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forward_thinking #031 *live* on techno FM with Richie Q & One Dirty Ape

Wed, 26 May 2021 21:14:09 +0000
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untitled_techno presents forward_thinking #31

Serving up 2 hours of heavy beats, we present your fortnightly dose of madness & mayhem, acid & hard techno, from some of the worlds best dj's and producers.

Broadcasting from 8pm on Wednesday 26th May *Live* only on techno FM!

Up first is our host Richie Q;

Up next is Bristol based DJ & Brothers Grim promotor; One Dirty Ape.

A member of the 5 strong crew known as ‘Brothers Grim’, these guys (and gal) have been putting on events for over a decade now, and have grown a loyal fan base for their mixed genre shindigs.

They’ve also held down a Brothers Grim radio show for about the same time, broadcast every third Wednesday of the month on Safehouse radio.

All shows available for streaming here;


We now also have a You Tube channel where we’ll be uploading sets and livestreams to;


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