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Thu, 05 Jan 2023 08:00:21 GMT
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FOLLOW + SUPPORT TECHNICHElinktr.ee/techniche_sdFOLLOW + SUPPORT TECHNICHE RECORDINGSlinktr.ee/technicherecordingsIn preview of his debut EP - "Manikin" on Techniche Recordings, we are treated to an exclusive new studio mix from german producer/DJ Vain Nofler to kick off the new year. Vain is a new artist to the Techniche team but is an established producer who’s had several standout tracks on different label such as Sonaxx, Let’s Techno and more. Vain's tracks have been featured on the radioshow before, but we connected with him, recruited his producing skills and now he’s part of theTR artist roster. This outstanding mix was recorded at his studio in Spain, and now we happy share it with you here, so turn it up, let’s techno.Tracklist:01_Assad Harri – Radical Mind (Trau-ma)02_Vxlr – Cavity (Export Berlin)03_Endplate – No Hit (Incense (ES))04_Michel Lauriola – Devils Square (Revolt)05_Steve Stoll & Andreas Florin – Experience (Gynoid Audio)06_Kuvoka – Moaning Rabbit (EI8HT)07_MarAxe – Humble (Heimisgarør)08_MarAxe & CC Luna – Grimy (Støkrecordings)09_Sigvard – Memories Of A Broken Heart (Original Mix) (Antwerp)10_Toru Ikemoto – Don’t Play (Suara)11_Kontal – One Way Out (Revolt)12_Arnaud Le Texier – Cerns (Suara)13_Neby Hugo – Ecxtrem (Planet Rhythm)14_Audio Units – Local Group (Dynamic Reflecdon)15_A. Paul, The Advent – Confined (Planet Rhythm)16_Developer – DVLPR Codez G250 (Revolt)17_dotwav – Akkumuladon (Original Mix) (KONFLKT) Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.