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Music4Aliens Podcast Series 003 - BFVR

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 23:58:27 +0000
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Hello everyone. Today we share with you a massive techno mix made by a young and talented french dj, BFVR, already signed with big labels like Reload Records, Egothermia Records, Renesanz Records and many others. Enjoy this bomb techno mix......Enjoy Music4Aliens

1)Melody’s Enemy - Destroy (Original Mix)
2)Luca Agnelli - Dynamic (Original Mix)
3)Don Weber - Sound Surgeon (Original Mix)
4)Patrick Hero, Stoked - Sonic Doom (Original Mix)
5)Hollen - Neutron (Original Mix)
6)Zakari&Blange - Dimension (Loco & Jam Remix)
7)2pole - Hyperion (Original Mix)
8)Thomas Evans - In The Soup (Original Mix)
9)Gaston Zani - Connection (Original Mix)
10)Frank Biazzi - Process (Original Mix)
11)Yan Oxygen - Titania (Original Mix)
12)Dast - System Failure (Original Mix)
13)Yan Oxygen - 05AM (Original Mix)
14)Devid Dega - Limitless (Original Mix)
15)Rustek - Want it (Original Mix)