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Bennet for Nexus #61 // Radio // LIVE on Techno.fm - 11.9.2021

Sun, 12 Sep 2021 10:42:00 +0000
59.5 MB, 01:01:56,

This month we’re delighted to welcome Bennet from the awesome Soft Spot crew in Hanover, DE - with a stunning all-vinyl set for your listening pleasure. Nexus residents Arondeus and Loss Function rounded out the last 2 hours of the show with a recording of 2 hours of their 4-hour set from a couple of years ago over in Stockholm at the fantastic Dark Unicorn Social Club (available on a separate show). Fingers crossed we can safely play abroad again soon…



[ Soft Spot / Hanover ]
Pronouns: he/they
“Based in Hanover, Germany, Bennet just recently started mixing their favourite records in quarantine. Their selections encompass forgotten acidy, breaksy and housy records that channel effects of (self-)empowerment, queer liberation, agency and togetherness while certainly not leaving out more recent publications and edits that seek to reinterpret and shift past beats. The focus of their mixes lays on a blend of cutting dramatic vocals with constant, broken or non-existent beats. Wrapped into ecstatic drums, these cut-in vocals manifest narratives of the (queer) body and community.

Also, Bennet is part of the DJ-collective soft spot which was founded by women & LGBTIQA+ to open up spaces for experimental, electronic sounds & queer-feminist politics on and off the dancefloor in Hanover. Next to organising parties and events, soft spot also gathers workshops and lectures for a shift towards the better within their local scene.

When not spinning records, Bennet turns the pottery wheel. Their ceramics encompass an interplay of black and white clay, which, due to coincidental mixing, always display dfferent patterns. Also, Bennet studies their Master's in Cultural Sciences, Media- and Gender Studies to later enter the sector of education and perform some sort of activism on a macro level.”

Insta: @bennet__0
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/bennetd
Mixes: https://soundcloud.com/bennetd/sets/sets