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forward_thinking #23 *live* on techno FM with Richie Q & Jake C.P.M.

Sun, 21 Feb 2021 14:56:54 +0000
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untitled_techno presents forward_thinking #23

Serving up 2 hours of heavy beats, we present your fortnightly dose of madness & mayhem, acid & hard techno, from some of the worlds best dj's and producers.

Broadcasting from 8pm on Wednesday 17th February *Live* only on techno FM!

Opening the show is our host Richie Q;

This weeks guest, representing C.P.M. is Jake;

I’ve been following the C.P.M. on Social for a number of years now.

Consisting of 3 main protagonists, Jake, Nera & Jamie, the Clapton Pond Massive have been putting on parties and generally smashing it for nearly a decade.

Each having their own individual styles, their back to back sets make for an pounding, acid fuelled journey.

I hope to bring you more from C.P.M. in the future, but for now, Jake has the controls...

All shows available for streaming here;


We now also have a You Tube channel where we’ll be uploading sets and livestreams to;


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