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Release Yourself Radio Show 970

Tue, 19 May 2020 10:30:00 +0000
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Release Yourself with world renowned DJ, Producer, Radio and Podcast host Roger Sanchez. More Roger Sanchez on http://rogersanchez.com
David Aurel ft Mr V. – It’s Time (Moon Harbour)Harry Romero – Mongobonix (From Beneath The Earth’s Crust) (Philip Z Unofficial Remix)Lubelski – Wind Pipe (Club Bad)Syap – Knock Out (Lapsus)The Hot ReleaseThe ReLOUD – Rollercoaster (Uranzze Remix) ()Waste Wisely – Sensuous Scene (Artwrk)David Herrero - Funny Band (Stereo Productions)2 Sides Of Soul – Strong (Claps)The Release Yourself SpotlightDoorly ft Thabo – One For The Crew (REALM)Brad Blondino – Chigi (Loulou Records)Jayda G – Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On the DF) (Honey Dijon Remix) (Ninja Tune)Dan McKie ft King Hitz – Dance (Greater Than Us Remix) (1980 Recordings)The Release Yourself FlashbackMichael Watford – Micheals Prayer (EastWest Records America)Walt-J – That New New (Bomb Ass House)Biscits – Sundown (Solotoko)Raf Parola – Ethnic Lovers (Lapsus)The Release Yourself Guest Mix with MarcJackMarcjack - About You (Original Mix)Brad Brunner, VRX - Ice Cream (Original Mix)Ayala042 - Feel My Body (Original Mix) Jordano Roosevelt - Secret (Original Mix)E.T.H (Italy) - Asatoma (Original Mix)Jorge Andrade - The Reason (Original Mix)Andre Salmon, Xavier Iturralde - Out Here (Original Mix)Antonio Pica - Raptors (Tomi&Kesh Remix)Mauricio Campana - AgibÌlibus (Original Mix)