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untitled_techno 2nd birthday *live* on techno FM with Richie Q & Friends

Sat, 24 Apr 2021 17:15:25 +0000
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untitled_techno 2nd Birthday Special 5 hour marathon broadcasting *live* on Friday 23rd April , times TBC, only on techno FM.

6 set in 5 solid hours of techno & acid techno from the worlds best DJ’s and producers...

Hosting the show is Richie Q; (running order TBC)

Our first guest is co-host of sister techno FM show Medigrade, and my first ever guest on forward_thinking; DJ Anita.

Up next is Bristol based Brothers Grim promotor, and our 12th guest; Brooksie.

A member of the 5 strong crew known as ‘Brothers Grim’, these guys (and gal) have been putting on events for over a decade now, and have grown a loyal fan base for their mixed genre shindigs.

They’ve also held down a Brothers Grim radio show for about the same time, broadcast every third Wednesday of the month on Safehouse radio.

With great pleasure we bring to you none other than acid techno pioneer, and all round good guy; Chris Liberator.

As well as heading up Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Maximum/ Minimum and other record labels besides, Chris’s productions over the last 25 years have been instrumental in creating the scene we all know and love today.

So, it’s an honour and privilege to bring to you possibly the best birthday guest ever, a set from the man himself.

Next from County Clair, Ireland, is Transformer Sounds boss; No Comment!

Fresh from the success of his own label launch, No Comment! continues to produce great music. He has collaborated with Secret Hero, Sterling Moss & Strait Jackit to name but a few, and released on many labels such as Hive, Rebeltek, and RAW.

After appearing several times for us on techno FM, I can tell you now this man doesn’t disappoint!

Last but never least, we have Sid Sickboy.

Back for his 3rd appearance on techno FM, we’re happy to bring to you Milano based Sid, with no doubt a killer set of flat out acid techno.

Tune in from 7pm *live* only on techno FM...

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