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Fri, 30 Jun 2023 04:47:58 GMT
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Our friend Leonardo Chevy is back with a not only a new mix for the Techniche Radioshow, but also a new EP for Techniche Recordings entitled Electrophysiological so keep your eyes and ears open for that. Leonardo always comes through with an autonomous sound whether it’s techno based though us, electro beats with Science Cult or his own eclectic label Vialocal. Whatever he brings to the table, it’s always guaranteed to be interesting as well as entertaining and that’s why we appreciate him so much. So let’s get into his mix right now on the Techniche Radioshow.01. Leonardo Chevy - Electrophysiological [Techniche Recordings]02. EMITR - Homologic [SCI+TEC]03. Avox25, Temporal Geometryk - SFDV001 (Original Mix) [TUTU]04. HAKAI - Dark Matter [Megastrucure]05. Ethan Fawkes - Belgium Is Back (Interactive Early 90s Remix) [Number 9 Multimedia Lab]06. CROG - Mind Clock (Petri Petro Remix) [Ghost Program Recordings]07. Scorgo Fonemi - Per Mille DIamanti [Pyteca]08. Leonardo Chevy - Iconic Lattice (Scanner Darkly Remix) [Techniche Recordings]09. MMO - Browsing [Ghost Program Records]10. RE-ST - Essox [NOMO]11. Polanski - Muted Attraction [House Of Reptile Records]12. J.Blofeld - Trig Skude (Setaoc Mass remix) [Arkham Audio]13. Humanoid Gods - The Black Vault [Humanoid Gods]14. apaull - Depths (John Selway Sublimation Remix) [Furnace Room Records]15. Ross Harper - New Super (Kay Barton Remix) [City Wall Records]16. 10.000 BC - 3am (Robert Hoff Remix) [.defaultbox] Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.