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Chris Geka - Woman (Concrete Panther Remix)

Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0000
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Chris geka takes his first steps on Davotab. He drop a bomb called WOMAN, a driving groovy techno built with thundering & thumping kicks, deep bass lines, stirring & sensuous female vocal.
Hang on well before taking in full face the remix of Korean Bagagee Viphex 13 which delivers an overpowering techno, create a sure-fire techno track beginning with the immediately recognisable droning bass line, adding his own touch to bring a new and interesting dimension to the track.
Berlin's Conrete Panther, this up-and-coming producer, delivers an alternative, euphoric build and drop that propels the track to its peak, solid kickdrum, swirling vocal loops and percussive synth hook.
Cooked up with a more melodic vibe, Australian duo Summit Dj's delivers a remix courtesy of techno, keeping all of the originals energy, with added depth for those who like things a touch deeper
Each remixers add a unique twist that breathes a new lease of life into the tracks, all of them are real techno bangers !