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Techno Recommends Radio 301 - Max Kane

Fri, 21 Jan 2022 15:52:45 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio
with Max Kane

Episode 301
January 21 2022 - Studio Session.

The first Techno Recommends Radio of 2022 sees TR resident Max Kane delivering a riotous 2 hours of Hard Techno action via a brand new studio session.

Expect colossal new music from artists like DAVE The Drummer, Rudosa, Svetec, Sara Landry, Steam Shape, DRAKK, Alt8, Lost Minds and many more.

Check out this week's biggest track - the #TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week & a forthcoming Future Focus record by Bearman...


01. B. Riley "No Good Deed" (Orion 1am Reconstruct) [CMND CTRL]
02. Vinicius Honorio, Orion "Pandi v3" [ANAOH]
03. Claas Herrmann "Focus Lost" [Oskryth]
04. Steam Shape "Metro" [Metaphase]
05. Sara Landry "The Dawn of Time" [Possession]
06. O.B.I. "Second Thoughts" [Suara]
07. Pesante, Mython "Permanent Beta]
08. Modular Method "FCKNCVD" [DSR Digital]

Future Focus
09. Bearman "Slap" [Siverdity Records]

10. Lost Minds "Structural Interruption" [DSR Digital]
11. Andreas Kraemer, Jon Connor "Alpha" [Bulbblejam]
12. Lost Minds "Existence" [DSR Digital]
13. Tiago Santos, Carl Shorts "Supercluster" [Hydraulix]
14. Alt8 "Hope In Darkness" [Moments In Time]
15. Alex TB "Special Affair" [Mad Made]

TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week
16. Sebastian Groth "Stigma" [ReWasted]

17. No Neim "Lost In The Dark" (Minor Dott Hardgroove Remix) [Wicked Waves Recordings]
18. Daniela Haverbeck, Alex TB "Fofinhos Crew" [Clube dos Lenhadores]
19. Mython, Pesante "Echoic Response"
20. Virus D.D.D. "Sophistication" [Mad Made]
21. Bearman "Punch" [Siverdity Records]
22. DRAKK "Bloodstream" [Heist Mode]
23. Minor Dott "Body Fire Move" [Hydraulix]

Headline Mix - Max Kane
24. Zeltak, d.aiff "Boehme" [FLASH Recordings]
25. Tiago Santos, Carl Shorts "Protocol" [Hydraulix]
26. SveTec "Dementia" [Eco Records]
27. Haze-C "Ira" (Sikztah Remix) [Mad Made]
28. Compound X "Sending Me Signals" (Markus Weigelt Remix) [CX Black]
29. Alt8 "Valhalla Calling" (Rudosa Remix) [Moments In Time]
30. SveTec "Fire In My Body" [Mad Made]
31. PETDuo, D.A.V.E. The Drummer "Weapons of Math Destruction" (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) [Hydraulix]