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Dungeon Signals Podcast 271 - Tino Deep

Sun, 10 Oct 2021 14:10:07 +0000
217 MB, 01:30:00,

prøgråm | Oct 9, 10

17:00_ tino deep [Kosovo, ALB]

18:30_ dano C [Rotterdam, NLD]

SA 5-8 pm_ pure radio pureradio.eu/underground/
SU 5-8 pm_ techno fm techno.fm/shows/dungeonsignals

Born and raised in a small country in Europe – Kosovo, Tino Deep‘s way in the Electronic Music world was designated from his early beginnings. For him, it was very hard to reach sources from where it all started and from where he could learn, improve and create his own expression.

Spending all his free time on music soon he discovers his own style – Deep Progressive House. This was the first step in the story that will follow as the years pass same as one of the first steps that made a clear direction of his, now perennial, search, education, and career in the Electronic Music world.

Today his expression and name are well known and recognizable. He made his own brand and identification but the search never ends for Tino Deep. His emotion is growing every day, his education is an ever-ending story and his footprints have been followed by many newcomer artists and DJ’s same as his name got respected and his work was recognized by the audience worldwide.


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→ soundcloud.com/dungeonsignals
→ info@dungeonsignals.nl