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Slam Radio 372 | Newa

Thu, 14 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0000
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Slam Radio 372 with Newa
Coming from the jazz scene (and being a classically
trained musician) Ana Kublashvili chose the artist name
Newa when she progressed into the electronic music
field. Newa started out as a DJ in 2012 in her hometown
of Tbilisi, Georgia, quickly making a name for herself
around in the city’s famous nightlife spots. She is a
regular at the world-renowned Bassiani venue, a space
that has given her a foundation to establish her skills on
an international scale. Newa is also a recurring favourite
at Ben Klock’s touring event-series Photon.
Markus Suckut - promises
Newa - Unreleased
Marcus Suckut - backyard
JB3, Joey Beltram - Time (advent remix)
The advent - Sketch 1
Newa - unreleased
Dj Deeon - Muthafucka
The Blunted boy Wonde - the maximist
JB3 - forklift (damon wilds bonus mix)
Dj Assault - Backwards in time
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