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Thu, 17 Nov 2022 08:21:54 GMT
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In the mix today we have Scanner Darkly who’s established himself as one of our essential artists on the Techniche Recordings label. Scanner brings a darker, and deeper vibe that definite carries a consistent groove so for fans of labels like senso sounds, he’s as an exiting producer and DJ to follow and keep track of moving forward. So we’re excited to feature an exclusive studio mix from him today, especially as he’ll be flying in from New York to join us at our monthly event Techniche X Overdrive to play live. TRACKLIST:1. Luigi Tozzi - Dream Liquid [Hypnus Records]2. Joachim Spieth - Luciferin [A_Files] 3. Dott Santafeo - Cerastes Cerastes [Crossfade Sounds]4. Phil Telloc - Luke Was Here [Ecoul SND]5. Birds ov Paradise - Jet [Hypnus Records]6. Fatbacker Lab - Cosmonaut [Random Signal Recordings]7. ANNA - Odd Concept [Diynamic] 8. Matador - DaHustle [Minus]9. Julian Millan - Kamelhyn [Diversions Music]10. Mario Giordano - Profound Pleasure [DSR Digital] 11. Bizen Lopez - Back to the Start [Diversions Music]12. Dok & Martin - The Beyond [Playoff]13. Anthony Acid - Hit and Throw [Nervous Records]14. Scanner Darkly - Imbolc [Techniche Recordings]15. Viviana Cassanova - One, Two, Three, Four (Dok & Martin Remix) - Vassanova16. Matt Sassari - Fate [Diversions Music]17. Dok & Martin - The Beyond (Celic Remix) - Playoff 18. Davinson - Dust [Unrilis] 19. WLDERZ - Algo [Skryptom Records]FOLLOW + SUPPORT TECHNICHElinktr.ee/techniche_sdFOLLOW + SUPPORT TECHNICHE RECORDINGSlinktr.ee/technicherecordings Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.