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forward_thinking #039 *live* on techno FM with Richie Q & Paul Elemental

Mon, 08 Nov 2021 18:11:02 +0000
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untitled_techno presents forward_thinking #39

Serving up 2 hours of heavy beats, we present your fortnightly dose of madness & mayhem, acid & hard techno, from some of the worlds best dj's and producers.

Broadcasting from 8pm on Wednesday 6th October *Live* only on techno FM!

Up first is our host Richie Q;

My guest this week is DJ, producer and promotor Paul Elemental.

Paul got his first taste of techno on the London squat party scene during the mid to late 1990’s. Gripped by the energy and passion of the scene, it wasn’t long until he traded the dance floor for the DJ booth, playing at parties by StinkyPink, Every1Sound & Manik, to name but a few.

Turning his hand to promoting, he established, and for 5 years ran the Elemental club night, with great success, at Brixton’s world famous music venue Club 414, until its closure in 2019. He is currently resident noise bringer at Collide, in Birmingham, UK.

Paul has released on Getafix Records, Project 303, and most recently on OB1's no nonsense techno label; Hardcoded, under the alias Bomb Squad.

To say this man is a veteran of the scene would be an understatement! Its a pleasure to bring to you Paul Elemental…

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