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Techno Recommends Radio 15 October 2021

Fri, 15 Oct 2021 15:26:32 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio
with Max Kane

October 15 2021

2 hours of firing raw techno courtesy of Max Kane on this week's Techno Recommends Radio, including a plethora of new percussive techno weaponry.


01. Lidvall "Sand In Eyes" [B55 Records]

Future Focus
02. Dean Gustavsson "Djungels lag" [Dean Gustavsson Music]

03. Tintin "Pianoish" (RNGD Remix) [Unterwelt]
04. Drop-E "Corporal Cognitions" [Signal Ltd]
05. Pfirter, Oliver Rosemann "Gamma 03" [MindTrip]
06. DJ Dextro "Wasn't Me" [Naked Lunch]
07. Hans Bouffmyhre "Stain Remover" [Suara]
08. Dangelo (Arg) "Hydrostatic Pressure" [B55 Records]
09. Volster "Without A Fight I Am Nothing" [Secession]
10. RNGD "Exponential 1.3" [RNGD]
11. Axel Karakasis "Outspread" [Planet Rhythm]

TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week
12. Lex Gorrie "Force of Habit" (Alexander Kowalski Remix) [Unknown Territory]

13. William Arist "B-One" (Gary Beck Remix) [BEK Audio]
14. Pfirter "Appearance" [Paralelo]
15. Vinicius Honorio "Deadpan" [Liberta Records]
16. Coyu "Always Wanting More" (Decka Remix) [Suara]
17. Axel Karakasis "Fertile" [Planet Rhythm]
18. Coyu "Compulsion" (Vinicius Honorio Rework) [Suara]
19. Arnaud Le Texier "Bits In Space" [Children of Tomorrow]

Extended Headline Mix - Max Kane

20. Pfirter, Oliver Rosemann "Gamma 01" [MindTrip]
21. Destroyer, Kuros Chimenes "Rush Time" [Elektrax Recordings]
22. Sosak "Fairy Lane Headbutt" [Prodigal Son]
23. Cleric ft Azrael "Revival" [Clergy]
24. Vrov "Ground Effect" [Khazad Records]
25. Orion "Front Row Sweep" [Absence of Facts]
26. Goncalo M "Operation Friction" [Intuition Recordings]
27. Arjun Vagale "Time Cop" [Quartz Rec]
28. Slone "Encore Une Fois" (Vil Remix) [Room Trax]
29. Regent "Oil Rigger" [Arts]
30. b.mod "Colombre" [Liberta Records]
31. Danny Wabbit "Schizophrenia" [[R]3voltuion]
32. Antonio De Angelis "Controlled" [Children of Tomorrow]
33. DJ Ogi "Kanta" [Technodrome]
34. Goncalo M "Operation Windstorm" [Intuition Recordings]
35. Axel Karakasis "Daunting Task" [Remain Records]
36. Alberto Tolo "Stumble" [Hivemind]
37. Axel Karakasis "Suchergebnisse" [Remain Records]
38. Gotshell "Cluster" (Setaoc Mass Remix) [Planet X Recordings]