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Arondeus & Loss Function for Nexus #61 // Radio // LIVE on techno.fm - 11.9.2021

Sun, 12 Sep 2021 11:04:41 +0000
289.2 MB, 02:00:30,

This month we were delighted to welcome Bennet from the awesome Soft Spot crew in Hanover, DE - with a stunning all-vinyl set for your listening pleasure ( https://soundcloud.com/nexustechno/bennet-for-nexus-61-radio-live-on-technofm-1192021 ).

Nexus residents Arondeus and Loss Function rounded out the last 2 hours of the show with a recording of 2 hours of their 4-hour set from a couple of years ago over in Stockholm at the fantastic Dark Unicorn Social Club. Fingers crossed we can safely play abroad again soon…


Arondeus & Loss Function
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Pronouns: he/they
Bringers of rapid industrial ravey queer techno music
Other people's tunes // synths & drum machines
Techno // heaviness // machine funk // occasional disco surprise
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