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Evolution Radio #043 [techno.fm]- LK

Thu, 06 Jan 2022 21:00:02 +0000
87.5 MB, 01:00:45,

The first Serbian 100% techno radio show. Promoting the biggest tunes and featuring the most talented techno djs from the region plus international guests! Hosted by LK.
Listen to Evolution Radio exclusively on Techno.fm and here on soundcloud!

Nørbak - Palavra de Ordem
Nørbak - Forgiven and Forgotten
Paolo Ferrara - Secret Knights (Illnurse Remix)
Mathys Lenne - I.F.Z.
Antigone - We Are The Soldiers
Keith Carnal - Sitting Around
Keith Carnal - Chauvanistic Pigs
Regent - Eastbound
Antigone - The Quietest
Michael Katana - Fusion Relax
Sara Landry - About Last Night (feat. Shmeep) (999999999 remix)
Jacidorex - Full Metal Jacket