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Thu, 01 Dec 2022 22:24:33 GMT
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FOLLOW + SUPPORT TECHNICHElinktr.ee/techniche_sdFOLLOW + SUPPORT TECHNICHE RECORDINGSlinktr.ee/technicherecordingsAfter anchoring gigs in Los Angeles, Arizona, and San Diego, we welcome back CIARA B into the fold. Ciara B has increased her presence over the last few months playing events alongside Sara Landry, Pig & Dan, Ken Isihi & more. Sharpening her sounds and carefully crafting her catalog as DJ and producer, she is making the moves we like so turn this one up and indulge in this fine #techno mix on the Techniche Radioshow.TRACKLIST1. Ruben Ganev- Totem [mould.audio] 2. Lyric- Bicameral [Cantical Records] 3. Phil Berg- System X [Cantical Records] 4. H.Mess- Kyoran Rizumu H.Mess- Kyoran Rizumu 5. Ruben Ganev- Roots [mould.audio] 6. Pøl- Romb 9 (Modem Remix) [SYXT] 7. Fhase 87- Pressure Control [Seclusion] 8. Kelvin Belton- Movement [made of CONCRETE] 9. JSPRV35- Crazed [Cantical Records] 10. Atonism- Bright Light [Cantical Records] 11. Lito- Hidden Shades [Lowless] 12. Lyric- Ethereal [Cantical Records] 13. Ruben Ganev- Turbulence [mould.audio] 14. Anders (BR)- Total Capacity [DarkForest] 15. Ketch- Savana [self released] 16. Fabian Cioffi- Krushing [Selected Records]Previous - TRS203:SCANNER DARKLYTechnichesd – Trs203-scanner-darkly Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.