strasser Remix)
AZYR - The Bassline Gives Her Ecstacy
Arman John - Late Night Thoughts
Randomer - Shiver
Hush & Sleep (Amstra remix) - Metal Track (Amstra Remix)
Chontane - Cryo