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NexusRadio >20< LIVE on Techno.fm - 13.12.19 - Feat: E.Hernandez, Tipi Djs & SH13

Sat, 14 Dec 2019 10:54:46 +0000
330.4 MB, 03:49:26,

Now the dust has settled on our final party of the decade - here's our last radio show before we hit the roaring '20s.

For this slightly extended show, we'll have an awesome set from resident SH13, we welcome local guests Tipi and we;re very excited to have an amazing guestmix from E.Hernandez from Oakland, USA.

Settle in for some festive beats and give us a shout on this event page during the show.

Head to www.techno.fm at 7pm and hit play (the show will be up on our Soundcloud as soon as the eggnog wears off and we get round to it)



Tipi is a relatively new event started by Will Reade and CharlieCurry - two cousins from Chester.

A love of electronic music was ignited through attending underground events in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester and after mastering CDJs in their garage, playing a range of house, techno and electro - they decided to start their own event, Tipi, and get some friends involved.

One of these friends is Ellliot C, a resident of nghtwrk - one of Chester’s longest-running and best electronic nights, and who also produces his own music, most recently his third EP ;Hyperwave’ (linked below).




E.hernandez is a Producer and DJ living on Ohlone Land known as Oakland. They have helped throw the party “Mutante” which ran for almost two years as a weekly; and, “Sucia Beat” a monthly party focusing on Latinx music with an open format style. E.Hernandez also produces and has performed on lineups with a wide range of performers & DJ’s including: Galcher Lustwerk, Romy, Yan Cook, Xuxa Santamaria, Dax Pierson and more.


This mix was inspired by a recent trip to Japan and the Central California coast.


1. Cremation Lily - “For A Modern Union”
2. Config.Sys -” Identitäten”
3. Plague Mother - “Burn Your Fingertips So Know One Knows Your Name”
4. Pod Blotz - “Beyond The Body”
5. Alaska - “Back From Eternity” (Featuring Seba)
6. Paradox - “Futures Extinction”
7. Morten HD - “Azure Dragon”
8. 1.8.7 - “Worlds Apart”
9. Cyba Space - “Life” (Dom & Roland Remix)
10. Sochi Terada - “Grand Senshuuraku”
11. Alix Perez + Icicle + Switch - “This Is How”
12. Neuropunk - “London City”
13. DJ Rum - “Turiya” ( Tess;a Remix)
14. DJ Royce Rolls - “Avalon”
15. Swisha - Interpretive Dance”
16. MoMa Ready - “ACID LORD”
17. DJ Icey - “Gold Rush”
18. Pelada - “Ten Cuidado” (Jock Club Remix)
19. Z72.52 - “Love Song”
20. Baby Anne - “Scepter” (Baby`s Gold Dust Acid Reign Mix)
21. Sync 24 & Silicon Sally - “Jack Out”
22. Thomas P.Heckman -” Crunch 02”
23. Welt In Scherben - Leichentanz
24. Schwefelgelb “Wie Die Köpfe”
25. Carl Finlow - “Boron”
26. DJ Rashad - Dance 4 Life
27. Catz 'n Dogz - “New Love” (Gerd Janson Remix)
28. Nackt - “Balboa Park” (Michael Claus Remix)
29. Chris Carter - “Freshly Ground”
30. Yellow Magic Orchestra - “Light in Darkness” (808 State Remix)



[ Nexus / wAliens / FNOOB ]

The dark techno / industrial pseudonym of Sted Hellvis (dirty warehouse / squat techno); equally tough in outlook and attitude, SH13 is the outlet for the mayhem pitching in around 135-140bpm.

SH13’s sets focus on an industrial edge, with monstrous kick drums, twisted distortion and dirty sonics. Sometimes described as brutal, it’s hard edged without a doubt but doesn’t lose the focus of the dancefloor.